Shanxi couples gave birth to their son with 12 fetuses, and 11 sisters got 320,000 for their brothers. How about follow -up

In 2018, an ordinary wedding triggered a critical boom on the Internet.

Someone watched the scene and some people scolded, and there were maths. What was going on?

The incident occurred in a small town in Luliang City, Shanxi Province. Gao Haozhen, a 22 -year -old guy, married his girlfriend Fengzi.

This is an ordinary thing, but unusual is that Gao Haozhen is busy organizing the wedding for Gao Haozhen, in addition to his parents, and his 11 relatives.

After the sisters were busy, they also made a total of 320,000 wedding costs for Gao Haozhen.

The most eye -catching wedding video is not the groom and bride, but 11 sisters wearing a red T -shirt. The red T -shirt is printed with clear numbers from 1 to 11 to distinguish the ranking of these 11 sisters.

It is precisely because of these 11 unusually eye -catching 11 sisters that the wedding also looks unique, which has attracted many media shooting reports.

When the video shot by the media came to the Internet, it caused fierce discussion among netizens.

To tell the story of these 11 sisters, they must be traced back to Gao Haozhen’s parents when they are young.

Gao Haozhen’s father, Gao Haigui, begged his son, but since his 23 -year -old wife gave birth to her first daughter, she gave birth to 11 girls one after another.

In the context at that time, the state family planning policy management was strict, and the fine was fine. The amount of fines was not small. It had to face the "education" of the staff of the family planning department for three days and two days.

But all this is nothing at all for Gao Haigui, who wants to have a son.

Gao Haigui

Gao Haigui made up his mind, and he had to have a son at home. He just gritted his teeth and raised the fine again and again, and raised 11 girls with his head.

It is not easy to "commit crimes" under the family planning policy.The Gao Haigui family has not only become a negative textbook for the point of pointers in Shili and Baxiang, but is criticized by the big horn in the village.

When the wife was pregnant, she hid here, for fear that she would be taken to the abortion of children.Women’s directors often patronize their house, pulling the couples to meet for ideological education.

But these did not dispel Gao Haigui’s determination. The children gave birth to one after another. Until Gao Haigui was 50 years old, the 12th child finally was a boy as a boy.

Gao Haigui named Gao Haozhen to his son, which means the treasure of the whole family.

Gao Haozhen’s wedding photo

He was indeed treated like a treasure by his family. Not only did his parents are afraid of turning in his mouth, but he was afraid of falling in his palm. His 11 sisters were also affected by his parents and doubled him.

In the hearts of 11 sisters, protecting the younger brother’s thoughts is deeply rooted.Usually, the affairs of the family are divided by 11 sisters, and the good things in the family are first held in front of my brother.

Although 11 sisters have not been scolded by their parents, they have grown into typical super -born families since childhood, and they will always be pointed out, so they are more or less inferior.

When the younger brother was not born, the pressure faced by the sisters was even greater than the parents. They would ponder in their hearts. Parents could not give birth to whether their younger brother was their own fault. Why they were not boys.

Parents ‘sighs, neighbors’ discussions, tortured their sisters all year round.Because of this, the sisters have always been very sensible. They work like a boy, but just want to smile with their parents.

And even a wealthy family, it is not easy to feed 12 children, not to mention that Gao Haozhen’s family is an ordinary family.

Over the years, he has been fined superiority, so that the family can not make ends meet. Parents can only maintain basic food and clothing on the night.

Gao Haozhen’s eldest sister recalled that after she would walk and eat, she helped her parents take care of her younger sister. By the age of seven or eight, she took the tools to work with her parents to work farm.

And the sister will stay at home to take care of the younger sister, the child takes care of the child, and the larger one is smaller. For so many years, it has come here.

With the birth of Gao Haozhen, the depressed atmosphere of this family was swept away. The whole family seemed to have completed a huge task. The parents of Gao family couldn’t get together, and the sisters were relieved.

