Recently, the "fruit" on the roadside of Guangzhou has fallen!Reminder: Don’t eat it!

With the rise of temperature

It’s time for the green tree hanging fruit in the city of Guangzhou

Many neighborhood discovery

On the trees on both sides of many roads in Guangzhou

Full of green mango with green oil




In Haizhu District, Guangzhou

A intersection next to Zhonghai Mingdu Community on the west side of Jiangwan Road

Visible everywhere on the ground

Some falling mango fruits

Near Dashatou Erma Road, Yuexiu District

Many green mango trees on the street

Also started to hang fruit

Whether it is a new city or an old city

Mango trees are very common on the side of the Guangzhou Road

It is understood that green mango trees are commonly known as "green mango". It is more anti -wind and grows quickly.

These green mango

Not only look at bright colors

It smells very sweet

Some food can’t hold back

Move "crooked mind":

Pick it!Eat it!

Some netizens said

"Eat, not delicious"

"One word ‘sour’"

But can green manges really eat?

Sober netizens issued questions

"Can’t you eat this mango?"

the answer is:

Yes!can not eat!

Why can’t you eat the green mang of the road?


The mango tree grown in the green belt is a green plant, and the fruit hanging branches are also part of the urban garden landscape, which does not have the value of consumption.


Because most of them are on the side of the road, leaves and peels absorb the exhaust and dust discharged from the past vehicles for a long time, and a large amount of harmful substances such as heavy metals accumulate in the flesh.


The prevention and control of daily diseases and insect pests require necessary spraying, and there will be pesticide residues.

Expert reminder

It is not recommended to pick and eat

Zeng Songjun, a researcher at the South China National Botanical Garden: All kinds of heavy metals in the green mango will be available, and the pollution will be more serious. It is advocated that citizens should not pick up or pick up food.

Except for not eating

It is worth noting

Pick off the behavior of greenery to destroy greening

Will be punished

According to the relevant provisions of the "Guangzhou Greening Regulations", in the green space, climbing, folding, nailing, tie trees, damage tree roots, trunk, bark; prohibit the picking of flowers, fruits and leaves, and trample on green space.Violations will be fined 20 yuan and 50 yuan.

How to judge the mango you bought

Is it green

✎ Look at the shape of a head

Greening Mang: Generally, a small head is blue, yellow, thick skin, and large nuclear nuclear

Edible Mang: There are diverse places, large heads, thin skin and small cores

✎ Look at the number of insect eyes

The mango of the orchard is afraid of being bitten by insects, and it will be protected by bagging, and the greening mango on the roadside generally does not have a bag. Therefore, insects such as fruit flies will lay eggs on mango. Therefore, the number of insect eyes can be identified as green mango.

Greening Mang encounters a lot of wind and rain

There are security risks

Greening Mango cannot eat except

There are hidden safety hazards

There is a neighborhood sharing experience of being smashed


If the neighborhood passes through the green mango, it will be smashed by the fruit

Or the car is smashed and damaged

How can this situation be defended?

According to previous media reports

When the citizens are troubled by the problem of greening and falling fruit, they can call the 12345 hotline for feedback, and the relevant local departments will quickly follow up.

According to the "Civil Code", due to the damage to others due to the fall of forest fruits, everyone or administrators of the forest wood cannot prove that they have no fault and shall bear the infringement liability.

Finally, remind again:

Do not pick and eat green mangers without authorization!

From: Global Network

Source: Guangdong Radio and TV Station today’s most news

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