See a few misunderstandings to see if you have taken the wrong one

Do you have the following confusion when taking medicine: Will you be addicted to taking painkillers?The adult’s medicine is smaller, can children eat it?How many kinds of cold medicines will be better?Can pregnant women not take medicine, or will it affect the fetus?Nympho

We all know that good medicine can cure diseases, but if you use medicine and wrong medicine, you will not only be able to treat the disease correctly, but you may aggravate the disease. Let’s take a look at these major medication misunderstandings. Have you stepped on the pit?


Several kinds of cold medicine mixed together

Will the treatment effect better?

Correction: Not better and risky.

The cold medicines that can be bought in a pharmacy are compound dosage type, which is a drug that combines components that treat various symptoms.From the perspective of ingredients, a variety of compound cold medicines contain "acetaminol" and need to be metabolized through the liver.

If you take a few cold medicines at the same time, the dose of the same effective ingredients will increase the effect, which will exceed the normal treatment amount, which will not only have a better effect, but will increase the patients with headaches, drowsiness, gastrointestinal dysfunction and other symptoms.It may even be critical due to the overwhelming of organs such as liver and kidney due to excessive medication.

This is not alarmist. The tragedy of the "27 -year -old graduate student died of a cold" was still vivid. It was only because they took a variety of cold medicines without authorization.Dissolt and liver and kidney failure, only 7 days from admission to death!

If you have a cold, you must take medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor. Remember to mix with a variety of cold medicines.

Misunderstanding two

I’m afraid that eating too much antibiotics will resist medicine

Is it almost stopped?

Correction: Antibiotics are antibacterial, and the bacteria cannot be removed after killing!

Bacterial resistance is a common concern in the whole society. Most people think that only long -term or a large use of antibacterial drugs can produce drug resistance.

However, in fact, many people are immediately stopped when the symptoms of the disease are just improving or seemingly healing, or they will reduce the amount at will. In this way, antibacterial drugs do not use antibacterial drugs without dosage, and they still cause drug resistance.

In the process of receiving antibacterial drugs, although the physical symptoms of the treatment of medication are reduced or asymptomatic, it does not mean that the bacteria are completely killed, but the number of it is not enough to cause physical discomfort.At this time, if antibiotics are reduced blindly or stopped using antibiotics, not only can it not play an antibacterial effect, but it will cause repeated diseases, extend the treatment cycle, and may also cause the residual bacteria in the body to produce drug resistance.

Therefore, when using antibacterial drugs, even if you feel that your body has no symptoms, you must follow the doctor’s advice. During the treatment process, you must take it on time and according to the treatment course. You cannot stop the drug at will.


Blood pressure drops

Can you stop the medicine?

Correct: No!

Hypertension is a chronic disease. It is necessary to persist in taking medicine and continuously control blood pressure. Suspension of the medicine without authorization will cause blood pressure to rebound and cause greater damage.

In some cases, even if the blood pressure rises, there may be no symptoms. If you do not take medicine, the continuous hypertension will cause damage to the heart, kidneys, and brain. Therefore, you must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not stop the medicine without authorization.Only a small number of mild hypertension patients can gradually stop the medicine under the guidance of a doctor, but for most patients with hypertension, the antihypertensive drug is not stopped!


Can’t bear if you don’t die

I heard that taking painkillers will be addicted

Correction: The painkillers guided by the doctor according to the pain class are taken according to the dosage specification. It is safe, so don’t worry!We often say that painkillers generally refer to: non -sterite anti -inflammatory drugs, opioid analgesic drugs.

Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs: People familiar with ibuprofen and aspirin are the representatives of this type of drug. It also has analgesic effect while giving play to analgesic effects. Such drugs are not addictive.

Oed analgesic drugs: The analgesic effect of this type of drug is stronger, which can significantly reduce or eliminate pain, but most of the drugs are used for many times to make people tolerate. Large -dose use can cause addiction.Typical representatives of such drugs.Therefore, people often say that "more addicted pain medicine will be addicted". This "pot" also has an opioid analgesic drugs. Therefore, most of these drugs are also included in the scope of the management of anesthesia drugs.Only doctors with corresponding prescription rights can be prescribed.At the same time, patients do not have to worry too much. During the medical process, the proportion of conventional doses and standardized use, which leads to the addiction of patients.

The various pains in our lives are actually a complicated physiological and psychological activity. It will not only affect the normal immune function of the human body, but also affect everyone’s emotions, sleep and mental state.Taking painkillers can not only effectively relieve the symptoms, but also improve the quality of life.

Misunderstanding Five

Contraceptive hurts the body

So can’t eat?

