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For a long time, pregnancy is like a fish and a bear’s paw.When the young couple who is petted is pregnant, the elderly and elders in the family will try to prevent continued pets and ask the dogs at home. No matter where they are sent, they cannot stay at home anyway.The common reasons for the elders are nothing more than — 1, dogs are dirty, bacteria, parasites, will be transmitted to children, causing children to deform and low intelligence.2. Dogs must catch pregnant women and bite children.3. There are dog hair everywhere at home, and infection in the lungs.

But is this really the case?Let’s use scientific knowledge to analyze it.

1. About bacteria and parasites

The parasites mentioned here usually refer to the bow -shaped worm.Here is an error cognition of Toxoplasma, thinking that raising dogs will have toxoplasma, and it can be avoided without dogs.

Du Niang told us that the toxoplasma is a parasite with the smallest shape and simple structure.Cats and other cats are the host of the bowworm. It is parasitic in the small intestine epithelial cells of these animals, forming a sac -ups to discharge with feces. Other mammals and birds eat infected.bag.The sac -ups and cysts are different stages of bow -shaped worms.Although the toxoplasma is not "picky", except for the final host, it can only be asexual reproduction in other animals and cannot spread its offspring to the outside world.

In other words, almost all mammals, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, birds, pork cattle, horses, sheep rabbits, and mouse flies and cockroaches may be the host of the bowworm, and their infection rate is very high.

Several ways to be infected with Toxoplasma can be summarized as -1, eating unkained meat.2. In contact with cats or other bowworms, the stool was finally discharged from the host.

The dog is just the middle host of the bowworm. After the dog is exposed to the toxoplasma worm, it does not produce a cysts that are infectious to the person. Its stool and excrement are not contagious, so it is not infected with the dog in the dog!Of course, if you eat dog meat, it will be another matter.

Knowing the source of the bowworm, I probably know how to avoid it.Usually, as long as you pay attention to hygiene in life, you do n’t eat raw meat, the chance of being infected is very small.If you are worried, go to a bow -shaped torch test before preparing for pregnancy.

The four items of TORCH eugenics that are usually checked before pregnancy include the test of Toxoplasma.If IGM and IgG are negative, it means that you have not been infected with Toxoplasma.If it is detected that the bowworm IgM is positive, this shows that it has been infected earlier, but now there are antibodies in the body, so IgM positive has no effect on pregnancy and can not worry about being infected again.If the results of the test are positive for the IgG, it means that the toxoplasma is currently infected, and it is necessary to get pregnant after treatment.

If the infection of Toxoplasma is found and treated in time before three months of pregnancy, it will not affect the fetus.If it was found after three months of pregnancy, at this time the placenta immune system has been gradually improved, and the influence of Toxoplasma on the fetus is weaker.

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