Seeking for 8 years and abortion 4 times, it was because there was a "one wall" in the uterus

Marriage and children are a major event in life, but not everyone can give birth to children after marriage.Some people’s path to ask for sons may have to go through the suffering to be successful.

Ms. Zhang (pseudonym), 35 years old, has been married for 8 years. When she was pregnant for more than three months, she found that the fetus was abnormal and forced to induced labor;Nourishing abortion.This caused Ms. Zhang and her lover to be hit. Both of them were the best age of birth, good health, but repeated abortion of unknown reasons. Why is this?

The two traveled to hospitals in the province, they did a lot of inspections, and found some problems, such as anti -phospholipid antibody syndrome.But after treatment, there was no effect, and there was still abortion after pregnancy.

After Ms. Zhang’s third embryo was stopped, she came to the Kaiyuan Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University), and found the director Xue Xiuzhen.Looking at the thick medical record in Ms. Zhang’s hands, Xue Xiuzhen was deeply moved by the couple’s bumpy child experience. She was determined to do her best to help the husband and wife begging for the dream.After a series of targeted inspections, the doubts that troubled Ms. Zhang’s couple were finally unlocked by Xue Xiuzhen. It turned out that Ms. Zhang suffered from "incomplete uterus."

"The uterus is not completely vertical. What is the disease?" Ms. Zhang’s face was full of doubt.

"The uterine vertical diaphragm belongs to the congenital uterine malformation, which is equivalent to an extra diaphragm in the middle of the normal uterine body, that is, the" one wall of the wall "grows in the uterus, which makes the uterine cavity narrow.It affects the growth and development of the fetus, which will cause repeated abortion. "Xue Xiuzhen suggested that Ms. Zhang was hospitalized to perform uterine vertical removal in hysteroscopy.

Ms. Zhang was very hesitant. She was worried that the operation would hurt the uterus and affect subsequent pregnancy.However, after the fourth pregnancy, Ms. Zhang tried various ways to protect the fetus, but abortion again.Therefore, she was determined to cut the uterine vertical diaphragm.

After a period of conditioning, Ms. Zhang was pregnant again.This time, she and her lover did not dare to slack off. She came to the Kaiyuan Academy of Kaiyuan District of the First Affiliated Yuan of the University of Science and Technology to find the Xue Xiuzhen team for fetal protection.In response to Ms. Zhang’s situation, Xue Xiuzhen led the team to formulate a precise fetal protection plan for it.Considering that Ms. Zhang has experience in the history of multiple surgical operations and hysteroscopic vertical removal of uterine cavity, it belongs to high -risk groups with incomplete cervical function. At the 14 weeks of her pregnancy, Xue Xiuzhen performed the cervical ring surgery and held up to hold the cervical ring.The fetus’s "lifeline".After surgery, Ms. Zhang has been hospitalized.

Under the careful care of the obstetric team, Ms. Zhang was stable, and she was growing day by day. She hoped that she was also increasing. She also had a long -lost smile on her face.After 38 weeks of pregnancy, she successfully gave birth to a baby boy, her mother and child were safe.

"I still have the opportunity to be a mother. Although I came here to twists and turns, fortunately the results were good. Thank you Director Xue to fulfill my dream of asking for a child." Looking at the sleeping children in her arms, Ms. Zhang shed tears of happiness.Essence

"Ms. Zhang’s pregnancy is not positive this time, her umbilical umbilicus is three laps, and her uterus has been wounded so many times. I have always worried about her, afraid of her premature birth, early water, and placenta sticking.My hanging heart finally let go. "Xue Xiuzhen recalled.

If natural abortion occurs 2 consecutive or more than 2 consecutive or more times, it is called recurrent abortion, which will cause great harm to women’s physical and mental health.Xue Xiuzhen reminded that if there are repeated natural abortion, they must pay attention to it, go to the hospital early to find out the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment to avoid bringing greater harm to women.

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