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Li Hua, 31, took the position of the department last year, and finally made up his mind to have a baby this year.In order to have a healthy and smart baby, she took various health products early, wearing radiation protection clothes, and carefully.

Who knows, it was only 6 months behind, and it was good at home. Suddenly abdominal pain, and then the lower body began to bleed. On the way to the hospital, the water flowed out, and the fetal that had been developed soon flowed out.This horrible scene shocked the people present.Li Hua was crying and cried, and she couldn’t figure out, such a nightmare happened to herself.

Li Hua asked the doctor. Since pregnancy, he has taken care of himself. Why would the fetus be abortion when he was so big?

Clinically, according to the occurrence of abortion, within 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is called early abortion, and most of them have defects in the embryo itself, such as chromosomal abnormalities, or injuries to the embryo suffering from bacteria, viruses, chemistry or radiation.Abortion; abortion that occurred between 12 and 27 weeks of pregnancy, called advanced abortion, mainly due to the incomplete cervical function and relaxation of the inner mouth.(Note: 28-37 weeks of delivery are premature birth.)

Generally speaking, the normal tension that the inner mouth of the uterus can bear is very large. Even if the content of the uterine cavity reaches 5 kg, it is more than enough to "support" them.However, when the inner mouth of the cervix is defective and the function is incomplete, it is difficult to withstand the pressure on the increasing development of the fetus.In the middle of pregnancy, when the pressure in the uterine cavity reached a certain degree, the uterine mouth was automatically expanded, the amniotic fluid was ruptured, and the fetus flowed out of the open cervical inner mouth.Although the fetus has taken shape at this time, it is difficult to survive due to immature development.

Whether Li Hua is incomplete in cervical, you also need to do a series of inspections to determine.

Three months later, Li Hua went to the hospital for a expansion test.Under normal circumstances, the smaller No. 5 expansion cannot pass freely through the inner mouth of the cervix, but the large expansion of No. 8 can pass Li Hua’s cervix without resistance, which suggests that her cervical function is incomplete.The uterine film inspection was expanded in the inner mouth of its cervix.B -ultrasound can also see her cervix tube shortened, and the cervix tube expands cylindrical.As a result, Li Hua was diagnosed with cervical dysfunction.

Li Hua felt difficult to understand. He was only 30 years old. He was not an elderly mother. Why is the cervix weak and weak?

About one -third of patients with cervical inconvenience are caused by congenital factors, such as uterine malformations, cervical tissue defects, and insufficient cervical elastic protein content.Occupible cervical function often occurs after the obstetrics and gynecology surgery damage, such as rough expansion of the palace mouth, cervical tapered removal, deeper cutter cutting, and cervical laceration during childbirth.The pathological anatomical structure of the cervix or the lower uterine section changes, such as cervical deformation caused by uterine fibroids.

Among them, the most harmful is the pliers used during the giant pregnancy abortion.During the operation, the cervix expands the cervix quickly in a short period of time, which can cause tissue damage and breaks of tissue damage and broken muscle fibers and elastic fibers at the inner mouth of the cervix, thereby weakening the closing function of the inner mouth of the cervix.The more artificial abortion, the more the number of cervix is expanded, and the more severe the damage of the inner mouth of the cervix.Therefore, reducing or avoiding artificial abortion, especially the number of pliers and induction in large months, is the most effective measure to prevent the inner mouth of the cervix of pregnancy.

After listening to these words, Li Hua regretted that he had delayed fertility for his career, and had aborted three times."I knew that this would bring such a big harm to pregnancy in the future. It should really be a good contraception at the time."

Dr. Li Hua asked: "Is there any way for my situation to avoid abortion again?" "There are ways to do it. You can perform the cervical sewing operation before the last gestational week of miscarriage to reinforce the inner mouth of the uterine."The doctor said with a smile.

"Isn’t the baby going out if he sews the palace like this? Will it affect the baby?" Li Hua asked in surprise."Don’t be afraid. After the sewing is tied, when the pregnancy is full, or if there is a prevalence of the birth, the stitching can be removed to allow the fetus to deliver smoothly. Clinically proves that this method can effectively prevent the abortion caused by the cervix of the factor."

One year later, Li Hua was pregnant again. By 18 weeks of pregnancy, she performed leucorrhea and B -ultrasound according to the doctor’s instructions, eliminating the condition of vaginal inflammation and fetal abnormalities.

Before surgery, in addition to B -ultrasound and leucorrhea, tires should be kept for 3 to 5 days, and progesterone and sedatives are applied to inhibit the uterine contraction that may occur before and during the operation.During surgery, only local anesthesia is required. After exposing the cervix, the lips, sutures, and knotting in the front and rear lips of the cervix until the cervix can only reach a fingertip.At least 3 days of rest after surgery, it is best to stay in bed until the previous abortion month.After discharge, a regular review is prohibited.

After surgery, Li Hua really survived 7 months of pregnancy.Soon, she gave birth to a baby girl smoothly and finally fulfilled her dream of her mother.

▲ All pregnant women use ultrasound examination to evaluate the cervical state to prevent late abortion and premature birth?

Pregnant women who have had late pregnancy or premature history of pregnancy can be considered in the 16 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy during pregnancy to evaluate the cervical condition.Pregnant women with previous health and abnormal situations do not need to evaluate. Studies have shown that the accuracy of low -risk pregnant women screening is low.

▲ Do patients who have carried out cervical biopsy and surgery need to be sewed?

Cervical biopsy or Lip knife generally does not severely damage the function structure of the cervix, but the enlarged cervical cone cutting is likely to damage the function of the cervix and the cervical anatomy.However, unless the inspection confirms that the cervical machine can be destroyed or a serious anatomical defect, it will not be prevented of preventive cervical seams.When the cervical function is suspected, you must also observe at least once.

▲ Who can operate cervical seams?

The medical history and examination are clearly suitable for those with cervical dysfunction.If there is only a medical history but a lack of objective examination basis, there should be more than three advanced abortion or premature history of premature births of unknown reasons.And it must be evaluated by ultrasound, and there is no obvious deformity.

When abortion and premature symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bleeding, etc., should not be hoped that sewing is not expected. At present, it cannot be confirmed that the internal seam of the emergency cervix is effective.

▲ Can the sewing be held during early pregnancy (within 12 weeks of pregnancy)?

Cervical joints may have adverse effects on the pregnancy in the early pregnancy, and the malformation may be sutured in the uterus, so it cannot be performed during early pregnancy.

▲ What are the risks of cervical seams?

The complications of surgery include bleeding, infection, fetal rupture, premature birth, bladder injury, dystocia, cervical necrosis, uterine rupture, suture displacement, etc.For the following circumstances, surgery is not suitable for surgery: uterine bleeding, amnioticitis, fetal membranes have been broken, uterine mouth expansion of 4 cm, formal delivery, severe fetal abnormalities, and fetal death.

During emergency sewing, the incidence of complications is higher, and up to 65%of patients with fetal membrane breaks early.””

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