See red secretions in the early pregnancy?Pregnant women can never pay attention to the precursor of miscarriage

Women are generally pregnant in October, and once they give birth. In this long pregnancy, many things happen. Sometimes some small things threaten the life of pregnant women or babies, and seriously may cause abortion.Therefore, during these ten months, no matter what happened, we are worthy of our vigilance, and we must not take it lightly.

Why do you see red during pregnancy?It is because when the fetal membrane near the cervix and the uterine wall is out of the uterine wall, it is a slight rupture of the capillary tube.Then flow to the vagina through the uterus, and then flow from the vagina.Does seeing red during pregnancy really mean a miscarriage?We can’t generalize, through the recent judgment to see if there is any discomfort in the body, and then go to the hospital in time. We must not be careless.

1. Early early

When women are pregnant, early pregnancy is a critical period. At this time, the child is gradually stabilizing into the uterus. At this time, if bleeding, there must be problems.Abortion, ectopic pregnancy, etc. It is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. If necessary, tire preservation treatment can be performed. Usually, you cannot overwork and rest. During this period, the same room is prohibited.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, children are generally very fragile. We must pay attention to the protection of uterus and vagina.

2. mid -term

In the middle period, the embryo has been formed. Seeing red in the middle of pregnancy means that there will often be a small amount of bleeding and abdominal falling feeling. However, because this symptom often occurs in the middle of pregnancy, and it does not feel strong uterine contraction, the pain is not obvious.EssenceIn any case, if the bleeding is not serious, it will not affect pregnancy.If the bleeding is severe, you must go to the hospital to go to the gynecological department in time.

When pregnant women are pregnant, the body is very fragile. You must not be tired in the early days. In the middle period, you must start exercising your body slowly., Be sure to go to the hospital for professional doctors to treat them in time.

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