She is always inexplicable, and she can’t coax it.#小 小 她 她 她 她

What should I do if she always lose her temper and coax is not good?

We are equivalent to flash marriage, that is, we get married for two or three months in the factory.Then now I am pregnant again.His temper is particularly strong, I am from Guangxi.I speak Mandarin, Mandarin is not standard.What you are talking about now is Mandarin. I may not be standard to speak Mandarin. I am afraid that I do n’t understand, I am afraid that you do n’t understand.Your volume drops down, just adjust it to hear me.Don’t the volume, okay?Don’t have a large volume.It is said that my wife and my wife are equivalent to flash marriage, and now I am pregnant again. I want to have a particularly strong temper after marriage, and I may slowly understand that I have all kinds of comparisons.For example, when I went to the fetus with him, I went to listen to the doctor with him, and I didn’t pay attention to listening to the problems such as the doctor’s tire test.Then I didn’t ask, and asked the doctor once or twice. People said that I was annoying, and I said why you don’t listen to it.Because I really didn’t have the mood to listen to that, I just accompanied her.Why don’t you feel mood?Isn’t this your child pregnant?It’s your child, why don’t you pay attention when you don’t have a mood to listen?What did you think at the time?I don’t know how to be lying, you don’t know what you think yourself.

Then I said that I now level 1 level 1, level 1 is now, that is, your wife is now one-level is not pleasing to the eye. Is level 1 because it is not smooth?Do you mean that you mean this?There are nothing else.It’s just that I listen to the performers outside. If you play outside, you don’t listen to him, you invite me to drink, and listen to him to listen to his friends and call friends to call me to drink. I will go immediatelyIt’s right.

Did I say that the New Year was the New Year?Do I go to drink in the New Year?Or sometimes you go to work and rest, and then drink.He just said he listened to his friends and didn’t listen to him.When did he get pregnant?When did you get pregnant?We were last year, 5 months last year, and we were scattered for us. Then you went out to chat with friends in the New Year. If you go out for dinner, you should say hello to your wife.It’s ah.I said it was not in the group. Did he agree with you?He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t agree with nothing, so why did you go?I’m just next door to the house next door.How old are you this year, you have never married, but I am the second marriage. He is equivalent to the third marriage. You two are good.You are your wife two back two backs, he is not you, he is not you, he is him.Oh, ask this more complicated, because his ex -wife left his ex -husband, and then the second one did not receive a marriage certificate, because his single has not recovered and did not apply, it was a certificate.One boy was gone with the ex -husband, and he left but he was always in his mother’s house.How old is your wife, I am 8 years older than him, you 38 him 30, yes, then I understand you continue to say.Then there is any problem, that is, I before, I may not know enough, because did I know in the factory?At that time, did you chase more quietly and then chased?Did you chase it?He felt very good, he listened to me at that time.After getting married, it is different.He had a daughter who was not married before.Is that first his son in his mother’s house?Do you support it in the mother’s house?Raised in the mother’s house.You said he had a son with him. At that time, when we were not married, I told him that I could introduce you to your child.What do they?He didn’t say anything when he was, now he doesn’t know what happened to him anyway.What’s wrong now?Now I lose my temper to see that I am not going back to my mother’s house.Why does he look at you?Is there a reason for him?Is there a mental illness?Just for example, it is not me, I ask you if he is mentally ill again?What happened to the hospital, I know what else is there in the hospital. You go to the 6th of the hospital. What else is dissatisfied?Also means that after you go home, don’t let you go out to drink, what else is there when you go out and drink?And when the eunuch went to his younger brother that day, when the younger brother returned on the day he got married, we said a few words, and then said something.I said you said it in the future, you will go to eunuch you in the future.What do you say again?I didn’t hear it clearly, I didn’t understand what you said 177, I said he was not at that time, not you listened to me, aren’t you from McCar? I can’t hear it clearly.Qing, you see that I am in the phone, you tell me like this, how do you think of the phone, how can you take it like this, don’t you leave too close, you just talk slowly, because what you talk aboutYou are relatively heavy in dialects. I can’t understand the fetal examination too quickly.Because Guangxi and Guangxi may not be very standard, is it for him to do fetal examination or what happened?You said that I didn’t hear clearly, I said that he had a fight with him at that time, and said that he asked him to go to the steps by himself, and then cried and scolded me. I was angry and said that people went to the production inspection. After this, I wanted you to follow him.Go, you don’t accompany him, you say you go.Without him, he didn’t let me go, but I usually accompanied him, and then I was angry when I quarreled, just say a word, just say a word, no one to return to my brother’s house.What brother’s wedding, or what’s going on?You quarreled with you just sang the rivers and lakes, you quarreled back, and when you come back to offend you, you can say such a word and go to the birth check yourself.Why do you say such a sentence, he quarrels first, not me, why he is noisy, he is irritable, is he mental illness? You say he is not a mental illness. He must have a reason.Are there any reasons for you?Isn’t he limited to you for you?Isn’t he not talking to me after the New Year?After that, you say you go to the checkup yourself, and then people leave. If you do n’t care about you, you cry and cry, let you see it, let you see it.He will not return anymore now, just you work together to work together, just you.