However, Gao Haozhen’s mother had 12 children in order to obtain a son, and her body was not as good as before. She was sick and weak all year round. The heavy goods at home were basically pressed on their sisters.

The eldest sister and brother Gao Haozhen were 27 years old, and the eldest sister was like a mother. Therefore, even if she was married and had children, her love for her brother had become a habit.

There is a little delicious and delicious. The first thing the sisters thought of were not their own children, but the younger brother Gao Haozhen, and Gao Haozhen was accustomed to all this since he was a child and felt that he should be.

After so many years, the children next door are wearing bright and beautiful new clothes, but the sisters are wearing old clothes year after year to deal with it. My sister wore her sister and did not feel wrong.

Family planning slogan

They even have the idea of their parents. As long as the younger brother can have new clothes every year, it is enough. Therefore, when the sisters make money, they first want to dress up with their younger brothers. It has become a habit behind the younger brother.

In addition to daily life, going to school is another important major thing to raise children.

However, in Gao Haozhen’s home, not every child is qualified to go to school to study.

Because of the super -living fine, the Gao family’s life was tight, neither the big girl nor the third girl went to school. Most of the other sisters also went to junior high school but could not graduate.

The tenth sister was admitted to college, but because she owed a debt at home, she couldn’t get a penny for her to go to school. She could only destroy the admission notice with tears and ran to the county to make money.

Gao’s sisters are consistent with their parents. If my brother Gao Haozhen is willing to study hard, even if he can go to a master’s degree, he will also sell iron at home.

The conditions at home are limited. Even if the daughter is admitted to college, she can not report, and even if the son is not studying well, he is willing to spend money on him.

However, Gao Haozhen did not go to a higher school, and even because he did not like to learn. He was mischievous. His results have always been the countdown in the class.

After being admitted to high school, Gao Haozhen even delayed his studies because of early love.I am indulged in falling in love, and I have less my mind, and the university cannot be admitted.

The time of the younger brother did not make the sisters feel too much. After sighing, they started thinking again. They needed their degree without education.

Thinking about it, Gao Haozhen was arranged by the sisters to work in Jiu Sister’s barber shop.

Gao Haozhen grew up under the shelter of his sisters since he was a child. He was afraid of doing things, and he could not do it to work in the barber shop. He only hung up the name of earning money. In fact, he still relied on the sisters to live.

Today, my sister invites dinner, and my sister will give a suit tomorrow. At the end of the day after the day after the day after the day, my sisters will also seal him a small red envelope.

Although I have received my younger brother all day, in fact, the days of my sisters are not easy. Several sisters have hardly read books, and they ca n’t do technical content. Most of them make money by physical labor and have a meager income.

However, after the sisters worked hard and save money, they still had to subsidize their younger brothers and set up things for their younger brother.

Against the help of sisters, Gao Haozhen almost didn’t need to worry about anything. Even if he had no ability to work, because of the help of sisters, he had no heart.

Gao Haozhen, 22, is still a child’s heart, but he began to prepare for the wedding because of his girlfriend’s pregnancy.Successful love and marrying, maybe Gao Haozhen has made the only big event that Gao Haozhen has made by himself.

As soon as the idea of getting married said, the sisters automatically made together and began to discuss Zhang Luo. Wedding, wedding feast, colorful gifts, and wedding rooms. All of this, Gao Haozhen did not even need to move the brain, the sisters worked together.

Sisters regarding their younger brother’s marriage as a big deal, and doing everything in person, but let the protagonist of the wedding, Gao Haozhen, had a sense of free and free.

Even if Gao Haozhen is 22 years old, the sisters are still the first to put their brother’s affairs like when they were young, and they were busy before they got married.

Sisters only solve their problems for their parents.

But they never thought that it was right or wrong with the love of their younger brothers, which was harmful or beneficial to Gao Haozhen’s growth.

