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Cow tires to test pregnancy.

Hello everyone who raises cattle raising cattle, hello everyone!After the last time you had a rich peach, many farmers were consulting me how to quickly identify whether my cattle had successful and successful pregnancy.Because there is no such B -ultrasound, and there is no instrument to check.Tonight, I will actually communicate with you in detail. Without the instrument, how to quickly check whether the cattle will be successful.

When you are not pregnant, the cervix and uterine body of the cow are in the pelvic cavity. After the rectal handle is supported, it will be obviously touched.For example, when our cow is about 60 days of pregnancy, we will touch the uterine horns on one side, which will significantly increase and thickened and softer.The other side should be smaller.In this case, most of your cattle will be successfully matched.This is the watch of the pregnant animals on the 6O days, which is better touched in about ninety days.For example, if the cervix and uterine feet of the cow are usually in the pelvic cavity, and then about ninety days, the uterine body falls into the abdominal cavity.It feels like it sags.At this time, it is more accurate.Because our uterine body and cervix are usually in the pelvic cavity, and then it is drooping to the abdomen in about ninety days. This feeling is obvious.When your hand reached in and touched it, it obviously felt that it had drooped to the abdominal cavity.Only after conception will this manifest.When I was pregnant until four or five months, it was the most obvious time. The uterine body was completely drooping into the abdominal cavity. When my hands were supported, I felt the pulse and the pulse of the fetus obviously when I touched the cervix.It is also easy to judge at this time.

Of course, there is another problem. For example, if the cow is pregnant with two calves, the uterine feet of the two are increased at the same time. Of course, this probability will be very low.The above are all the methods I say. Do n’t add so many cows in the home. You have experienced experience 2 times. It is obvious and well touched.Just try it.

Another, the amplitude of the actions of cows will become very small after the breeding is successful, and its fur will be smoother and more beautiful than before pregnancy.These are all to determine whether our cattle breed successfully.Even some data and some ways.

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