rice wine

□ Xia Li

It was another year’s golden wind, and the Mid -Autumn Festival has passed. Today, I am in a foreign country, but my heart always miss the bright moon in my hometown, and my mother’s osmanthus rice wine.

In my hometown, every Mid -Autumn Festival, in addition to making moon cakes, every family also has the custom of brewing osmanthus rice wine.When I was young, I asked my mother curiously, why do I drink osmanthus rice wine on the Mid -Autumn Festival?The mother said that it was because osmanthus has been regarded as auspicious flowers since ancient times, symbolizing auspicious and rich.

The production process of osmanthus rice wine is not complicated, but it is not easy to make osmanthus rice wine with good color and taste.The main osmanthus and glutinous rice are the key.If the osmanthus wants to pick the lunar calendar in early August, the sweet -scented osmanthus fragrant is pleasant in this season. The rice wine and taste are the best.The selection of glutinous rice is also very particular. Mother generally chooses long glutinous rice. Although it is slightly lower than that of round glutinous rice, the rice fragrance is stronger, so the rice wine made will be better.

The mother was soaked in the washed glutinous rice the day before making osmanthus rice wine. The next day, she drained the soaked glutinous rice and put it on the cage.After a while, the rice fragrance drifted with the steam, and I was lying greedily on the stove’s stove and sucked my nose and smell it. My mother always nodded my forehead, saying that I was a little cat.After tens of minutes, the glutinous rice is steamed until it is cooked without rotten.Uniform.

The last is canned fermentation. This is my favorite job.Every time I rush to take the spoon to flatten the glutinous rice into the container, and dig a pit in the middle of the glutinous rice with my fingers.After a week, when the whole house was filled with strong osmanthus wine, we knew that the Mid -Autumn Festival was here.

The Mid -Autumn Festival is reunited.My mother would Zhang Luo’s rich dinner. My brother and I put on the table and chairs in the yard. Watching the dishes came up, the saliva was about to flow out.After dinner, the mother always brings out the prepared osmanthus rice wine as a dessert for meals, and then put on moon cakes, rhombus and some snacks. As we drink the sweet osmanthus rice wine, we will enjoy the moon and talk about the moon.At that time, my father was always thinking, the biggest wish was to hope that I could have a chance.

Yuehua was practicing, and the yard was shadowed in the yard. Every family sat around and drank osmanthus rice wine. From time to time, there were laughter and laughter. Such a warm and happy moment later appeared in my dream countless times.

Nowadays, the desires in those months have been realized, and I have also rely on my own efforts to go to the country.But when I first arrived abroad, the differences in culture and the habit of diet made me unable to integrate into the life there.In addition, the language is not unreasonable, and it is difficult to keep up with the progress of the school’s curriculum.All of this makes me have an unprecedented loss and confusion.

Three years later, I called my mother a few days ago. She said that the osmanthus rice wine brewed this year is still very fragrant and sweet. She and her father will wait for me to come back at home.In the eyes of tears, my heart had already flew back to the small city of Jin Gui, and flew back to the small courtyard under the bright moon, and tasted the Mid -Autumn Festival osmanthus rice wine with my parents. The taste was very sweet and sweet.

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