Real record: My husband ligated, but I am pregnant


By taking a bath, I hid in the bathroom and sent WeChat to Lin Xiang.The information he returned in seconds made my vanity and swollen.

Lin Xiang suddenly added me to WeChat last week.Under curiously, I passed his friend verification.

He complained about the love of acacia in recent years, and he was pressing.

When he asked me, "Do you know that there is you in my heart, do you miss me?" What I thought was not to quickly delete his WeChat signal, so as not to play with the fire, but to feel complacent about your charm.

I played him:

After so many years, why are we still tangled? We are all family members.

He returned to me because of you, and it hurts me to marry a woman I don’t like.

I teased: I delay your life -long events.

Yes, you must be responsible for me.

On WeChat, you say me a word, and we hit hot.

It has been six years in the past, but occasionally I still feel ashamed of him.


At that time, I was 25 years old and I introduced Lin Xiang.

After half a year, we are going to get married.A small thing, he forgot my birthday, at the time, I was reluctant.

No matter how Lin Xiang begged me for forgiveness, I still resolutely broke up.

Young and vibrant, I read his dignity worthless.

Parents had no choice but to retire.

This incident has a great influence in the local area, causing the Lin family to have no face.Lin Xiang left home angrily and went to Shanghai to work hard.

After half a year after Lin Xiang, I quickly married Zhang Rui. One year later, my son Dou Bao was born.


Zhang Rui worked at a public institution. At a cosmetics company, I worked at the front desk of not salty. The bean bag was taken care of by her in -laws.

Life is comfortable and leisurely.

Or maybe because I was too comfortable, I was dissatisfied with my marriage.

Every time my birthday or Valentine’s Day, Zhang Rui never prepared gifts for me.For six years of marriage, he didn’t even give a bouquet of roses.

I used to ask him to ask him, why didn’t I buy me flowers?

He shrugged and wasted that money!I was angry, punching and kicking him, he didn’t dodge, and let me vent.

I was too unreasonable, and Zhang Rui didn’t coax me. I only scolded me with my name: Lin Shulan, enough!

In Zhang Rui, I wanted to get a trace of tenderness and love.

I am like his family members who have been with each other for a long time, not like love, let alone a lover.


The sudden appearance of Lin Xiang completely disrupted my peaceful life.I was eager to hear his sweet words, and hoped that he would always ask me if I wanted him.

I forgot that Lin Xiang is the husband of someone else, and our abnormal relationship is very dangerous.

I finally understand why there are so many obscure men and women who know that stealing affection is not good, but I still do not look back on the fire.

Although this sneaky relationship is shameful, it makes people want to stop.

I started to carry Zhang Rui and secretly sent WeChat to Lin Xiang.Bathing, before going to bed, or even getting up in the middle of the night, replying to Lin Xiang.

I feel that I have gone into the magic, and the knife is not fast, and the consequences are unimaginable.

I once deleted Lin Xiang’s WeChat and couldn’t bear to contact him.You can see the dozens of verification information he posted, and insisted on the final line of defense, I still can’t completely remove him from his mind.

Lin Xiang’s care and pursuit of poverty is what Zhang Rui has.I enjoy it.

During the time when I and I had a reunion in my old relationship, Zhang Rui, who got along with each other, did not notice it.

His rest assured made me even more unscrupulous. As long as I was free, I talked with Lin Xiang with my heart, and the mobile phone I put everywhere, he never doubted.


On Valentine’s Day, I received Lin Xiang’s gift.It is a valuable brand -name handbag.

That day I deliberately asked Zhang Rui if I bought me gifts.

He looked at me for a long time and slowly spit out a word, why did you buy gifts for you, not your birthday.I almost didn’t be furious by him. I knew that the ending was definitely like this, but I still had a little hope for him.

The next day, I carried the bag given to me by Lin Xiang and walked back and forth around Zhang Rui. I hope he can notice me.Who knew that after waiting for a long time, Zhang Rui’s eyelids didn’t lift it, and he was focusing on mobile games.

I threw the bag to him, disappointed, and asked him, did you not find any changes in me?

He was confused by me, and asked what happened to it unknown. Did you go to make a hairstyle or buy new clothes?

I tried to hold on the anger of "蹭 住 住" and asked him, ask him, didn’t you see the new bag I bought?

Zhang Rui glanced at the handbags on his leg, perfunctory me, um, good -looking, beautiful.Then he picked up the phone and continued to fight.

I was very cold, trying to calm myself. This bag was bought by others. Do you not ask who bought it?

He didn’t lift his head. Is it still your lover bought it?He said with a smile, as if I was not attractive to any man except him.

To be precise, Zhang Rui has developed aesthetic fatigue.For so many years, even if I stood in front of him naked, he couldn’t mention any interest.Not to mention that you can please me.

