Rumor: Will the fetal fetus fetus deform?The doctor said, how many small lives have this sentence harmful

I often have female friends on the Internet to consult with such problems: after receiving diagnostic radiation, such as chest X, oral X -ray, or abdominal X -ray irradiation, I found that I was pregnant or during pregnancy.The line was irradiated, so her friends and many doctors told her that she was ill during pregnancy to cause fetal malformations. She ended pregnancy, miscarriage, and even induced labor. After all, no one wanted to have an unhealthy child.

Every time I see this situation, I feel difficult to accept. I ca n’t agree with the practice of making people doctors with regardless of the blue and red soap. In a simple, sometimes it hurts people invisible.For women, just a full joy and longing for the baby are immediately replaced by the dual injuries of the body and mind, and a small life is stifled in the embryo period.

Let’s talk about it in detail today that after filming, can the child want it.

Diagnosis measures that may be accepted during pregnancy are X -ray, ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance, CT scan, or nuclear medicine diagnosis due to X -ray, ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance, CT scanning.Among them, X -ray irradiation is the most common and most likely to cause pregnant women and family members.This comes from the general understanding of the public. It is believed that X -ray irradiation can hurt the fetus and even cause malformation.

Indeed, high -dose ion rays, such as the X line, can cause many serious damage to the fetus, such as miscarriage, fetal growth disorders, cerebellar deformities, intellectual development disorders, and increase the risk of malignant tumors in children.

But is the diagnostic X -ray dangerous?

According to the clinical guidance of the American Radiation Society, the U.S. Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the US Food and Drug Administration, most of the diagnostic radioactive examinations will not cause fetal damage.The American Radiation Society clearly pointed out -a single -diagnostic X -ray examination of the illumination dosage does not reach the dose that can cause embryo or fetal damage at all.Therefore, a single diagnostic X -ray irradiation cannot be a reason for abortion.

The X -ray radiation received by the fetus is less than 50 mm Gy (GY is a radioactive dose unit, 1GY is equal to 100rad, and 50 mg Gy is 5rad, equal to 5000mrad). It will not have a healthy impact on the fetus.

Let’s take a look at the following table:

It can be seen from the above table that it is not easy to reach 5 Radia.If you take 0.1 MRAD once, you can take 50,000 breasts to affect the fetus.The abdominal X -rays with high doses have to be taken 50 times to start to danger.If you do CT, the radiation dose is much higher than the X -ray film, but even if you do an abdominal CT, it will not exceed the definition of 5 Rad.

The fetus can only cause health problems only by being more than 100 mg Gy, and the most sensitive is especially from 8 to 25 weeks of pregnancy.The dose of 100 mg GY will not be used at all in the usual diagnostic X -ray. Only in the sorbeline, the small intestine continuous imaging or radioactive therapy can reach such a high dose.

In other words, when doing ordinary X -ray flat tablets, the fetal dosage of the fetus is very small, which is not enough to affect the fetus. Children can completely want.

So, you can summarize it.

Conventional dental X -ray examination, head X -ray examination of the head, X -ray examination of limbs, and chest X -ray examination, including breast molybdenum target examination, or head and chest CT will not cause damage to the fetus.Can be ignored.

If you have a X -ray examination due to disease or trauma during pregnancy or trauma, there is no better alternative, you do not need to worry about the danger of the fetus and refuse to be checked.Your health is not only the most important to yourself, but also for your child.

If a woman accepts X -ray more than 10 RADS within two weeks before pregnancy, the embryo may be killed.But this is a 0 or 1 problem, that is, if the fetus is alive, there is usually no problem; if the embryo is affected, it will stop developing early and automatic abortion.

But there are indeed pregnant women who receive the chest X -ray examination as a result. What is going on?

Remember that if you do not accept irradiation, there are 3%-5%of newborn teratogenic probability during normal pregnancy, but most of them are mild, such as fetal moles, one more finger or toe.Children’s deformities are not the result of being diagnostic radiation examination.

Ultrasonic uses a sound wave, not ion rays.So far, there have been no reports of fetal injury caused by diagnostic ultrasonic waves, including Doppler ultrasound.Ultrasound during pregnancy is safe, which is why modern obstetrics and gynecology inspections do not use X -ray, but regular ultrasonic.

The nuclear magnetic resonance also does not use ion rays, but uses a magnetic field to change the energy status of the hydrogen ions in the body, so it will not cause damage to the fetus.When the fetal central nervous system needs to be checked, or diagnosis of placental abnormalities such as placenta, MRI is the best choice.

The specific guidelines for the X -ray examination given by the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology are:

1. First of all, and the most important thing. If you are pregnant or doubt that you are pregnant, you must tell your doctor.This is not only related to the X -ray irradiation, but also the choice of other medication, which is important.

2. If you need to do a check during pregnancy, remember to tell the doctor that you have done similar examinations in the near future, maybe this check can be saved.

Regardless of whether you do any aspects, ask more, don’t worry about unnecessary worry, let alone a reason to have a miscarriage.

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