Record my first baby experience, I am very resistant to internal inspection, painful and shameful

For the first time writing this topic, I want to make myself record this magical moment, and record this experience that is enough to remember for a lifetime.

Everything was smooth during pregnancy, and the monster was closed, looking forward to the birth of the baby.

I have been at work before my baby is born, because working in colleges and universities is relatively easy, living in school dormitories, convenient to work, often do n’t go to the office if you ca n’t get up, work in the dormitory online, the school is off work at 4:30 pm.Therefore, it is relatively comfortable during pregnancy.

On March 19th, 39th weeks were awakened by contractions in the early morning, but it was still slightly mild, similar to the kind of aunt pain, but I ca n’t tolerate the type of pain, so I still did n’t sleep much one night.Without very regular, I didn’t wake up my mother (with my teammates, my mother was with me in the third trimester).

Originally, the 20th was the date of the checkup. It was normal to go to the hospital for the hospital in the morning. The doctor said that you have hyperthyroidism, and it is better to be hospitalized in advance. Then he opened me an urgent B

At this point, I finally have a sense of real to see the baby. I think that I have not handed over the work. After the morning inspection, I think that my own state should not be so fast, so I went back to work in the afternoon. This is a contraction.Tolerance.

After arriving at the office in the afternoon, I transferred to work with my colleagues, because I had prepared all the transfer materials before, and I usually handed over seven or eight, so everything went smoothly.

Back to the dormitory, the pain in the dormitory is already a higher level. When I went to the toilet, I found that there were already a lot of cervical mucus and a small amount of reddish substance.After class, I thought it should be almost the same. According to me, I will explain to my mother in advance, take the baby to be born, and go to be hospitalized.

My husband and brother worked nearby, and I hurriedly called him to pick me up to the hospital.I always told the pig teammate that it should not be launched today. I went to the hospital the next day, so he was going to come again tomorrow. It seemed that it would not work. Let him come to the hospital quickly.

The family brought together from all directions to the hospital. Because they had been trained before, so the entire process, everyone had their own duties smoothly. They went to the hospital at 11 pm.

Immediately the legendary internal inspection. I am really scared. In fact, I am not scared. It is not painful, but I have not experienced fear. In fact, it is really painful (causing me to refuse the internal inspection later), but I didn’t open my finger., Single.

My mother and husband insisted on accompanying me in the hospital. Fortunately, they accompanied them, otherwise I would definitely not persist.

It was already 2 am in the morning. My mother was lying on the bed next to the bed. My husband and I were sleeping in the sick bed. I arranged them to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep at all. The contraction was too painful.I am both happy and painful, thinking about how happy it is without pain, and why I usually stay up late when I do n’t sleep well.

I almost didn’t sleep all night. In the morning, I got up early in the corridor to help the armrest walk around. Each contraction is simply hell, and the contraction is heaven.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the nurse saw me walking around, and said that I gave me an internal inspection. I only opened a 0.5 finger at one check, and I could only continue to persist. I thought that I could get to 2 fingers. I can get painless. AfterwardsI thought it was too naive.

At about 9 o’clock, pig teammates and mothers woke up one after another, and bought breakfast, but I couldn’t eat it at all, which hurt.During this period, the nurse always wanted to give me an internal inspection, and I refused, because I didn’t think so fast, it hurt once.

Until around 11 noon, the nurse said that he could not help but check it. He needed to grasp the situation in time. Moreover, if you have 2 fingers, you can go down to the delivery room.

The inspection was really 2 fingers. At this time, I thought it was not far away from me. The contraction pain was about to stay away from me, and then I was pushed in and sent in the delivery room.

Our hospital stipulates that only the mother can enter alone, and the family members cannot be accompanied. I am really scared in my heart. When I have my husband and mother with my mother, I am very at ease.Essence

At this time, I could only go to myself. The nurses of the delivery room helped me slowly walk into the depths of the delivery room. The door of the delivery room slowly closed. From now on, my mother has to accompany her baby alone to birth.

After entering the delivery room, the nurse took me to a birth bed and had to conduct an internal inspection. My God, the nurses of the delivery room really saw the big scene. At all, I was not soft, I cried, the nurse, you are really ruthless.

The nurse girl said very silently: "You are afraid of how can you have a child?" I cried: "I want to be painless, don’t you say that you can hit the painlessness?" The nurse sneered: "Painlessness is not that you want to fight, you can fight if you want to fight. You need to see if there is a anesthesiologist when you are free. Even if you have time, you need to line up. There are still many people waiting," crying.

My hope is a little bit crushed. What’s even worse is that I was kicked off the bed. One pregnant woman was about to give birth to the birth bed of my last one.At this moment, the contraction of the two minutes at this moment is almost my life. I can only sit, and I lean back to the back of the chair weakly.

I feel that my heartbeat speeds up cold sweat. I sat in the chair weakly and shouted: "Is anyone there?" The nurse ignored me, and I could only shout over and over again. I finally had a nurse and asked me what happened.Hyperthyroidism, the heart function is not very good, there is a slight three valve return flow, and now the heartbeat is fast. Is this reaction normal?

The nurse started to pay attention to me when I heard it. I asked me if I took medicine today?Did you eat?I said no, and then they arranged for my husband to come in to send me medicine and meals. I proposed that there are two warm delivery rooms in this hospital to accompany their family members. I want a warm house. The nurse said that there is no place now.Only good luck can you encounter an empty position.