I thought of Lin Xiang involuntarily, thinking that the words he said could make people blush.

Sure enough, what I did not get was always a commotion.


When Lin Xiang said that he would return to his hometown to visit his parents next month, and asked me if I could take the time to see one.

I agreed without thinking.

I started looking forward to Lin Xiang back, countless times to imagine our meeting scene.What a glorious thing to think of being remembered by a man for so many years.

On the first day of Lin Xiang, I asked me to come out to meet.I lied to Zhang Rui and said that the company had to work overtime in the evening without waiting for me to eat.

He said that you finished the class, give me a call, and I will pick you up.

I answered guiltyly, no need, I came back in Sister Wang’s car.Then he ran out of the house.

When I arrived in Lin Xiang’s appointment, my heart was still jumping.

I am not good at lying. Fortunately, Zhang Rui did not notice that my carefully dressed makeup and wearing.

After a while, Lin Xiang arrived.


Lin Xiang, like six years ago, has not changed much, and a sophisticated suit shows that he is now mixed.

The hair is neatly combed, and the hair is clear, and the perfume sprays perfume. It seems that for this date, he is also carefully prepared.

Seeing me, he still did not change his previous heef and said with a smile: Shu Lan, you are getting more and more beautiful, I really regret letting you go.

Without a few words, Lin Xiang became more and more unreasonable.I miss me in the past few years, but dare not bother me.

While listening to him, I talked about my thoughts, while drinking beverages and steaks slowly, life should not be too pleasant.

Unconsciously, it was too late, and I proposed to go home.

Lin Xiang grabbed my hand and said that we haven’t seen it for so many years. Are you willing to leave now?Otherwise, let’s find a quiet place and narrate the old.

I know that he calls a quiet place, which is the hotel.When Lin Xiang saw that I didn’t speak, when I default, I took my hand and left the Western restaurant.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, as soon as the door was closed, Lin Xiang leaned over.I suddenly felt that the whole body was burning. This kind of passion never experienced Zhang Rui. We kept kissing from the door and kissed the bed.


The two were anxious, took off the other person’s clothes and rolled together.

After the incident, he was lying on me, panting: Shu Lan, you gave me a child.

When I trembled, I instinctively pushed him away, and he caught off the ground.

It is okay to steal affection, and give birth to children, I don’t want to cause a fishy.

Lin Xiang got up, lay beside me, hugged me from the back, bit my earlobe gently, and asked softly: Then you tell me, why did you want to marry me when he was life and death?

I turned around, facing him, bit his lips fiercely, and instantly, a touch of blood flowed out, and I teased him and said: Because someone tells me that you have a woman outside.

Who is corrupting my reputation?Lin Xiang pretended to hit me.

I completely forgot Zhang Rui’s existence and forgot that I was a husband with a husband.


Lin Xiang told me that he has worked hard in recent years.

After I regretted marriage, he married a woman who did not love, Su Mei.

Su Mei is a simple woman, and she only uses a certain treasure to wipe her face every day.Every time a company party, friends eat, Lin Xiang is willing to bring Su Mei to attend.

For so long, the two still have no children.

Su Mei is an easy -to -abortion constitution. There are three consecutive children’s abortion within three years. It is difficult to conceive in the future.

They looked at Western medicine and caught Chinese medicine to eat, and there were still no results.

Although I sympathized with Lin Xiang, I didn’t want to give him a child.


Worried about staying again, Lin Xiang will endlessly.The excuse was very late, I should go back, my husband is still at home.

If we have been together, now, your husband is me.

When saying this, Lin Xiang looked serious, and then hugged me again, and asked gently: Do you really want to give me a child?

I opened his hands with force, opened the door, and left without looking back.

After turning on, I found that it was Zhang Rui’s phone and WeChat message.He asked me where I didn’t go home, should I pick me up?

In the last message, he was obviously angry, and anger blame me: I don’t know if I call me for so late, the phone shuts down, where can I find you!

I was warm in my heart and gave him the information. Just now, I went back immediately.

Behind him, Lin Xiang chased up and insisted on sending me back.I refused and told him that don’t come to me in the future.


Since that time, Lin Xiang asked every three differences and five, and every night, I had to talk to him for two hours before he was willing.

I’m scared, Zhang Rui will know sooner or later.

I changed my phone number and deleted Lin Xiang’s WeChat.I really don’t want to, and I have something to do with him.

But I was unsatisfactory, I was pregnant.

The child is definitely not Zhang Rui.After we gave birth to the bean bag for a year, my in -laws urged me to have a second child. Zhang Rui was afraid that I was too hard and concealed me to perform a ligrent operation. At that time, I moved for a while.

I have to kill this child and not let him destroy my peaceful life.

I cheated Zhang Rui and said that the company sent me to a business trip for a week to go to the hospital to go to the hospital to flow off the children.

