Rumor: Three points of contraceptive pills?Will endocrine disorders after eating?Don’t scare yourself anymore!

Once upon a time, when many women mentioned the "contraceptive pill", they immediately disgusted and avoided it:

Doctor, I do n’t want to take medicine. It ’s three poisonous medicine. Is n’t that hormone?Intersection

Even once, a little girl who had just went to college in the outpatient clinic, because the menstruation did not adjust the clinic, Sister Sister opened three boxes of You Siming. The mother on the side heard that this was a short -acting contraceptive pill.Saying disgustingly:

She hasn’t got married yet, what contraceptives are taken?How shameless goes out!Do you see a doctor?Intersection

Although it is said that with everyone’s popular science, many young girls have been solved by the misunderstanding of short -acting contraceptives, and more and more girls have chosen a contraceptive method such as oral short -acting contraceptives to protect themselves, but there are stillMany women still do not know about short -acting contraceptives. Today, Sister Sister talks about these things about short -acting contraceptives.

Long -term contraceptive vs short -acting contraceptive pill

The so -called long -term contraceptive pills are actually "long -term", which is what we call short -acting contraceptives.

Short -acting contraceptives are different from emergency contraceptives and can be used as long -term contraceptives, so sometimes they are also called "long -term contraceptives".

Short -effect contraceptive vs emergency contraceptive pill

Many people easily confuse "short -acting" and "emergency" contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives, as the name suggests, are used in "emergency".

For example, Yuting, Jin Yuting is an emergency contraceptive, it failed as a regular contraceptive method. For example, the condom rupture, slipping, or passing the passion did not care about the love and love of the set to reduce the possibility of pregnancy as much as possible.

Urgent contraceptives are not recommended as conventional contraceptive methods.

What exactly is short -acting contraceptive pill

Short -active oral contraceptives are what we call Mom Fulong, You Siming and so on.

They are divided into single photos, double photos, and three photos. The main ingredients are estrogen and progesterone. They are taken in a complete cycle with 28 days.

Each dose of each piece of duplicate performed contraceptives is the same. Generally, the single -phase oral contraceptives we see are 21 tablets per box. Take 1 tablet per day. After taking it for 21 days in a row for 7 days, then take the next box.Like You Siming, Da Ying 35 is this kind of dosage form.

Double photos and three photos are also known as multiple photos. There are two dosage forms in a box of double photos, such as You Siyue, a box of 28 tablets, and the last 4 tablets is a placebo.There are three types of dosage forms in the three photos and a box. The ingredients contained in different dosage forms are different. Different colors are often used.Take it in order when taking it.

Why should we take short -acting contraceptives?

Since it is a short -acting contraceptive, its main function is contraception. Under the correct use, there is no omissions for forgetting. The contraceptive perfection power of short -acting contraceptives is still very high, which is almost 100 %.

Short -acting contraceptives can not only contraception, but also sometimes used to cure diseases, just like what we just said, Daying 35, which is one of the most commonly used drugs for the treatment of polycystic ovary.

Short -acting contraceptives can also reduce the risk of female ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. At the same time, it also has a certain effect on some irregular menstruation and improvement of dysmenorrhea.

The principle of short -acting contraceptives to treat dysmenorrhea is that prostaglandin is a necessary substance for ovulation, and the endometrium without ovulation due to lack of progesterone stimulation, the concentration of prostaglandin contains is low, which generally does not cause dysmenorrhea or pain.The degree is lower.

If you have no requirements for pregnancy and suffer from dysmenorrhea, it is also a good attempt to take the short -acting contraceptive of oral estrogen hormone combined.

Is there any side effects of short -acting contraceptives?

Although with the replacement of short -acting contraceptives, their side effects and adverse reactions are relatively less and less, but they are not completely without side effects.

Common side effects are: nausea, vomiting, irregular bleeding, mild headache, breast pain.Some people may have adverse reactions with weight gain, emotional changes, and decreased sexual desire.

A small number of serious complications may occur in liver and kidney function abnormalities and thrombosis.

Some girls will have some side effects when taking short -acting contraceptives for the first time.The medicine will disappear naturally and will not have a healthy effect on the body.The lower the estrogen content, the smaller the chance of side effects.

Can everyone take short -acting contraceptives?


First of all, women who are taking other drugs, such as antiepileptic drugs, anti -windy drugs, using insulin, sedative drugs, anti -tuberculosis drugs, and some antibiotics, such as sulfa drugs, may affect the metabolism of contraceptives and causeThe contraceptive effect is weakened or even the contraceptive fails.

If you are just taking them, it is best to consider other more secure ways to avoid transportation, such as condoms.

Secondly, women over 35 years old, especially women with smoking, and women with thrombotic disease among parents and siblings. The risk of taking short -acting contraceptives will be higher.

Women with abnormal liver and kidney function and abnormal coagulation function do not use short -acting contraceptives as the preferred contraceptive method.In addition, systemic lupus erythematosus, failure to clear tumors, breast cancer and other patients, is not suitable for taking short -acting contraceptives.

At present, there are also doctors who have aborted after abortion surgery. After induction of labor, a box of short -acting contraceptives will be prescribed to patients to help menstruation recovery on time to prevent adhesion of endometrium.

As a periodic drug, short -acting contraceptives can adjust the disorderly menstrual cycle.

Therefore, girls who are irregular and needed at the same time, and are worried about unexpected girls during the use of condoms. We generally recommend taking short -acting contraceptives. At the same time as contraception, the menstrual cycle can make the menstrual cycle more regular and stable.

Women who take short -acting contraceptives to contraceptives, Sister Sister feels that they all have a health awareness and know how to better protect their women as much as possible.

And those who take contraceptives and "not check" can only be said to be ignorant people who lack knowledge, making people laugh!

Therefore, girls, if you intend to use the method of taking short -acting contraceptives to contraception, then as long as there is no contraindication, this method is reliable.

Protecting yourself from accidental injuries is also what someone who loves you should do. Sister Sister hopes that the men who are lucky to have their girlfriends and wives in the world, either bring them well, or work hard to make girlfriends a good medicine.Because of loving her, we must protect her!


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