Seven -year test tube was pregnant, but no one blessed, my sister was unhappy, nephew: brother is going to grab me

Seven -year test tube was pregnant. I thought I would be blessed by relatives and friends, but I never thought about it.

The blessings received were friends. Both sisters and parents were banned directly. My sister’s 5 -year -old son, my nephew, cried and said:

"Bad aunt, bad brother is coming to grab me!"

Seeing this, you must say that what this is made is wrong.

My sister’s son should be nephew, and the child is not called your aunt, but your aunt!

According to common sense, this should be like this, but my family … just do not play cards according to common sense!

My older sister is Mengnan, my name is Yanan.Presumably from this name, everyone can see that I was born in a family of light and young.

I am the second child and the oldest.

It stands to reason that the level of my parents’ light and female, the iron and women must continue to be born until they have a son, but the mother bleeds when she gave birth to me, damaged the fundamental, and could not regenerate. Therefore, my birth and ending.Hope.

My parents hated me, but after all, I was born, and I ca n’t talk about hate. I just like my sister more.

Because my parents did not have a son, I raised my sister as a son. My brother -in -law was repeated, and the nephew had the surname of our family.Therefore, I am naturally not aunt, but my aunt.The nephew is not the nephew, but the nephew.

I got married 10 years ago. After three years of marriage, I have two ectopic pregnancy in the palace. I lost the 2 -side tubal and almost died on the operating table, but fortunately my uterus was still there, and my husband also loved it very much.I.

Because my husband and I like children very much, and I have always wanted to have our own children, we have embarked on the test tube. This road is 7 years.

My husband’s salary supports his family, my salary is to see a doctor, and I will go back to Shanghai once in almost a month or two.Burning hope once and again, disappointed again and again.

From the careful bringing the potion, going to the small clinic at the entrance of the community, asking the nurse to help me get an injection, to the excitement of myself, and then to poke myself directly to myself.

I have become a ruthless medicine eating machine.

One year, two years, three years, four years, five years, six years … all ended in failure.

I can feel that colleagues and relatives and friends look at me with slightly compassion.

My parents also persuaded me to say, "Well, that is the life without a child, there is no one, and the two can live."

My sister also said, "Do you take so many needles and take so many medicines, can you stand."

I thought they cared about me and loved me.

Because the old house of parents’ house was demolished and divided into two houses.A set of 4 rooms, 2 halls and 2 sides, a set of 2 rooms, 1 hall and 1 guard.They also gave me a set. Although they were small, they did not write my name and only gave the right to residence, because I was afraid that I would have no children in the future, and the house was all taken away by my husband.

But I am also grateful, after all, they also have me in my heart, thinking of me.In my subconscious, I always felt that my sister was the identity of my son, and her home percentage should be her.

My sister has always told me, don’t be afraid, you will have a nephew to give you the end of the elderly in the future, and you will be your pro -son.

I am very touched.

Until … the moment I was about to give up, I found that I was pregnant!

I didn’t dare to squeak, went to the hospital to test the blood, and confirmed that I told my husband after confirmation.

This good news makes both of us very happy. For the sake of insurance, we decided to keep secret first. After 3 months, we went to the hospital to complete the card. After everything was stable, I told the family of both parties.

I was excited, worried, anxious, and worried. In these three months, I experienced all kinds of emotions. I knew that pregnant women could not think too much, but I couldn’t restrain it and was happy and worried.

In this way, 3 months have arrived. After a series of inspections, the child is currently healthy.

After the card was completed, my husband and I sent this good news for the first time to their respective family groups.

Because we all want to share this joy with everyone, we first sent a red envelope of 88 yuan.

Before he could type, the red envelope was snatched.

I didn’t think much about it, so I edited a simple and straightforward words.

"I’m pregnant!"

1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute …

Suddenly there was no sound in the group.

"What’s going on? I used to return it in seconds?" I looked at my husband with disappointment.

"It is estimated that you are busy, and no one has been keeping your mobile phone. You see everyone in our family group, congratulations." My husband took a mobile phone to signal me to change a group.

"But, they just grabbed the red envelope." I was still a little bit embarrassed.

"Happy happy, happy to the baby!" Her husband reminded.

Yes, happy and happy, I have to be happy, and a good mood can feel it!

My husband and I decided to go to my parents’ house to have dinner today. Because my brother -in -law was in addition, parents and sister -in -law lived together.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I heard a dispute in the room, and there was the sound of smashing bowls, and my husband and I looked at each other.I didn’t rush to enter the door.

"Give the second child’s house back!" It was the voice of my brother -in -law.

"At first, I said that I lived to the older to the old, but now it is a matter of what is going on. Where does my old face go?" It was my father’s voice.

