Rumor: Can’t get pregnant if you suffer from polycystic?These methods help you get pregnant as soon as possible

The disease of polycystic ovary syndrome is not rare among young women.Sister Sister encounters sisters that are troubled by polycysts every day.

And many legends about polycystic have also made many girls who have diagnosed polycysts, so Sister Sister is often asked about such a question:

Sister Sister, I have a lot of money, can I not get pregnant?

Sister, I have a lot of money, can I still have children?

I heard that polycystic can’t be cured at all. Can I not be a mother in my life?

When encountering such a problem, Sister Sister will first give a reassinual pill, that is:

Due to polycystic ovary infertility!

Last month, Sister Sister also met a patient who came to be abortion. During the examination, the patient told me:

Sister, I have been a polycystic for many years, thinking that I can’t get pregnant at all, and I have no contraception with my boyfriend. Who knows so unlucky, I will get my best at once, isn’t it that people with polycystic ovary will not be pregnant?

Hey, those who can’t get pregnant when you get polycysts are simply exaggerated rumors. I believe this is really scaring yourself and pit yourself!

The following Sister Sister will tell you in detail what kind of relationship between this polycystic and infertility:

Will the polycystic affect the pregnancy?

The answer is yes.

With a polycystic ovary syndrome, it may indeed have a certain impact on normal pregnancy and fertility, because polycystic as an endocrine disease, the most common manifestation is irregular menstruation, scarcity of menstruation or even amenorrhea. At the same time, accompanied by ovulation with ovulationBar obstacles can also be manifested in the manifestation of Highnemia, obesity, and hair.

Normal pregnancy must be combined with sperm and eggs. Patronous patients cannot ovulate normally, so it is impossible to get pregnant.Leaving the eggs to talk about pregnancy, it is really a clever woman to cook without rice.

I am a polycystic ovary, what should I do if I want to get pregnant?

Patients with polycysts are often divided into two types, that is, we are commonly known as "fat polycysts" and "thin sac".

No matter what kind of polycystic patients, if you want to get pregnant, you should start from these aspects:

1: Life intervention.

Patients with chubby polycystic must lose weight. Some studies have found that after weight loss, diet control and strengthening exercise, some symptoms of polycystic ovary patients have eased, and even spontaneous ovulation and menstruation occur.

So if you are a fat sister, why do you immediately emphasize the importance of weight loss with you when diagnosed with polycysts.

Although the patients with thin polycystic have no troubles to lose weight, they must also pay attention to developing a healthy lifestyle, regular work, strengthening physical exercise, and making their physical condition better, preparing for future pregnancy.

2: Drug treatment

If the requirements of pregnancy are not imminent, then patients with multi -sac can be treated for a period of time. The most commonly used drug is Da Ying 35.Number of mature follicles.

Some polycystic patients will also be accompanied by insulin resistance or hyperglycemia, which can be treated with dizomy, which can not only control blood sugar levels, but also help control weight.

After doing these two points, the following is the means to really take for pregnancy:

1: Promoting adenopulin ovulation.

If you want to get pregnant, you must first have seeds. Since the ovulation of polycystic patients cannot go smoothly, then we will add bricks to help promote ovulation.

Those small follicles that are not able to develop because the level of hormones is not enough. We can artificially supplement it to help them develop, such as commonly used gonadotropin to make follicles mature and excrete eggs.

2: Use ovulation -promoting drugs to promote ovulation.

We can also apply ovulation -promoting drugs to help the development of follicles. The most commonly used drugs are Cromifen, Climen, etc.

It should be noted that: ovulation -promoting drugs cannot be used by themselves, they must be used under the guidance of a doctor.And in the process of use, we need to cooperate with the detection of B -ultrasound to adjust the weight at any time according to the specific development of the follicles to avoid adverse reactions caused by excessive medication, especially the dangerous ovarian excessive stimulation signs.

3: If it is simply invalid, or it is still effective but still unable to get pregnant. For example, there are polycystic patients with influenza tubal at the same time. Then the means to consider is IVF.

As a kind of auxiliary reproductive means, IVF has helped tens of millions of polycystic women to have their own children.However, IVF still needs eggs, so it still needs to be promoted.It is just that if we cannot ovulate normally, we can artificial eggs, so as long as there are qualified eggs, you can try it.

Sister Sister has two girlfriends, both of which are polycystic patients. Now they have a princess and a prince.As long as regular treatment and assisted reproductive technology, most polycystic patients can realize their own fertility desires.

Therefore, do n’t be discouraged by girls with polycysts. In the face of the disease, we must bravely fight against the illness. Today, we can do a lot of modern medicine. We must have confidence.Charity of sickness!

This kind of rumor curse of "the polycystic ovary can not be pregnant", let it disappear!



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