She is pregnant in high school, and the key is still born

Korean people are very dare to shoot variety shows. Recently, they have aimed at high school students. To be precise, they are students who are pregnant as parents in high school.So the show had a very straightforward name- "Parents of High School Students".

In many people’s eyes, this variety show is almost synonymous with "dog blood", but after seeing that the dog blood of all the stories at the end is picked up, it is actually the word "regret".

In order to allow the audience to better understand the story of each pair of high school students, the program group found young actors and restored it in the form of a short film.The stories of Minya and Dongyuan are currently discussing.

Min Ya is the girl with a cute baby face below. She broke up with her ex -boyfriend Dongyuan at the time, but one morning, Minya suddenly felt pain in the lower abdomen, and because of the physiological period, Minya was delayed.Decided to go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick test.

The test result is a thunderbolt for Minya, who is still in high school. She shows two bars in the pregnancy test stick. She is pregnant.

(The following is a short film shot by the show group)

Minya went to Dongyuan for the first time. The two people who had broken up were embarrassed again, but for Minya, this side must be seen.

Minya gave Dongyuan the pregnancy test stick to show the two bars. Dongyuan did not expect to meet again with his ex -girlfriend. I saw that he saw the two bars and stunned.

Dongyuan repeatedly asked, "Are you really pregnant?"

This sentence is very annoyed by Minya. The young and vibrant Minya released a ruthless saying: I show you that this is not for re -communication. You know it. I will watch other things!

Minya’s attitude is: kill the child.

Because of Min Ya, who was a senior high school at that time, he was looking forward to his high school graduation ceremony and preparing for the university.And she has a "stewardess dream", from time to time, she will watch the photos of the stewardess online. For Yu Minya, she wants to chase dreams instead of having a child as a mother.

But Dongyuan repeatedly persuaded: "Min Ya, how can you deal with (child)? Didn’t you hear the child’s heartbeat?"

As soon as this sentence came out, Minya, who had a resolute attitude, began to hesitate.

Since then, Minya has been in a difficult entanglement. On the one hand, she wants to go to college as a stewardess. On the other hand, she is young and she does not know how to face the children in the stomach.

At the same time, from time to time, I will send text messages to persuade Minya not to kill her children. In these cases, Minya’s life becomes even more sad.

The most scary is that the above are only a small part of Min Ya, who is just a senior in high school.

For example, she has been hiding her parents (after living in school and renting a house). When she is not pregnant, she talks about the topic related to her mother. Mother said that her high school students are pregnant.Essence

Because of seeing her mother’s attitude, Minya didn’t know how to confess her pregnancy at all.

Min Ya told his parents after eight months of pregnancy. Her parents were wrong, and the mother burst into tears. Her father picked up the guy to go to Dongyuan’s house to ask for a statement.

There was a very grabbing scene here, and the father of the two sides was surprised to find in the process of confrontation that they turned out to be a classmate who hadn’t seen it for many years.

The nervous atmosphere was instantly relieved. Although Minya’s father was unwilling, she saw that her daughter’s in -laws were their old friends.

The attitude of Minya’s parents can be said to be "had to". The daughter’s belly has become bigger. If she wants to kill her child now, Minya’s body will be more harmful, so that Minya will give birth to the child.

In addition to the parents’ level, Minya also needs to deal with schools and teachers.

She needs to go to the birth check -up on time. In order to be able to go out of the school gate, she can only install the disease, apply the forehead with a warm baby to pretend to have a fever.And when the pregnant belly became more and more obvious, Minya had to find a variety of reasons to wear loose sportswear without school uniforms to cover her belly.

Minya claims to be very lucky because she is in the winter vacation and does not affect her normal campus life.

In the 28 days of production counting, Minya announced the news of pregnancy and is about to produce on social software;

Before the end of the winter vacation, Minya gave birth to her son smoothly;

In the end, Minya successfully graduated from high school and attended a long -awaited graduation ceremony, but her "stewardess dream", because the birth of her son was completely shattered.

Maybe everyone has seen this story, it will feel okay, Minya’s life is not buried because of "high school pregnancy".But this is not the case. The real horror is not on the surface, but on the details.

First of all, Minya and Dongyuan were originally broken up, indicating that there were contradictions between the two, but because of pregnancy, they had to merge with each other.

This decision is not because everyone resolves the contradiction, but a child suddenly has a child.To put it bluntly, this is irresponsible to the emotions of both parties.

Secondly, graduating from the third year of high school is a bifurcation of life. Most people will go to college.There is not much time for Minya and Dongyuan. They need to find a job to make money. Whether they like it or not, it is the first to make milk powder for them.

Dongyuan is currently a worker. The work is not a prospect. At the same time, Dongyuan is going to serve military service.

Even if the parents of both parties help, it is still Min Ya who takes most children to work. She is too busy every day.

A very ironic scene is that Aunt Min Ya said that he was envious of Minya, because he gave birth to a child at a young age, and someone came to the mother -in -law’s house to help cook.

In this regard, Mother Minya raised her hands and sighed, "Yeah, where can I find a mother -in -law like me ~"

Is it really happy?

No, regret.

When giving the child a banquet, relatives and friends from both sides attended the congratulations. Everyone eats, takes pictures, teases her baby, and gathered together. Only Minya’s mother couldn’t help crying.

Min Ya’s mother is very real, and she will be sad when she sees Minya, because those students are going to college, feeling a new life, broadening her horizons, and gradually building their own values … For these students, participating in participation, participating in participationThe age of Minya’s children is a rich side of life, but for Minya, it is the whole of life.

Whenever she sees her daughter and other classmates, Minya’s mother will feel heartache.

Yeah, which mother does not want her daughter to have a wider life, which mother does not want her daughter to see a more exciting world at first sight, which mother will want her daughter to wake up every day to bring her children, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cook, cookDoesn’t change urine?

This is the "regret" mentioned at the beginning of the article.

It is almost an irreversible regret. Once you embark on this road, you will fuck your child for a lifetime as your mother. What you lose is the twenty -year -old pattern, and the future that has been outlined.

And in this show, in addition to regrets for the audience, there is no helplessness to be promoted to parents at a young age.On the premise that there are not many people’s experience and emotional emotions, in the face of the unknown brought by a child, they will only make them more confused.

There was a pair of high school students in the show at the age of 19. They thought that having a child was very simple, but they were educated by reality again and again.

After their children were born, they were found to have transverse muscle sarcoma. After a long and painful treatment, the child managed to heal. Who knew that the tumor recurred at the end of last year.The keywords of treatment of diseases are occupied. They have become parents who are responsible for their children, and they must take their children to the hospital again and again. To some extent, the future of the child is their future.

The surface of "Parents of High School Students" looks like a glance at a glance, but every girl who is pregnant in high school and decides to give birth to a child has moved towards another life in the meditation.

They have a label on their bodies -mothers.From then on, they will face a completely different life, not to deny their lives, but to complete their identity changes when they are not prepared. What they meet is the tangles that cannot be predicted.

Boys are also the easier side by comparison. They have not been physically tangled, the pain of making decisions, the difficulty of production, and the hard work of high -intensity with the baby.

So is "High School Student Parents" really a dog blood variety show?

Maybe not, they are going to another way to present a different life to us.

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