Week 1 Mom Attention

The baby is still in a real prehistoric state, and it exists in the body of the bones in the form of sperm and eggs.

Week 2 Mom Attention

Supplementing iron -rich ingredients, quit strong tea to continue to supplement 400-800 grams of folic acid, avoid contacting pets, touch your pets and go out immediately to clean your mouth, nose, and face.

Week 3 Mom Attention

Stay away from noise vibration, avoid dangerous environments to avoid pesticides, carefully clean fruits and vegetables to take medicine carefully, and pay attention to ventilation.

Week 4 Mom Attention

Far away from the densely crowded places to develop regular schedules, do proper exercise from the fetal period, and 150 points a week of aerobic exercise.

Week 5 Mom Attention

Two walnuts a day to promote the development of the baby’s brain.Adjust your body and avoid bumps.

Week 6 Mom Attention

Fasting in the early pregnancy, might be ectopic pregnancy to relieve pregnancy, get up a glass of water early, and eat more fruits.Eat more pork liver with a small amount, and the effect of nourishing blood is better. Eat some black foods to prevent anemia.

Week 7 Mom Attention

Avoid sexual life, do not take urine, do not take a bath; change the underwear, choose a mild and breathable cotton material.

Week 8 Mom Attention

For the first check -up, you can go to the hospital for a file.Care carbonated drinks, drink plenty of homemade juice and boiled water.Began to do music prenatal education, promote the development of the baby’s lungs, sweat more, leucorrhea, and change the underwear.

Week 9 Mom Attention

Pay attention to the cleaning of breasts.With sufficient sleep, there are 1 hour lunch break.Prevention of anemia, 15-20mg in daily recommended intake.Pregnant mothers need to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to promote the body’s metabolism.

Week 10 Mom Attention

Avoid noise pollution.Prepare chromosome congenital metabolism to avoid using makeup, use safety skin care products, guide emotions, and relieve anxiety and hesitation.

Week 11 Mom Attention

Eat DHA, phospholipids, and iodine to promote fetal brain development.Balanced nutrition, supplement protein, vitamins, and calcium.Prevent stretch patterns, control weight, use professional belt, massage increase skin elasticity, use mammamumin and elastic protein.

Week 12 Mom Attention

Do not increase the number of output inspections.Pay attention to the weight during pregnancy, minimize the supper, and ensure that appropriate and simple aerobic exercise is guaranteed every day.

Week 13 Mom Attention

Choose a cotton or silk material suitable for maternity clothes to avoid standing for a long time and avoid intravenous curvature.Participate in art exhibitions and exhibitions, which are influenced by beautiful things.

Week 14 Mom Attention

A moderate sexual life.You must cook hot pot, and develop the habit of defecation in the morning to avoid constipation.

Week 15 Mom Attention

Ready to go to the hospital for a Tang family syndrome screening.Pay attention to oral hygiene to avoid periodontitis and appetite, but pay attention to restraint.

Week 16 Mom Attention

Prepare the second birth checkup.Learn records to measure the baby’s fetal movement, so that the baby is listening to the story in the belly.

Week 17 Mom Attention

Do not control the diet appropriately, not too much.Take a shower and change underwear to avoid itching of the skin.As a result of going to Tang Siek, do you need amniotic fluid puncture?

Week 18 Mom Attention

Proper gymnastics during pregnancy, control the weight of the uterus to compress the heart, and eat less meals.

Week 19 Mom Attention

It is relatively safe in the second trimester and can travel.If you are panicked, check the anemia in time, strengthen early prenatal education, and actively communicate.

Week 20 Mom Attention

The fetal heart is obvious. Understand the condition of the fetus.Increase iron supplement, calcium supplement food intake.

Week 21 Mom Attention

Take the sleeping position of sitting on the side.Pay attention to keep warm during pregnancy and should not wear too thin.Fake contractions, don’t worry about relaxing.

Week 22 Mom Attention

Stay away from lead pollution, without the need to contain lead, avoid the exhaust of the car.Do not eat puffed food, popcorn.

Week 23 Mom Attention

Eat less meals to avoid hot burning.Observe the absorption when the body is bloated to avoid edema.Relieve constipation during pregnancy, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Week 24 Mom Attention

Ready to go to the hospital for large -scale deformed and diabetes screening examination.

Week 25 Mom Attention

To prevent spasm, stretch your legs before going to bed to avoid standing or sitting for a long time.Skin oil secretions increase, rest cleaning and heat -hot food, increase vegetables and fruits.

Week 26 Mom Attention

Wipe your body milk to prevent alleviating stretch patterns.Take a shower in the bath, and accompany Bao Dad.Say good night and night with your baby, train day and night rhythm.

Week 27 Mom Attention

Listen to happy music for prenatal education.Began to increase the intake of dimensions such as grains and beans, and implement regular and regular music education for the fetus.

Week 28 Mom Attention

Properly increase the intake of protein, calories, and fatty acids.Prepare the fifth birth check and conduct hepatitis B antigen and syphilis serum tests.

Week 29 Mom Attention

Be wary to prevent premature birth, and take medical treatment in time to choose a special underwear for pregnant women.

Week 30 Mom Attention

Began to prepare for the production package, start the pre -maternity hospital selection, and conduct the sixth production inspection.

Week 31 Mom Attention

Began to prepare for the baby’s birth supplies, and sleep on the pillow to relieve the shortness of gas. If the number of fetal movements is significantly reduced, seek medical treatment immediately.

Week 32 Mom Attention

Bao Dad helped massage his body, increase blood circulation, expectant mothers learned about childbirth knowledge, and reduced a person to go out alone.

Week 33 Mom Attention

Familiar with all kinds of premature phenomena knowledge, wearing elastic socks to reduce intravenous song phenomena, maintain regular life, sufficient sleep and rest.

Week 34 Mom Attention

The hospital guides fetal position correction to avoid being too fat in the second trimester, balanced nutrition, 34 weeks of birth, monitoring the heart and uterine cavity pressure.

Week 35 Mom Attention

Supplement the iron supplement to ensure that the doctor will check whether it is infected with the Bangeebococcus Coccus, an ice bag or a hot water bottle to relieve pelvic pain.

Week 36 Mom Attention

Perform the Ninth B -ultrasound for the Ninth Ninth Maternal Inspection, eat some freshwater fish, prepare for breast milk, and appropriately climb the stairs to help the fetus enter the pelvis.

Week 37 Mom Attention

Learn the breathing method of childbirth and relieve pain posture, regulate the mentality, and overcome the fear of childbirth.

Week 38 Mom Attention

Sports checks, completely relax at home for delivery.At all times, pay attention to the signs of production, contraction, and red attention to the changes in secretions.

Week 39 Mom Attention

Eat more high -rich foods such as protein and sugar appropriately.Eat less qi foods, such as soybeans, soy milk, and sweet potatoes before giving birth.

Week 40 Mom Attention

The last inspection of pre -delivery.Energy sticks and electrolyte hydraulic fluids are provided to provide energy.Drink some honey water to shorten the output.

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