I deliberately went to the hospital next door, because I was afraid to meet an acquaintance.But I met Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang accompanied Su Mei to check his body.I forgot that this hospital has always been famous for treatment of infertility.

Lin Xiang opened Su Mei and pulled me to the corner to ask me what was going on, why came to the hospital.I can’t tell him that I am pregnant with his child.

What excuses should be in the past, the nurses next to them are inconsistent, and said angrily, do you know if she is pregnant?


I have never had any moment, so I hate others’ phenomenon.

I also hate my mouth without cover. I once told Lin Xiang to prove that Zhang Rui loved me very much and ligated Zhang Rui.

My back was cold. If it wasn’t for Lin Xiang to help me, I would collapse to the ground immediately.

Lin Xiang was ecstatic, wanted to hold me, and was afraid of hurting me. He carefully posted in my belly and said softly, baby, you finally came.

At that moment, I really thought that I and the baby in his stomach was a family.

Only a moment of happiness, quickly dispersed by anxiety and fear.Reason tells me that this child cannot be kept, stayed, and endless trouble.


I told Lin Xiang that the child I must be killed, and I can’t support it.

Lin Xiang, who was gentle like water in the previous second, suddenly became irritable.

He roared: Shulan, this is my child, you want to decide whether he wants to come to this world alone.

Su Mei was walking towards us.

Lin Xiang pretended to encounter me accidentally, and lowered his voice and said to me, you hurry up and give me back. I will find you later. If you do the master without authorization, don’t blame me to put our affairs out.

Lin Xiang ate me for fear, and he sent me a lot of information.Turn over and over, talking about the same thing.

Ask me to give birth to my child, and since then, there is no melon, and the child is supported by him and Su Mei.On the side of Su Mei, he will deal with himself.

I set a blacklist for his mobile phone number. Who knows that he uses other mobile phones to send messages. If you do n’t come out to see me anymore, I will go to your house to find you.

I fell into a trap.


I can’t mention anything I do.While worried that Lin Xiang was looking for the door, he couldn’t flow away by the child.

Several times, when eating and eating, put the chopsticks on the ground and washed the dishes.

When Zhang Rui saw my soul, I didn’t keep the soul, and asked me where I was uncomfortable.I was panicked and said that it was okay. The company was busy recently and didn’t sleep well at night.

Then you go to the room to go to bed, I will drag the floor.

Zhang Rui said that he put down his mobile phone, walked over from the sofa, and took the mop on my hand.Seeing his clumsy look, I suddenly warmth.At the moment when I went back to the door, I finally shed tears of regrets.

I received a text message from Lin Xiang again, saying that I was waiting for me at the last restaurant in the evening. I couldn’t wait for me, so I came to the house.

I went to see Lin Xiang with my head and wanted to make a break with him, and I went out.The bottom line is, as long as he agrees that I can remove the child, no matter what I do.

Lin Xiang actually made a more excessive request with me, that is, divorced Zhang Rui and was with him.

I refused directly, Lin Xiang shouted at me: You belonged to me, I want to return to my own woman, why is it wrong?

He grabbed me tightly, and he was caught by him with a stiff wrist.


Unexpectedly, when we argued these, Zhang Rui suddenly appeared.At that moment, I knew that I would never lose this man forever.

He was furious, looking at me, that look made me shudder, disappointed, deceived, and more, it was distressed.

He rushed up without saying a word, and he was punched and kicked in Lin Xiang. It wasn’t until the people around him struggled to pull away.

Lin Shulan, why is this?Why do you treat me like this, where am I not doing well?

I couldn’t cry, and there was no moment, so I was afraid to lose him.I instinctively knelt in front of him, begging him for forgiveness, and listening to me to explain.

Zhang Rui couldn’t hear it at all, and broke away from the crowd and ran out.I am afraid that he is too emotional, and it is easy to get rid of trouble when you drive. While you want to catch up with him quickly, you are thinking about how to forgive me.

When I went down the stairs, I stepped on the air and rolled down the stairs.Someone shouted my name, Lin Shulan, Lin Shulan … the blood on the forehead and the tears in the eyes became blurred from my sight.


Children, as I wish, shed.

I was lying in the hospital and tried to recall everything before fainting, but my memory was messy.

Vaguely remembered that Zhang Rui was confused to leave me, and Lin Xiang asked me to divorce …

Two WeChat received on the mobile phone, one was Lin Xiang. He said that he was gone. He had nothing to say about causing my harm.

Zhang Rui said that he couldn’t face me, and when he saw me, he would think of my betrayal of him.Although there are me in my heart, I can no longer be accompanied.

In the empty ward, I cried so much that I couldn’t help myself.I want a simple life, I can’t go back anymore …

Author: bamboo rose, ten years of love, a red dust, public account: bamboo roses (zhuziqiangwei66)

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