Regarding the abortion of medicine, the things I know

Hello everyone!I am a post -85 ultrasonic doctor. I really want to use my spare time to provide some medical knowledge for ordinary people, because there will always be some questions or answers that make us cry and laugh during daily inspections, but it is not everyone’s fault to think about it.Our nine -year compulsory education or high school, university, and graduate students rarely involve this aspect in addition to medicine -related majors.

It is hoped that people who searched the knowledge of this article should not see this article because of needs. If you just want to know some medical knowledge, I welcomes it.

Because the people around me have such an experience recently, I will share these things I know by the way. I also want to tell adults or people who have sexual life must be careful. One of your negligence may be the burial of a small life.

Drug abortion refers to a way to use drugs instead of surgery to terminate pregnancy.The best time is generally within 49 days of pregnancy, generally healthy women less than 40 years old.However, hospitals generally do not respect drug abortion, because they are prone to incomplete abortion or susceptible to major bleeding.

So what is the process of drug abortion?

1. Determine whether you are pregnant, and learn through urine testing. When your pregnancy test paper prompts two bars, be careful.

2. Do a ultrasound determining whether it is intrauterine pregnancy, the pregnancy sac is large enough and the yolk sac will be long enough, otherwise the drug is not sensitive and it is not conducive to the success of the drug flow. When you meet all the previous conditions and you just want this child, you don’t want this child.It’s about to be next.

3. Blood drawing: liver and kidney function, blood routine, immunity, etc. This is not only a check that can be performed to meet the conditions of drug eating.It is necessary to follow the liver and kidney metabolism. A blood routine of abortion can also remind your doctor if you are anemia. These are all ready to start medicine.

4. Generally, the drug we use is Mepitetanone and maco’s frontol. Because this drug is not recommended, it is not recommended to take it by itself.The former caused the uterine molt degeneration necrosis and softened the cervix, and the latter excited the uterus and contracted the uterus, which promoted the excretion of the embryo.Both need to take an empty stomach, and at least two hours after taking the medicine to eat and drink water. In the process, you will consciously consciously lower abdomen pain because of the uterine contraction. This pain varies from person to person.As for the discharge time, what I know is usually discharged in about eight hours.I found a few pictures from the Internet. The first one is to let you judge whether you really have excluded what should be excreted. The latter two are medical theoretical pictures.It’s pretty.Two medicines, especially the second medicine, must be taken in the hospital. When there is something, you can let the doctor judge whether it is a gestational sac. If you have a big bleeding, you can also handle it.Essence

5. Review ultrasound after surgery: Determine whether the gestational sac is discharged completely, and whether there is a molt residual in the uterine cavity.Let’s give it to the doctor.

6. Some doctors generally give a needle to shrink the centers to promote the contents of the content.Some will also prescribe some Chinese medicine or something. Just listen to the doctor’s food.

This is the whole process of the abortion of the drug I know. Let me talk about it again. Each process is according to the instructions of the doctor. What I know is some of our local hospitals. The specific problems must be analyzed. You are welcome to leave a message to leave a message to leave a message.The content that is not involved will also be added. If there is any infringement, please inform you will withdraw, thank you

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