Regarding the questions about the contraceptive ring, the woman’s notice before the ring on the ring

The contraceptive ring is a unique way to contraception in the context of my country’s family planning.On the one hand, many women will "choose" on the ring after giving birth.On the other hand, they may have heard or have the negative role of the contraceptive ring early, and then they are afraid of the upper ring.Below, we will answer the confusion of these childbearing age about the contraceptive ring and explain the reasons behind them.Please note: The starting point of this article is not a critical contraceptive ring, but just hope: no matter which kind of contraceptive method women choose, they must fully understand and make a choice under the premise of the worst results.

Working principle of contraceptive ring

When a doctor puts a contraceptive ring in the female uterus, when the human body walks, cycles or do other sports, the ring will rub with the inner wall of the uterus.The inner wall of the uterus (including endometrium) is a very delicate substance. This continuous friction can damage the endometrium and gradually cause inflammation in the uterus.The inflammatory environment cannot provide sufficient nutrients for the development of fertilized eggs in bed, so that the fertilized eggs have died shortly after the uterus reaches the uterus.This is like polluting and destroying the soil where the fertilized eggs survive, and the seeds of life cannot grow and develop in such inferior soil.Even in a few cases, the fertilized eggs are lucky enough to go to bed, and due to the stubborn interference of the contraceptive ring, the embryo cannot die normally, and the body is flowing out of the body with menstrual bleeding.Therefore, the contraceptive ring is also vividly called "minor curettage surgery".

The contraceptive ring is placed in the uterus, not fixed on the uterine wall like an earrings.Therefore, the contraceptive ring is active in the uterus, and sometimes it even falls out inexplicably.

Why does the ring cause back pain back pain

For the uterus, the contraceptive ring as a foreign body can cause strong abnormal contraction, making the human body feel backache, back pain, and abdominal pain.In a few cases, the contraceptive ring will fall off and affect the contraceptive effect.

Why can dysmenorrhea after ring

Some women will experience dysmenorrhea after they are ringing, mainly caused by four reasons:

1. We said above that the ring will cause local inflammation of the endometrium.When menstruation, the endometrium with inflammation will be more severe or not completely falling off when it falls off, and these reactions may cause severe shrinkage of the uterus.These situations will cause dysmenorrhea.

2. Due to the uncomfortable adaptation after the belt, the endometrium is compressed by the contraceptive ring, which causes local congestion, edema, and even necrosis of the endometrium of the uterine.

3. After a long -term ring, the condom may be deformed, or in the uterine wall, or the position is moved down, or the adhesion of the uterine wall will also cause the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea.

4. Inflammation caused by ring may cause other gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, etc., and may also cause dysmenorrhea.

Why does menstrual bleeding time be extended after the ring

Many women report that the monthly month after the belt is extended to 7-8 days through the original 4-5 days, and even some of them can be cleaned for more than ten days.

The reason is actually very simple: because copper ions have the function of killing sperm, in order to enhance the contraceptive effect, the general metal contraceptive ring contains copper ingredients.However, copper ions have hemolytic effects at the same time, that is, it is not easy to solidify the blood.Therefore, when the routine holiday, the uterine wall after the endometrium cannot be repaired in time to stop bleeding, which will lead to extension of the regular vacation time.

In particular, some women are not in good constitution and have poor coagulation function. Originally, the menstrual flow was large and long, and the menstrual flow would increase further after the ring.EssenceLong -term menstruation can lead to varying degrees of anemia.

In addition, gynecological diseases such as endometritis, pelvic inflammation, uterine muscle inflammation, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis are also important causes of excessive menstruation and prolonged menstruation.These situations will gradually improve after taking the ring.

What is the impact of pregnancy after being pregnant

In a few cases, a ring of pregnancy will occur.The risk of ectopic pregnancy with ring pregnancy is high, and the incidence of abortion, fetal malformations, early placental peeling off, uterine cavity infection and bleeding is also high, which will cause serious damage to fetuses and pregnant women.

Other potential hazards of contraceptive ring

1. For the uterus, the contraceptive ring as a foreign body can cause strong contractions and make people feel backache or abdominal pain.In a few cases, the contraceptive ring will fall off and affect the contraceptive effect.

2. The long -term friction between the condom and the uterus can cause chronic endometriosis, and then cause other gynecological inflammation.

3. If the fallopian tube is infected with inflammation, it is easy to cause the fallopian tubes and cause infertility.In a few cases, ectopic pregnancy can be caused.According to statistics, the risk of women with a condom woman with ectopic pregnancy is more than 10 times that of women without ring.

4. The copper ion components above the contraceptive ring have cytotoxicity and hemolysis, which can cause excessive menstrual flow. The menstrual time is prolonged, which may cause anemia for a long time.

5. After wearing a ring for many years, the contraceptive ring may grow to the uterine wall, and even cause harm such as uterine perforation.

Which women should not bring a contraceptive ring

In principle, unprecedented women and women with gynecological inflammation should not bring a contraceptive ring, otherwise it will cause inflammation and menstrual disorders.In particular, women with pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, cervicitis, more menstruation, irregular bleeding, uterine fibroids, narrow cervix mouth, and medical history of coagulation dysfunction should not bring ring contraception.

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