Real shooting human body conception, witness the miracle of life birth!

Conceived: a small tadpole swimming to a egg in the fallopian tube mucus plex

Two sperm drill into the shell of an egg

A longitudinal section of a sperm.Genetics at the head of the sperm.

8 days later: The newly conceived embryo is positioned in the best position and adsorbed on the mucous membrane.

22 days later: The embryo has not yet matured, but we can see the inside of the brain.

24 days later: The first batch of developed organs, the heart began to be beating

Nine weeks: V -shaped blood vessels develop at the skull melt.

10 weeks later: About 3 cm long embryo enters the fetal stage.

12-15 weeks: The fetus has 16 cm in length and weighs about 120 grams, and grows rapidly.The proportion of fetal head to the body is not so different, the legs are relatively longer, and the bones are rapidly ossifying.

20 weeks later: The fetus is now about 20 cm long.

24-27 weeks: The fetus is about 35 cm long and 1,000 grams, it looks like a little old man.Although birth at this time can have superficial breathing and crying, it is still difficult to survive.

28-31 weeks: The fetus is about 40 cm long and weighs about 1700 grams.The fetus moves freely in the uterus, the fetal movement is coordinated, the position is basically fixed, and the head is generally facing down.The nervous system has been further improved, and the lungs and other viscera have basically developed.The premature babies born at this time can survive in the heating box.

32-35 weeks: The fetus is about 45 cm long, and the weight can be increased by 1,000 grams within 4 weeks, and the development is basically completed.At this time, if premature babies can be carefully taken care of, the survival rate can reach more than 90%.In the tenth month, the fetal development was completed, about 50 cm long, 3,000 grams.The skin is white slightly pink, with a layer of white fat, and the chest develops well.

Although childbirth is a few hours to 1 day, or longer, the fetus must be tested huge.A well -developed fetus can tolerate the test of hypoxia and squeezing, and give birth smoothly.Children with vaginal delivery are longer than that of cesarean section, but the children who adapt to the outside world are stronger than the child.

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