Russia’s tender model flash marriage 50 -year -old king, quickly pregnant and gave birth to a son, why was divorced a year later

Everyone in the world said that Hongyan was in disaster, but I didn’t know that this honor was actually given by the king.In the ancient times, there were kings not early, and there was a red face.On the Supreme Head of King Malaysia, such a story of "not early" was also staged.

The king’s real name is Donggu Mohammed.He and a civilian woman named Oaksana quietly registered to get married. In order to protect his wife in the center of public opinion, he even abdicated early to protect each other.However, after Oaksana successfully gave birth to the crystallization of the two, Donggu unilaterally proposed a divorce.

From the sweetness of love to flashing between the two, what is the unknown thing?Why did it suddenly make such a decision to Oaksana’s deep affection?

Auck Sana comes from a civilian family in Russia. If there is any extraordinary place, it is probably her mother is the local beauty pageant.Oaksana, who inherited the beauty of her mother, also came out of Peugeot when she grew up.There are face value, appearance, and academic qualifications.

After graduating from college, Oaksana participated in the Russian beauty contest with her family encouragement.As a result, Oaksana won the championship title in 2015.

Oxa quickly became a hot figure at that time, and many pursuers and advertisers came.

During a party, 50 -year -old Dongu fell in love with the young and beautiful Auck Sana at first sight.

It is said that the scene at that time was like this: Donggu self -introduction: I was the king of Malaysia.Oxa thought that the other party was joking with herself, so I responded that I was the queen of Russia.This is very interesting, and the two words make the king’s interest in the woman even stronger.

It wasn’t until Auck Sana saw Donggu on TV, and then I realized that the other party did not have joking with himself.She silently thought that the opportunity to change fate came.

A king loves civilians, and this civilian has always had a thought of climbing up. As soon as the two were shot, they soon determined the relationship.Donggu, who is no longer young, loves Auck Sana. In 2018, the two knew about two years and quietly received a marriage certificate.

In order to respond to Donggu’s love, Auck Sana took the initiative to convert to Islam, and also gave herself a teaching name "Lihanna". She wore a white headscarf and nestled with Donggu with a happy face.The two soon had their own crystallization of love. In order to protect Auck Sana and children, Donggu never disclosed the marriage to the public.

Two months at the end of 2018, Donggu suddenly asked for a two -month sick leave. When everyone was worried about the king’s body, the media far away in Russia reported on the wedding of Donggu and Oaksana.The news came, and people watched the king wearing a traditional Muslim wedding dress, and held a wedding with a beautiful foreign woman in Russia.

The most exciting is the media around the world. Civilians marry into the royal family, or a beauty pageant. This topic can be said to be tens of thousands of years.

Two months after the marriage, due to the media’s large -scale move from Auck Sana’s previous variety shows, it caused the outside world public opinion. The royal family put pressure on Donggu, indicating that Malaysia could not accept such a woman into the royal family.

In order to protect Jiao’s wife, Donggu chose to abdicate in advance.In this way, Dongu became the first king of Malaysia to choose to abdicate during his term.

If this is only the case, it is still a fairy tale love story.But life is always the highest screenwriter. For a period of time when Auck Sana raised tires, things began to develop in a strange direction.

First, the woman returned to Russia alone, and was also photographed to visit the convenience store with unknown men.

Then, after giving birth, Oaksana created her official account, actively showing her love experience, wedding photos, pregnant belly photos, and baby photos of Donggu.

Strangely, Donggu and Auck Sana have never been in the same frame since then.When netizens have rumored that the two have changed their marriage, Auck Sana also "warned" not to speculate randomly.

As a result, in June 2019, Donggu officially announced at a Muslim ceremony in Singapore.Rather than announced, it is better to notify Axana unilaterally because Auck Sana is not present.Not long ago, the silly Auck Sana still showed affection on social platforms.

After the announcement, Donggu asked the lawyer to send the divorce agreement to Oaksana.Lawyers in Donggu explained that they suspected that Auck Sana’s children were not from Donggu.And Auck Sana was still dreaming of the dream of letting children inherit the position of the Malaysian king before receiving the divorce agreement.

Because Dongu himself has not yet clarified the facts, public opinion has fallen to Oaksana, and netizens have accused her of "squeezing" the interests of the king.Although I don’t know what the incident is in the end, it is a fact that the two are now separated.

Flash wedding and grueling, the young Russian beauty pageant experienced a dream drama.

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