Regardless of men and women, pay attention to these 4 things before and after moxibustion, the effect will be better

Moxibustion is a common health care method in Chinese medicine. It is simple, convenient, and safe, but moxibustion cannot be blind. You must understand the relevant common sense, otherwise the cold will suddenly invade, which will bring unnecessary trouble.

1. Must be correct

Before moxibustion, you must correctly operate and operate carefully, and actively cooperate with doctors to treat unnecessary concerns and fear.In addition, choose the right position and master the correct acupoints.Moxibustion mainly uses warm stimulation to achieve health effects. During the operation, you should first moxibustion the upper acupuncture points, lung acupoints, and positive acupoints. At first, you choose Xiao Aizhu and then slowly increase.If the meridians are not connected and the condition is serious, the acupuncture points of the lower part of the lower half should be moxibustion, and then the upper part should be pressed.

2. Consider the physical condition comprehensive

For people with weak health, moxibustion is slightly longer, and the time of moxibustion should be selected according to the number of seasons, age, and degree of condition.Children and the elderly reduce the number of moxibustion, and the waist and abdomen and back moxibustion are slightly longer.After being drunk, over -fatigue, too much hunger, severe thirst, frightened, and irritation cannot be moxibustion.Try not moxibustion abdomen and waist and abdomen during menstrual period and pregnancy.People with numbness or sensory disorders cannot be excessive moxibustion, otherwise they will burn the skin.There are no moxibustion on the head and chest.

3. Do a good job of keeping warmth and heatstroke prevention

In summer, high temperature moxibustion should do a good job of heatstroke prevention, adjust the indoor temperature, and open the window every three hours to ventilate, so as to discharge the smoke produced by Aizhu in time.People with insomnia can moxibustion before going to bed.Because everyone’s constitution is different from the condition, when the moxibustion is at the beginning of the moxibustion, it may occur with dry fever and dryness. Don’t worry too much. After the body adapts, this situation will disappear.

4. Properly handle the problem of foaming after moxibustion

After moxibustion, there are small blisters in the skin, don’t be too panic.If the blisters are small, the blisters should be protected to prevent rupture. Generally, it can absorb self -healing.If the blisters are large, you should disinfect the local area, then make the small water in the small water, and then apply the medicine after sucking out the seepage. Do not scratch it with your hands.If a infection occurs, you should ask the doctor to help in time.

Kind tips

People who are weak must have enough patience when moxibustion. Only if you persist for a long time can you see the health care effect.Drink plenty of water after moxibustion, which can help excretion of garbage and toxins in the body, while keeping warmth at the same time to prevent cold invasion.

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