Rihanna has a second child’s pregnant belly to watch the show for 8 months!Wearing a big belly on the corset, the pregnant mother is too hot

Rihanna is really hot. On Tuesday night local time, Rihanna and black boyfriend attended the LV show of Paris Fashion Week. Although she was late, she still couldn’t stop the wealthy mother’s domineering fan!Rihanna was really used to attending some activities. This time, the show had more than half of the opening time, and Rihanna had a big belly before the scene.

1. Rihanna’s 8 -month pregnant belly is too hot

Rihanna’s pregnant woman’s dress is hot enough. The second child is pregnant for about 8 months, and she is about to be a mother again, and Rihanna’s second pregnancy is still crazy about pregnant belly.

A chessboard with a denim element is very fancy. Rihanna tied his jacket on his waist, and directly worn his corset, so he walked into the show.

Rihanna was late this time and caused heated discussion. Although the rich woman Rihanna is now very downturn, she always seems to be too lazy when she is late!

Rihanna showed her belly happily, and her belly made her a landscape on the LV show at once.Rihanna did not affect her career in the past two pregnancy. What should she do? She always exposed her belly and always insisted on such an idea that she could not stop her fashion sense during pregnancy.

The large diamond necklace, and Rihanna’s lipstick this time is also very distinctive. As a makeup boss, she really made a lot of money in makeup!

And Rihanna outlines the black lip line this time, and then paint the traditional lipstick. This deliberately creates the method of lip lines, which is really different from our current traditional makeup method.Putting it open, this time the corset is most common in her usual shape.

Rihanna’s black boyfriend is also in a denim. The two not only wore couples this time, but also publicly kissed. Rihanna’s black boyfriend hugged her and kissed her. The rich woman was also happy!

Although the two are about to usher in the second child, the wedding schedule of the two does not seem to be on the agenda. After all, Rihanna is so rich, and although the black boyfriend is rich, Rihanna is not a quantitative.

Many fans are looking forward to Rihanna unload, will the second child be a daughter!After all, from the Rihanna family, it is really a golden key!

Rihanna’s wearing during pregnancy did have a heated discussion at the beginning, and now it seems to have become her characteristic.

The first and second babies of Rihanna are also very short. The eldest son is only 1 year old, and this second child is about to be born. The rich woman is really different from ordinary people!

After watching the show, Rihanna went out of the street with his black boyfriend, which was also very sweet.Rihanna’s black boyfriend has recently blocked gold, and the golden teeth are dazzling enough.

Second, Rihanna and black boyfriends are out of the street, and it is rare to build her stomach

After watching the show, Rihanna and her boyfriend, when she went out of the street in Paris the next day, finally hid her belly, and her sweater was very loose. Even in sportswear, Rihanna was very delicate.

The effect of this loose guard is still very good. The black boyfriend is now considerate of Rihanna, and the frequency of the two public showing affection is also a lot high.

Rihanna has a second child’s pregnant belly to watch the show for 8 months!Wearing a big belly on the corset, the pregnant mother is too hot

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