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Some pregnant women suddenly have many rashes during pregnancy and are accompanied by severe itching. After childbirth, the rash quickly retreats, the itching sensation disappears immediately, and the pregnancy rash may be posted again in the future.It is not very clear about the cause of itching rash during pregnancy. Most of them think it may be related to allergies.Since the fetal metabolic products are discharged through the mother’s body by the umbilical cord and the placenta, some researchers have suspected that pregnant women have allergic to the metabolites produced by the fetus.

Itching rash during pregnancy is generally starting from the third to 4 months of pregnancy. Mung bean -sized pimples appear on the chest, back, thighs, upper arms, etc., accompanied by severe itching, especially at night.Some pregnant women start rash and itching at the last 2 to 3 weeks at the end of the pregnancy. They usually start from the abdomen. Sometimes the rash is urticaria, pimples, and plaques.New rashes are emitted.The rash continued to recur, and it completely faded naturally until 2 to 3 weeks after delivery.

Itching rash during pregnancy is severe, and many pregnant women, including clinicians, are not dare to treat medication because of the impact of drugs on the fetus, bringing great pain to pregnant women. Individual rashes will cause dead fetuses.In fact, because itching rash during pregnancy only occurs during pregnancy, and it can be faded by itself after childbirth. Therefore, the corticosteroid ointment can be rubbed outside the rash. If the rash is severe, it can also take small doses of hormone drugs.Symptoms, reducing the pain of pregnant women, at the same time have no obvious adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses, which are also good for preventing the occurrence of dead tires.

[Expert Tips] Although itching rash during pregnancy, although there are many diverse manifestations, they occur after 3 months of pregnancy, and the removal after childbirth is a common feature.Because the cause of such skin diseases is not very clear, and because it is worried that pregnant women’s use of anti -allergic drugs may cause fetal malformation, it is mainly treated with topical drugs.Only serious cases are considering taking hormone treatment.

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Chen Yong, deputy secretary of the party committee of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital/Hospital Council of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University.He has been engaged in the clinical and teaching work of the Chinese Medicine Dermatology Department for more than 30 years. He is an academic heir of Chen Tongyun, a nation’s famous Chinese medicine medicine, and a "125" Chinese medicine talent trained by the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration.He is also a member of the Chinese Medicine Society of Medical Aesthetics and Beauty Branch, and a member of the Medical Aesthetics and Beauty Branch of the Chinese Medical Association.

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