Regarding the things about pregnancy, talk about the pit I have stepped on, and teach you how to avoid the minefield!

Now everyone pays attention to scientific parenting, and eugenics and eugenics!If you want to have a healthy and smart baby, don’t listen to the old man saying, "How do we happen at that time, the child is not good"!Each age is different, and the pregnant mother’s physique is not the same!Talking about my experience may help you avoid some minefields!for reference only!

In many hospitals, pregnancy is 35 years old. It is almost 35 years old.You can see if there is a problem with the gene chromosomes when you make a Tang sieve. You can do it at all. No matter if you have any problems, many doctors directly let the non -invasive or even amniotic fluid puncture!Some thirty -three and four are also classified into this category![Cover your face]

I have been with my husband for many years. I do n’t want children. It is also a lot of concerns. I ’m afraid of suffering, pain, and fear of having children … I used to think that Dink was pretty good for a time, or adopted one![Cover your face] Of course, it’s just talking about the two thoughts of children and not children. This drag is a few years!

In fact, many husbands and wives are the same as us. Now think about it!In fact, it is destined that the couple who wants children, there is no need to waste the good years.Women are young is capital. The young children have recovered quickly. I have a friend for three babies. She can’t say that she can’t see a few children’s mothers!And I should be old or old, after all, the years are not forgiving!It will not be treated for preferentially because there are no children![Laughing and crying]

Of course, it is not encouraged to ask for children early, or based on the actual situation, determine the right that is right, and the child is not too late, otherwise you can’t get back!Still be cautious!Don’t have a child for giving birth to a child, you will be a marriage!

It is best to do a pre -pregnancy examination before preparing for pregnancy!It is a matter of two people who want children, and they cannot just check the woman. The man does not check it!However, women’s examination is more important. Women have no problems. In addition to being good for fetal development, they are also less guilty during pregnancy!For example, a simple wisdom tooth pain, pregnancy is easy to get angry, and you ca n’t take medicine randomly, it will make you uncomfortable!

Some places need to be married to get a marriage certificate, and some places do not need!We do not have this requirement!Where there is a marriage check, if the time interval between pregnancy and the marriage certificate is not long, in fact, it is not a problem to do pre -pregnancy examinations!

If there is no marriage inspection, or the marriage checkup has been planning to ask for a child for many years, the role of the marriage check is not too great. After all, the physical condition of a person is changing at any time!It’s best to check it!

Of course, I feel that there is no problem, and the family of the two sides has no genetic history, and that’s it if it is not checked!Now many young people have children before marriage, and then go to get a marriage certificate or something, let alone check before pregnancy. If you are pregnant, hurry up and check the inspection you should do!As soon as we were pregnant, we asked to check all kinds of infectious diseases and the like!

I am a person who does not like sports. I often stay up late for a long time, and I am irregular in life!During that time, I bought a treadmill, and I was okay at home!It still has a great effect!

First of all, it must be exercise and fitness, and it is easier to get a child for pregnancy!If you exercise well, you will go up!Secondly, physical exercise comes up, and the body is less suffering. When I first started pregnancy, the body could not adapt to the changes in hormone in all aspects.

Of course, if you do n’t take folic acid, or it does n’t matter if you do n’t take enough time as me. The doctor also said that it is an auxiliary role. Do n’t scare yourself. You can eat more folic acid foods in your diet!

Secondly, the fetal treasure has been steadily sitting in the New Year, and basically it will not be too big. You can deal with relatives and friends appropriately.Most of the pregnant mothers who vomit and vomit during pregnancy, at this time, the appetite is also returning. I wo n’t say that others are celebrating the New Year. You ca n’t eat anything.

The most important thing is not to delay children going to school!There are many places to count on the opening date of the September autumn semester. At the beginning of school, they are still dissatisfied with that age. Even if it is a few months, let you go next year!

If you buy a pregnancy, you can test it at home. It is very likely that you are pregnant. Go to the hospital to take a blood to check HCG to confirm it!Then wait for 6-8 weeks to do the B-ultrasound to confirm that the pregnant palace is still outside the palace!

Children pregnant, especially after the early pregnancy in the palace, go to the obstetrics, do n’t hang gynecology, some gynecology ca n’t be opened. I just do n’t know that I have delayed NT examination!The gynecologist starts not to remind me that they can’t issue the NT checklist!

After that, I went to NT around 12 weeks of pregnancy. NT can do it quickly. Don’t drag for a long time and delay.I just did not make NT!Anyway, the inspection doctor will tell that according to your arrangements, there will be slight differences in the region!

I do n’t know elsewhere. We are now asking for archives. At the beginning, I did n’t go. After that, the community hospital called. Later, the town of the household registration town of the household registered the call, and it urged me to build files!Generally speaking, 12 weeks can be built!Of course, if your doctor asked to come early according to your place!

I am too lazy to go back to my hometown and set up a file in the residential community hospital. The marriage certificate ID account book, the hospital checked all the lists!However, some materials are orally. She is too lazy to watch [laugh] The hospital checks the important lists and leaves the files, so some things are brought, and she can use it!

Of course, don’t be too deliberate in everything, this can’t be that, you can’t be anxious!In October, pregnant, plus pregnancy during pregnancy, so long, too much suppressing your mood is not good but not conducive to fetal development!

Don’t just believe in some small remarks, misleading!Including doctors on the Internet, there are divergent opinions!If you really feel that you are not right, go to consult the doctor of the property inspection, or go to a better hospital at the upper level. Do not check it casually. One is to be depressed.One really problem, delay the treatment!

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