Which woman can follow you and fall with you, I have poured bloody mold for eight lives, you put that cricket, you marry a wife like you, marry you with you, when you have given birth, youI also went to check and inspected it. I did n’t listen. The Chinese family fucking a big belly with you for a year with you.You may not accompany him, and after you finish it, you will ask someone to do a production inspection yourself. Can you find a wife like this?Who can be with you, isn’t it? Let me go with my parents together to drink a happy wine with my parents and attend the wedding.Then why did he come back, he was inexplicable in mental illness, why humming, I don’t know why, that is, he has always understood and said me, hey, I don’t know how to say, don’t you tell him that you will tell him yourself yourselfLet’s do a checkup, you say you do it yourself. Before you go to this sentence, what he must say, you will say what he said, he said that I did n’t know what to do whateverWhy did he say that you didn’t have an opinion, and didn’t say it, I asked him why he didn’t say it, then you don’t know yourself?You have been this for a long time, why do you say you are not clear, hahaha, how many months he has been pregnant so far, 5 months, you want to ask me what he wants to ask me nowDid I also call, like Zhang Wuniang, dad, and younger brother.I said that if two people, two couples get married, have two people experience any life at home anyway?That is to say, do you tolerate more and understand, what tolert understands, then you just coax people, he ignores me what he is tolerant. Now, I will not accept him.Hahaha, do you know what I mean with him, I will explain with him.What do you mean now, and I mean how I can save his feelings.Then you have to have a man. People have a big belly to have children. Do you have to use snacks?You ca n’t quarrel with people, you ca n’t be angry, do you have to follow the people? How can he not accept it? I do n’t see it.Where are you attentive, go to the hospital for examination, what do you say you do n’t understand, I ’m uncomfortable, what do you feel uncomfortable, not hey you go to the hospital for examination, go to the hospital to take him for examination, and then do the doctor say what you say you do n’t listen.You don’t understand what you say, you say you are very attentive, then the New Year gathering, all the gatherings are bad for a few days, and your wife doesn’t say that you will go if you go.Whether wine can be done, it is not impossible to die. After you come back, you know that you have a big belly, and then you make people still say that you can do the three inspections yourself.Is this what people say?Ask you where you’re attentive, I know that I said wrong, that is, he might be hurt because of this strong.Who doesn’t hate you, you see you the whole piece. If you say this is not a person, you can have a wife like this, I feel that the wife can find you, the eyes are all blind, you have to think of me to tell me to tell meYou, hahaha, you have to go back and coax people if you think about it. If you get you, you will admit it after you go. Do you get a call?Who, what you are looking for people, you can handle you if you can handle it yourself.Is the bachelor hitting your own bachelor is very good? Well, Ding Ding Loud that Gada, you can get married, you can live you, you just have this ability, support your home, you can, can be able to support your home.Solving the problem, your husband and wife are solved. Don’t find your parents over without any matter, let people say it, can you be a little contemporary if you are 38 years old, can you be a little man?In the past, coaxing others to go to others, no matter how you coax you, you will not leave, you will coax people, can people be very generous, can you forgive you?He called me and he didn’t answer it. He didn’t talk to me. Without him, he was still at our house at home. Isn’t you just going back and coaxing others?It’s not just a few days ago. He didn’t dare to speak at home, and didn’t talk to my parents. Then my parents didn’t have him. Wow, why do you?Why did he?Why do he live with your parents, why have you ever thought about this problem, is it because you are right or wrong, then you have this virtue, how can you have a good face with your parents?It’s not good, don’t you see what the situation he is now, you want to bring some man, you should talk to him now, I ignore me now, I really apologizeI also apologized and he ignored it. I am not all of them. I am a lower emotional quotient., But the way you do things with a man are not lace, you are not a man at all, you are a boy, you want to say that it is a boy, and the boy who has no sense of responsibility can be said.Boys, you belong to a boy, you are not a man, hahaha, you can not look like this attitude, you can’t look like this.On Women’s Day, I also turned to a red envelope to him. He accepted it, but he didn’t say anything. There was also a gift. You just coaxed others.Just coax people, just do you coax her and not accept it?You start again, I will do it like you, because he is really good because he has a temper. He still fell on his phone, then you won’t you coax all the time?He is not irritable. I am talking about people who have a reason.Always coaxing people without talking about it, the more you coaxed her, the greater the temper.Don’t you want to get married like this?What do you want your wife to do?I don’t understand why you want your wife.What do you want your wife, I ask you, really.As soon as you coaxed her, you said, and he lost his temper as soon as I spoke.Then you don’t speak. From now on, you just have nothing to go home and why do you make some food he likes and buy him some delicious food.To buy him a little flower for a little romance, then you do n’t talk if you do n’t talk, you should shut up with practical actions.If you are not talking well, you do n’t talk if you do n’t talk. You shut up in front of him. If you do it as his dumb, you will do it for him, and you just coax him.OK.In fact, I do n’t want anything at this age, just want to live a good life. If you want to live a good life at this age, you will put it first, and you respect the feelings of others.Now people have a big belly. If you do n’t do it, you just bring some men. Well, women need you to protect it. If you are a bit of a man, he wo n’t look like this.Thank you from beginning to end. It is actually not a man like a man. You study what I say.

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