Shandong girls strange symptoms, and infertility has begun to secrete breast milk, listening to what the director says

Ms. Yan in Jining is 26 years old. The husband and wife have been married for two years. It has been for almost a year to prepare for pregnancy. Ms. Yan still has no sign of pregnancy.And even more strange, Ms. Yan has already experienced lactation.

Infertility occurs after marriage, and the young girl is panicked

This made the couple scared and worried about something.Without staying too much, the couple came to Jinan for consultation, and I took the two people.After conducting detailed consultations and examinations, I found that there was no problem with the man, but Ms. Yan had the problem of hypertomium prolactin.When I learned that she was not pregnant, Ms. Yan was relieved.

It turned out that she always thought she was pregnant, but because of various reasons, the child was not born, but she secreted milk because she had a child.After hearing her imagination, I couldn’t cry and laugh.Although it was not what she thought, it was not necessary to ignore hyperculfinemia.

When this problem occurs, 70-80%of patients will have milk phenomenon. Squeezing bilateral breasts will see milk, and small fat droplets can be seen under the mirror.The amount of lactation is different. Many patients themselves have not noticed themselves. They squeezed the breasts during the consultation, and the height of the hemorroma level is not necessarily proportional to the amount of lactation.

The other is the problem of menstrual disorders. The main manifestations of ovulation dysfunction and lack of luteal function. Common symptoms are less menstrual flow, scarcity or ovulation -free menstruation, and even amenorrhea. Menstruation and functional uterine bleeding are rare.There is also a state of low estrogen. Due to long -term amenorrhea and ovarian function, it is prone to symptoms such as heat, sweating, palpitations, vaginal dryness, sexual intercourse pain, sexual desire, reproductive organs, sexual life difficulties, etc.Decrease in quantity.

Symptomatic conditioning, good pregnancy is easy

The biggest trouble for female friends in the age of childbearing is infertility. I think Ms. Yan and his wife have been prepared for one year and still failed to go to the child. After accidentally discovering the breasts, they came to the hospital for examination.When the prolactin in the body is too high, it will inhibit the abolition of the pituitary gonadotropin, which will affect the synthesis of the ovaries, reduce the level of serum estrogen, cause ovarian dysfunction, and cause infertility.

Moreover, the elevated prolactin can affect the normal pitches of women’s pituitary, so that it cannot secrete glandular hormones normally. In this way, women’s follicle development is affected, resulting in poor follicles, affecting women’s fertility.Insufficient function, it is difficult to make fertilized eggs in bed, making it difficult for women to get pregnant, and even if they are lucky, they are prone to abortion.

All in all, hyperdimiamia affects pregnancy to a certain extent. It can be said that pregnancy is more difficult.

I conducted a comprehensive treatment of her situation. Drug treatment was one aspect, and the medication was adjusted according to the results of the review. At the same time, I also asked her to pay more attention to personal hygiene in life and develop good and healthy living habits.When she came to review half a year later, Ms. Yan’s situation had reached the level of pregnancy. The next month when the husband and wife went home to try their pregnancy, she successfully became pregnant. Congratulations.

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