Shocking pear, driving backworms, was shocked today, why do you want to eat pears according to tradition?how to eat?Suggest

The spring breeze was warm, and the spring thunder rang, and the third solar terms in the twenty -four solar terms were shocked.The shocking festivals have very important significance in farming. In ancient times, farmers were based, and the surprise marked the initial spring plowing.Drums, beating villains, eating pears and so on.

There is an old saying in the folk that is "shocking pear, driving backworms". Why should I eat pears?How to eat?

In traditional concepts, pears have the meaning of "separation". They are very taboo to eat pear in various festivals, and why did Jingxu break this rule to eat pears?Because every time I am shocked, the sound of Chunlei wakes up the closets that dormant in the underground hibernation, and animals that are harmful to crops and humans such as snakes and ants.These pests will stay away, no longer hurt crops and bring disease.

In addition, the folk has a little story about the stories about eating pears.According to legend, during the Qi County of Shanxi during the Ming Dynasty, there was a named Jin merchant who was rich in the sale of crispy pears to get rich. When the Qing Dynasty, the fourteen generation of descendants of the Qu family, Qichuan, was going to the west exit on the day of shock, and went to Inner Mongolia to do business. HeWhen his father gave him off, he handed him a pear for him to eat, reminding him that the family had created a family business at first, and he must not forget his ancestors to work hard.

Later, Qu Baichuan lived up to his father’s expectations, successfully started his business and achieved a lot of results.After hearing about it, the locals also began to imitate it to buy pears on the day of Jingxu. I hope that they can work hard and work hard like Qu Baichuan.

In fact, this period of time is indeed more suitable for eating pear. The weather in early spring is still less rainy and dry, and the pear is rich in nutrition and a lot of juice. Eating some pears is also very beneficial to the body.How can Liang’s pear be more comfortable to eat?I will share with you a very good approach.

This osmanthus pear is simple, the taste is simple, the taste is sweet and delicious, and it is very moisturized. Friends who do n’t like to eat pears can drink on this day.

The ingredients required: one section of Sydney, one lotus root, honey, dried osmanthus

1. Clean Sydney, cut off the pear skin, and cut into large pieces for later use.

2. Wash the lotus root, cut into large pieces after peeling, leave a small section, and cut into thin pieces.

3. Cut the slices, take the knife along the pores of the heart, cut into flowers, and soak the cut flowers in the water to avoid oxidation black.

4. Pour pear pieces and lotus root pieces into the wall breaking machine together, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and choose the rice paste key to start beating.

5. Put the ravioli pupa in the bowl, pour it into a bowl, pour a spoonful of honey, put it in the engraved osmanthus, and sprinkle with dry osmanthus flowers to drink.

When making osmanthus pear, if you want to be beautiful and beautiful, you may take a little more patience to give you a moment. If you are troublesome, you can also omit this step.EssenceIn addition, friends with decorative ravioli and good stomachs can eat them directly. If you do not want to eat raw food, you can also put it in a boiling water pot in advance and simmer the water, remove it and then decorate it.”””

I am a foraging notes in the city. I have been fighting the world for many years. I still have a lot of glory and full of interest!Update food recipes and market life daily, pay attention to me, and enjoy a comfortable life.

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