For my brother’s marriage, 11 sisters took the initiative to pay for 320,000.This means that each sister almost has to take 30,000 yuan, which is not a small number for sisters with high income.

These money was used to buy a wedding room and renovate Gao Haozhen. The wedding matters were contracted by the sisters. Gao Haozhen only needed to be a groom who passed the scene. Everything had a sister to worry about it.

On the day of marriage, 11 sisters of Gao Haozhen wore a red T -shirt with a number. After busy shuttled at the wedding scene, the joy jumped on the face.Blessing to your brother and brother -in -law.

Gao Haozhen and the bride don’t have to worry about anything. Whether it is a chapel, toasting or a ritual, just listen to the sisters, and the sister will arrange everything.

In the second half of the wedding, the Gao Haozhen family stood together and took a group of cheerful family portraits.

A family of 14, all wearing a red T -shirt printed with numbers. Sisters are 1 to 11, and Gao Haozhen’s T -shirt is printed on 12.

The T -shirts of Gao Haigui were printed on the T -shirts of "Father" and "Mother", respectively. The family laughed and was very lively.

The younger brother’s family seemed to have completed some of the angels in the hearts of the whole family, but after this group of photos was published online, it caused a great uproar.

For a while, the overwhelmed remarks on the Internet fell along the photos to the family’s head.Online.

Behind these comments, there are accusations, anger, and laughter.

When the comment was passed on to the ears of the Gao family along the network, Gao Haozhen was stunned, and there was no word to say a word.

Instead, the sisters who were forgotten, ignored, and treated in unfairness in the mouth of netizens once again blocked Gao Haozhen and explained.

Sisters have taken care of Gao Haozhen as if they have become an instinct.

Gao Haozhen’s second sister is lively and optimistic. Her social platforms often release some family daily life. There are certain traffic in the video. There are always many different voices in the comments. Some people praise the family harmony, and some people scoff at heavy men and women.

The second sister is not anxious. When replying to netizens in the comment area, she will explain that the sisters take care of their younger brothers Zhang Luo’s wedding to take care of the elderly parents. Parents are already old, and they really can’t bear to let them worry about their younger brothers.bother.

She said that this is not a "help brother" behavior, but out of affection.So many sisters make up a little, and the strength is great.

This explanation seems to be reasonable, but if you think about it, there are still many inappropriate places.

For example, proper help is to share with each other, but excessive help allows the younger brothers who have grown up in the middle of the moon without a chance to grow.

Responsibility and responsibility. This is the quality that an adult should have, but Gao Haozhen escapes again and again by his parents and sisters.There are too many shackles and crickets named after love.

The help and help of family affection will break a certain harmony once it exceeds a limit.

The story of Gao Haozhen’s family is just a family affairs of the family. The reason why it can set off a storm on the Internet is just because this matter is not the difference between individuals, but a common phenomenon.

Some netizens believe that, in the background of family planning, she asked her to give birth to 11 girls in a row, or her daughter gave up her studies only for her son when her life was constrained.

The labels of "heavy men and lights" and "helping brothers" have been deeply ingrained in this family.Even if the daughters have denied that the nature of this incident will not change because of making a shield.

Another part of the netizens believes that as long as others are happy, whether it is because of the deep and ingrained men’s mind or deep affection, it is their own affairs.

There is no conclusion such a thing, but I have so many questions, I want to ask everyone.

If you have a son, are you willing to let him marry this girl as a wife?

Can you accept that you think your younger brother and then think of your child’s wife everywhere?

If you have a daughter, are you willing to let her marry such a family?

Is a husband who will only hide in his parents and his sister when he is in trouble, will it be a qualified husband?

Once prejudice is formed, it is difficult to change.This is the same as the attitude of men and women, as well as the feeling of being worn by my brother.

As a bystander thousands of miles away, even if things do not care about ourselves, at least we should not have an indifferent attitude. As long as there is a heart that wants to change, prejudice is difficult to change, but it is not impossible to change.

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