Seven things to pay attention to after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and expectant mothers are carefully caring for babies who are developing their stomachs.Early pregnancy is the initial stage of fetal development, and the embryo has just been formed to be easily affected by the outside world. Therefore, there are many precautions in the early stages of pregnancy.Let’s take a look at the seven things that pay attention to after pregnancy. Pregnant women should pay attention to many aspects ~

What should be noted in early pregnancy

1. Calmly treat early pregnancy reactions

When women are about 6 weeks of pregnancy, they may start to feel nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, and breast pain. These symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are called early pregnancy reactions, but not all expectant mothers will experience these.Symptoms of early pregnancy.If the pregnant mother has a slight pregnancy, this is related to the nervousness of the pregnant mother. There is no special treatment. As long as the pregnant mother relaxes the spirit, it is okay to be calm.After vomiting, eat less, and usually eat a small amount of meals.As long as you keep your normal heart, have sufficient sleep, eat less meals, and choose the light, digestible food you like to eat.

2. Nutritional medicine is sufficient, eat more fruits and constipation

Pay attention to nutritional supplements in the early stages of pregnancy, diversify the food you take, and pay attention to supplement all nutrients needed by the mother and baby.The occurrence of constipation caused by constipation during pregnancy is actually normal. At this time, pregnant women should eat more fruits and use natural methods to treat constipation instead of drug abuse of drugs. These powerful drugs have certain side effects and are for pregnant women.In terms of uterine contraction and abortion.

3. Skin care products choose natural and high safety

After women, under the influence of hormones in the body, the skin will have problems such as dryness and dull pigments. Therefore, pregnant mothers must use skin care products for pregnant women during pregnancy for skin care.Pregnant women cannot use cosmetics and skin care products at will, and they should choose cautiously, the most critical period for fetal development in the early pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the stage of various organs of the fetus. If it uses cosmetics containing lead, mercury, hormone, alcohol, and harmful chemicals, it may cause damage during the organ development of the fetus.Therefore, the use of cosmetics and skin care products in the early pregnancy should be carefully selected.In the early pregnancy, you can choose some natural and safe cosmetics and skin care products to avoid using makeup, especially lipstick.

4. Exercise appropriately, try to wear high heels as little as possible

Pregnant mothers want health care in the early stages of pregnancy, but do exercise properly to avoid doing some severe exercise.Pregnant mothers can take a walk in the morning or evening, but do not take too long, ensure that the body should not cause fatigue, just be moderate, and ensure that they can have sufficient sleep.Avoid the movement of the abdomen. In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women should not lift heavy objects, raise the objects, bend over, or do squats and kneel on the ground, you should avoid it. When choosing shoes, choose non -slip. Do not wear high heels.So as not to cause abortion.

5. It is best not to raise pets at home

It is best not to raise pets in the home of pregnant women, because pets are carried with viruses, bow -shaped worms, bacteria, etc. When the pregnant woman is passed on, these harmful substances will reach the placenta through the blood circulation, causing the fetal metabolites to not be timely in time.Discarding embryos and abortion occurred by placenta.

6. Forbidden sexual life in the early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the sexual life is prohibited in the first three months and the next three months, so as not to have severe exercise in sexual life, especially with premature birth, abortion experience, and elderly women. This will cause contraction to accelerate.As a result of abortion or premature incidents.

7. Pregnant women should be safe

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the problem of medication, because this period is the most important period of the development of various organs of the fetus.If the mothers use the medicine blindly because of the illness, the medicine that the pregnant woman cannot take it will affect the development of the fetus, which can easily cause deformity.Therefore, if mothers need to take medicine in the early stages of pregnancy, they must take drugs that are not hindered by the growth and development of fetus under the guidance of a doctor.

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