Really flowing melon!Sleeping powder, pregnancy, fetal, illegal monitoring!Netizen: Squatting a wave of responses

On June 26, netizen "Mr. C is not too brave" broke the news that Cai Xukun’s girl had a sexual relationship. After a month, Ms. C went to the hospital for examination and showed that she was pregnant.I went to the hospital to get a fetus.

After learning about the incident, Cai Xukun suspected that Ms. C deliberately set up a bureau to framed her son, and while letting the staff contacted Ms. C to compensate, while letting a private detective track Ms. C, and illegally installed the camera at the door of her house.

Just now, Jiang Xiaoyan broke out the audio of Cai Xukun’s mother’s arrangement of staff and Ms. C negotiating abortion and compensation.

Can be described as hammer.I don’t know what response will Ms. Cai make this time for her son?

The current controversy is concentrated. There are proofs of fetal fetus, but it cannot be guaranteed who is the child. If it is true that Ms. C’s private life is chaotic, no one can confirm the child’s father.

However, a few hours after the incident passed, Cai Xukun had not responded. Some reporters contacted Cai Xukun Studio, and the studio did not respond.

And from the content disclosed in the recording, it confirmed that the woman was indeed pregnant, and Mom Cai agreed to give 500,000 as compensation, but she didn’t know what she didn’t talk about later.Only today’s breaking news.

In fact, the male star has a girlfriend or a matter of underground relationship. After all, he is flesh and blood. He is just a star, and he is not a monk.

It’s just that this time involves one -night stand, no internal shooting, pregnancy tire, detective investigation, illegal monitoring … This is really ugly to be exploded.

With tens of millions of fans, did the image of love beans that always maintained?

In addition to this incident, Cai Xukun’s previous experience and debut process was also controversial. Earlier, Cai Xukun was pointed out to plagiarize. Some media broke the news that he had a one -night stand with a few girls. Some people said that when he was studying in the United States, his private life was very chaotic.

But the biggest thing was the "licking incident" at the time, and many fans took off their powder because of this.

Now everyone is waiting for Cai Xukun to respond. What is the truth of the matter? I hope not to avoid it and give fans an explanation.

Finally, I want to say:

As a high -quality idol, Cai Xukun should lead by example. Although the artist’s private life is inconvenient to ask, as a public figure, and a public figure with a large number of young fan groups, we should still improve their moral cultivation and set a good example for fans.

In the end, whether it is an idol or an ordinary person, it must be based on facts, the law and morality as the criterion. As a public figure, it should strictly restrain themselves and be responsible for fans.

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