I asked them to arrange it as soon as possible. Finally, my husband gave me a meal and came in. With him with me, I was relieved. At this time, the nurse began to pay attention to me, because I was afraid of the accident. Several people came to care about me laterIn the case, the head nurse should come, saying that I can arrange a warm delivery room. I can finally lie down and give me a painlessness immediately.

When I have no pain, I need to carry back to the anesthesiologist. In fact, I can’t see what the needle she took. It will not be very painful and painful. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes.The quantitative has been set up, and it cannot be moved again. If the dose is large, it will affect the opening of the finger. The nurse will help me get the needle. When you set the instrument, you will go out. Soon I feel the surprise of the greatest invention of human beings.A lot of relief, I feel that I have returned to the world again, with my husband to accompany me, so happy.

In fact, I am really tired. I have n’t slept for a few days, but at this time I ca n’t sleep, because there are heartbreaking screams in the delivery room and crying from babies. I know I still have a tough battle.When I hit, I closed my eyes and rest. Actually reducing the pain when I was painless, but there was still a slight pain. In this way, I opened four fingers from more than 2 pm to about 5 pm.It’s right.

Continue to wait for my finger and I haven’t broken the water yet, and the time is still very long. At this time, it should be about to get off work. The nurse may not have time to accompany me, so I asked the doctor to break me.,very scary.

The doctor stretched it in with a clip to break me. I felt a lot, the amniotic fluid was broken, the pain came out, and the pain began to intensify. I felt that I couldn’t support it, my heartbeat faster, and I felt that I was going to die on the bed. Anesthesia was anesthesia.No effect, I shouted that I was going to break my belly, and my husband quickly went to break the abdomen when he saw that I was so painful.

The doctor has been encouraging me. You can definitely see how many fingers are now. Fortunately, when you check, the doctor said that you have opened his fingers.My head, at this time I feel hopeful. I have to give birth to the baby as soon as possible to relieve the danger of the baby.

Fortunately, I took the course of delivery before production and had practiced, so at this time I knew how to work hard. I took about ten times. I felt that the baby came out little by little.When the baby cried, my baby was finally born safely and felt that the mission was completed.

The baby just gave birth to a look at it. The doctor asked me: "Boy or a girl?" After seeing it, I said the boy, the doctor said, "Congratulations, rest for a while, we are ready to sew."

However, I do n’t remember what I look. I just remember the dialogue. The purpose of the dialogue was to make me confirm the gender. At the same time, do n’t fall asleep and keep awake.

Next, the doctor wiped the clothes and put on clothes. I was sewing below. Because of painlessness, I could feel the pulling of the needle through the meat, and the pain was not strong.

It’s so cute, I have been murmuring, you are my baby, hello An An, I am a mother.

I gave birth to a small life. He was so cute and fragile. I love him so much. He started to find grandma to suck his grandma. He slept next to me. I hugged him.Love him, he is connected to my life, I can abandon everything for him, and only hope that he is healthy and happy.

After two hours of observation in the delivery room, I returned to the ward with my baby. I was arranged in the corridor. My husband accompanied the room.He slept well, not crying or noisy, the nurse would hold him up in the middle of the night, and we always lamented that it was really our angel baby.

On the first night, I could get out of bed. There was no special pain, urination was normal, and the wound was not very painful.

I just cried a lot, and the kind of crying was a very small thing, but at that moment, all the grievances burst out all of the grievances!

Standby 24 hours a day, and the axis of the night during the day and night. You have to take care of your baby to eat, drink, and lake, and you have some things, your body changes, and the emotions of the family.Originally, the body was holding the body, and I felt that I could, but sometimes the words of others can knock you instantly. When you are on the edge of the collapse, the next sentence, "What’s the big deal?" As for it? "I really take you to the bottom of the valley!

The postpartum depression is really terrible. My state is quite common. It will be fine after a while. Compared to those mothers who are more serious than me, I hope you can adjust yourself. Don’t be controlled by bad emotions.What is more important than yourself, don’t support it, you have done it well …

Today, the eggs are almost half -year -old, oh my mother, I actually became a mother for half a year!

Sure enough, women, all the scars have forgotten the pain. I now forget how painful to have a child. After all, it hurts again.

On the contrary, the pregnancy of early pregnancy made me still feel too painful, and the next ten months of pregnancy was really long.Of course, compared to pregnancy, postpartum depression after giving birth is the biggest hurdle. Fortunately, I have survived it now. Now seeing him every day, I feel that I am so happy.

The first time when my mother was the first experience, the baby has changed new changes every day. Now he can sit and play independently on the bed; he will stare at people to observe and imitate, and make the same action as you;He kept teaching him to make the sound of "right" and "wooden mother"; people who were not familiar with or were sad when they were holding him; when they were happy, they giggled a smile and kept seeing it.

You make me softer, I always want to hold you in my arms to give you all the love and the best companion, and you make me stronger. I am not afraid that I just want to break through everything to create more.good life.

Now I also fully adapt to the role of being a mother. Although I dare not guarantee that I can do anything in the future, I will definitely do my best.

Each of you must have a loved family, let us work hard for them, good night, and talk about it before going to bed tonight.

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