Correct: Look at the type, don’t be afraid to eat it if you eat

If you want to experience the taste of love without restraint and intimacy, contraceptives come in handy.However, many people think that contraceptives can cause endocrine disorders and infertility. Don’t eat it in less than ever.

Contraceptive pills are divided into: emergency contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives and long -term contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptive pills: Remedial measures for common contraceptive failure. There are left germone (Yuting) on the market, which contains powerful progesterone., Prevent the pregnancy of the bed and other means, so as to achieve the effect of contraception, the impact on the body is relatively large. It is not recommended as a regular contraceptive method.

Short -acting contraceptives: It is small dosage, short effect time, short metabolic time, and common on the market is You Siming and You Siyue.As long as the medicine is taken properly, not only can contraception (the effective rate of contraception can reach 98%to 99%), but also is often used for the treatment of some gynecological diseases, which is safe and guaranteed.

Long -term contraceptive pills: some are oral and subcutaneous buried, and one -time use can maintain long -term effects.Among them, due to long -acting oral contraceptives, hormones are large, and the market is rare.

So the witty Jimei, know how to choose.

Misunderstanding 6

Pregnant women don’t take medicine for a cold

Will it affect the fetus?

Correction: Do not "talk about the color change".

You know, the disease itself will also affect the development of the fetus.In addition, pregnant mothers are facing changes in physiological conditions during pregnancy. The complications of various diseases may increase. In the case of this situation, they need to relieve their discomfort. Actively take medicine for treatment.

We advocate the principle of "do not use special reasons during pregnancy", but it does not mean that we are completely resistant.Weighing the risk of the fetus and the condition of the pregnant woman, and the effective and safe drugs for the fetus are selected.

With the continuous development of medicine, it has been clinically confirmed that a few drugs are safe for pregnant women and fetuses.If pregnant women have symptoms such as runny nose, cough, sputum, headache, fever and other symptoms, they need to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Misunderstanding Seven

Children are sick

Eat adult medicine a little bit?

Correct: No!And some adult medicines are fasting by children, which is not just a dose problem!

The height, weight, and organ metabolic ability of adults and children are different. There are differences in medication:

(1) Drugs are not suitable.Suitable for adults may not be suitable for children.The maturity of each organs of adults is already very high, but the children’s body organs have not yet matured, which means that their metabolism functions and enzymes in the body are not enough, so even for them to take half of adult drugs.The side effects of these adult drugs may be fatal for children.

(2) The dosage form is not suitable.Children are more suitable for taking suspension, drops, syrup and other liquid dosage types. The tablets and capsules that adults often take are not easy to swallow. If the pills stay in the child’s esophagus and damage the esophagus mucosa, they will not lose.


Children are afraid of taking medicine

Take medicine with fruit juice or drink sugar while drinking medicine?

Correction: This is wrong.

(1) Increase the side effects of drugs: Some parents will use fruit juice to give their children gastric medicine, and most of the juice is acidic substances.Some drugs will increase side effects in an acidic environment and have adverse factors to the human body.Such as the heat -relieving analgesic drugs such as Mihin, Anshita, and compound aspirin, which are often used in children.It has a stimulating effect on gastric mucosa, and it is easier to harm the human body if it is in an acidic environment.

The picture comes from the Internet

(2) Not conducive to drug absorption: Most of them contain vitamin C and fruit acid in various juice drinks.And acidic substances can easily lead to various drugs decomposed or dissolved in advance, which is not conducive to absorbing drugs in the small intestine and affecting the efficacy. Some drugs will increase side effects in an acidic environment and have adverse factors to the human body.

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Therefore, taking medicine for children should not be delivered with fruit juice and acidic beverages. If you want to eat fruit juice drinks, you must also drink more than one and a half hours after taking the medicine.


Asthma patients don’t breathe today

Can inhaled drugs do not need to inhale?

Correct: See the situation.

The essence of asthma patients is the inflammation of the airway. This kind of airway inflammation needs to be treated with sugar corticosteroids for treatment.Only by inhaling glucocorticoids for a long time can the patient’s airway inflammation may be controlled.

In some cases, although inhalation of drugs, such as inhalation of glucocorticoids combined with bronchida, can effectively control the patient’s clinical symptoms, but the patient’s airway inflammation is not fully controlled.If the disease is discontinued, it may be repeated again, so patients with asthma need long -term inhalation drugs for treatment.

If the patient’s asthma symptoms are well controlled, the drugs for the treatment of asthma can gradually be reduced.In most cases, small -dose drugs need to be used for maintenance. After a long time of treatment, some patients may be discontinued.

Taking medicine

Not only varies from person to person, but also varies from medicine

Sickness should be used for the right medicine

And do not avoid medicine, do not increase or decrease medicine without authorization

Only take the right medicine

In order to relieve the condition in time and treat the disease

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