Recommend several types of nutrients that promote fetal vision development, expectant mothers should eat correctly!

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Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Eat more grapes during pregnancy, the child’s eyes will be big and bright!

Eat more longan during pregnancy, the child’s eyes are round and dark!


There are many such ways of saying in the people. What children eat are good -looking.In fact, the child’s eyes and the length of the eyelashes have a certain relationship with the genetic inheritance of the parents.It is not scientific to make children’s eyes big and beautiful, and long eyelashes by eating a certain food.

On the contrary, a balanced diet during pregnancy (eat a variety of foods every day to ensure the supplement of multiple nutrients), so that the baby’s development is healthier and smarter, which is more important and meaningful.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can eat more foods containing the following nutrients, which can promote fetal vision development.But you ca n’t say that you can eat it hard. Different types of nutrients, how much you eat every day, are recommended ~

1. DHA

Commonly known as "brain gold", it is an important component that constitutes the brain and retina. It accounts for about 50%of the retina of the eyes, accounting for the largest proportion. Proper DHA is appropriately supplemented during pregnancy.back.

Foods containing DHA: various fish, especially deep -sea fish, sea cucumber, pregnant women’s milk powder, dried fruit, DHA products.

Suggestion replenishment: "Chinese Maternal Maternal and Infants Supplement DHA Expert Consensus" recommends that pregnant women consume 200 mg of DHA daily, and take as much foods rich in DHA, such as eggs, fish, etc. as much as possible.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important raw material for synthetic visual purple quality, and visual purple is a kind of sensitive substance and exists in the retina.When the lack of vitamin A, the eyes will weaken the adaptability to the dark environment.

Foods containing vitamin A: eggs, cod liver oil, dark green or yellow -red fruits and fruits (carrots, persimmon pepper, mango, persimmon, etc.).

Suggested replenishment: 700 μgrae/d in the early pregnancy, and 770 μgrae/d in the middle and late pregnancy.

3. Vitamin B

When the B vitamin lacks, it may cause tears, fear of seeing light, eyes pain and itching, visual fatigue, spasm of eye, so it is necessary to supplement a sufficient amount of vitamin B, especially vitamin B2.Promoting effects.

Foods containing vitamin B: egg yolk, beans, green vegetables, nuts, grains, etc.

Suggested replenishment: There are many members of vitamin B family, and different types of vitamin B replenish the amount daily. It can be supplemented by eating fruits, fruits, nuts, and rough grain.

4. α-linolenic acid

Appropriate supplementation of α-linolenic acid during pregnancy will not only help promote the development of fetal intelligence, but also help the vision development of the fetus.If α-linolenic acid is lacking, the vision will be reduced.

Foods containing α-linolenic acid: deep-sea fish, walnuts, perilla oil, linen seed oil, rapeseed oil, etc.

Suggested replenishment: You can eat 20g of walnuts every day.

Jingma said: In fact, many folks say that what to eat is good for fetal facial features, but many of them are unreasonable. After all, it is still a big factors that determine that the baby looks like.Therefore, it is necessary to take this matter correctly. During the pregnancy, the diet during pregnancy ensures safety and health.

Regarding the supplement of nutrition during pregnancy, what else do you want to know, please leave a message for consultation ~

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