"It was not the same as now. She had no children and no hope. Now she is different. She is pregnant. She has a child. She must have thought about her children, and she must come back to fight for a house!"

"It shouldn’t, she hasn’t been pregnant before, and she has never been born now. The small medicine jar is not young, and her body is not good. This may not be able to give birth!" It was my sister -in -law who was talkingIntersection

I heard this, I already wanted to smash the door!What is a small medicine jar and what does it mean to be born!

"Baby, baby, good mood, good mood." Her husband whispered, halfwaying me, pulling me away.

In this world, the people who have the relatives with me actually said behind me that I and I were still the child I was born.

My husband advised me to talk less and raised more. In this case, don’t go back to my mother’s house.

I thought it was noisy to go back, and I would move the fetal gas. Now I just want my child to be born safely. I don’t care about the rest of the matter.

I am an elderly mother. The whole process of pregnancy is really tired. Thanks to my mother -in -law always take care of me, I am grateful for this. My mother -in -law and sister just asked about it and never said in the operation.

Even the little nephew with my most kissed me.

Fortunately, I finally produced smoothly, and I was a son, 6 catties and 6 two, very healthy.

When I was out of the delivery room, my father -in -law, my parents, sister -in -law, and nephew came.

I am very pleased, thinking that children are so small and so cute, you will have a love of individuals.

I do n’t know, my sister held my nephew to watch the baby lying in the hospital bed, but the nephew suddenly said: "Bad brother, come to grab me!"

I was shocked in my heart, and immediately looked at my sister.

My sister put down the child embarrassedly and rebuked: "What are you talking about, the child talks all day!"

Because I have just been produced, I do n’t have any strength at all, and I do n’t want to compare it with children, so I did n’t say much.

Until the child’s full moon wine.

My brother -in -law drank too much, and came over and said to me, "The second child is now living in the house of Chengdong. The house in the west of the city is unprepared anyway. It is a pity that the house is empty. It is better to rent it."

It turned out to be waiting for me here.

I didn’t have the mind of fighting this house. My husband’s house also had a house, but my brother -in -law was so aggressive. I was very uncomfortable in my heart. It may also be a sullen breath in my heart and depressed in my heart.

I returned to my brother -in -law angrily: "I haven’t died yet, the house said that it would make me live to die. What does my brother -in -law mean?"

My brother -in -law didn’t expect me to have been cowardly, and came back and said embarrassingly, "What do I mean, just watching the house is empty."

"Even if this house is given to you, you don’t follow your last name. What are you unfortunately?" I didn’t let him return to him.

"What do you mean, you look down on Lao Tzu!" My brother -in -law came up and wanted to pull me to me, and was stopped by my husband.

When my sister saw this, I hurried to pull me. Yes, it was pulling me, not to pull my brother -in -law. At this point, I was extremely disappointed with my sister!

I threw off my sister’s hand, stood on the table in front of the box, and said in a microphone:

"Today, in front of so many relatives, I will explain that I have never thought about the house in the west of the city! Even if I have a child now, I have never thought of it! But you want to grab it from me,It’s just not! I don’t care if you are in the past, my son is still a daughter! If you force me, I will go to you! At that time, I’m sorry, the family property is out of half a point! Not only is the small set of meLet me give me a little! "

Seeing this, my parents hurried over and pulled me and said, "Oh, what’s like, what’s like, hurry up and hurry up, it is a family, or shameless."

I shameless?This is not what I picked up, why is my shamelessness?

When my heart was dead, I held the microphone stubbornly and said, "When my brother -in -law asked that sentence, I didn’t think about the face or not, so I didn’t treat me as a family! I will say this today.Set a house, 1 month, I do n’t want to be in my name, I do n’t want it! Over this time, I will go to the court to sue you! Be careful of the rest of your house! "

My sister yelled at me: "What do you mean! Parents have not died yet!

I have been wronged for half a lifetime and let it for half a life. Other people are big and small, but my family is not. Because my parents were born from me, I decided to treat my sister as a son.I was wronged, and my parents and sister Pua when I was young. I felt that there was no boy in our family. I blame me. My birth made my mother unable to regenerate.

But now I also have my own children. I am also a mother. I don’t want to fight, but I think I think I am so bullied, so you all think wrong!

I looked at my elder sister angrily and replied loudly: "My parents are not dead, I have not died! I just gave birth to a child.Since it is not counted, I will re -divide it. I will set the house in the west of the city.

In the end, the sister’s family still compromised, and the sister reluctantly went to the transfer procedure with me.

The house was obtained and the family was gone.

But I don’t regret it, because from beginning to end, they have never really loved me.

Learn to love yourself and learn to fight for your own interests!

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