Short stories: pregnancy

There is a causal cycle in everything, and the true love knives can not be chopped.


After entering the toilet, when I saw a red line appearing on the pregnancy test stick, I was holding my head and sitting on the toilet irritate.

"Wen Lan, hurry up, I’m going to the hospital."

Liu Wei was knocking on the bathroom door.

My name is Wenlan, a junior high school teacher in the county.Since I was a child, everyone who saw me said that I was beautiful. My mother said that she was thin and died. Don’t think about relying on men.

I like to study. My mother moved from the town to the county to sell early. I got up early every day without light, and then pushed the car to sell everywhere. This was how I finished studying in high school.

I have been studying in the teacher. After graduation, I can go back to the county town to teach.

In the first year of the Normal University, I received a stack of love letters every day in my drawer. I didn’t read it and threw it directly into the trash.

That day, I dinner in the cafeteria, and I suddenly found that there were a lot of people in our standing. The roommate said that because of me, many boys followed me to line up.I heard that they called me Bing Beauty behind them, these people were boring.

After finally eating, I sat with my roommate and sat in the cafeteria.

I took two sips of meals and found that a boy was sitting opposite me and kept staring at me. I pretended to be calm, and ignored the meal.

After eating, ready to walk, a pair of bone festivals holding me.

"Wen Lan, my name is Fu Jin. I wrote 10 love letters for you. You ignored it. Later, I found that you have lost the trash can. I read you in person now."

I was irritable and a little scared. "Neurotrophic" I roared him.

He didn’t care about me, holding me in one hand, and spreading a piece of letter paper in one hand to restrain it.

"Wen Lan, I love you, every time I see you walking under the window of my dormitory, my mood is extremely excited …"

The dining room is the peak of dining, and there are many students.When he read it like this, the students in the entire restaurant followed the coax. Some people whistled and someone knocked on the plate.

I was so ashamed that my roommate looked at us helplessly.

After reading it, his hand was loosened, and I was so angry that I shouted, "Fu Jin, you are sick", and fled quickly.

Before I went out of the cafeteria door, there was a successful voice of his tactics. "Okay, finally remembering me called Fu Jin." Then, the dining room was a hustle and bustle.

After that, the school knows that there is a school flower Wenlan in the Chinese department. I have to see where it is sacred, so that Fu Jin, the medical school, let the medical school let go of the love book in public.

Frequently walking on the road, there are girls in the back, "Look at it, that is Wenlan. The small appearance is really good."

There is a barber shop at the gate of the school, and a young man opens the shop, about 20 years old.Big tattoos on their arms and chests.

In the new year, I went to blow my hair with my roommate. I didn’t think about it. He stared at me.

Every day, he squatted at the gate, with a few men, crooked his cigarettes, and looked at him.

I tried not to go out later.

On the day of the winter vacation, I dragged the box just to the door, and some of them were squatting around. "Wenlan, let’s help you get it." Without waiting for me to come up and get the suitcase, I won’t let them grab it.That tattoo man also told me with a flattering look, "This is my brother, they are afraid you are tired."

I resist, but a girl, which is their opponent.

After one round, those people carried the box, and the tattoo man walked out and broke away.

Stopped."Hey, a few of your men bullied a little girl to be lost?"

Looking up, Fu Jin stood on the opposite side holding his arms.

"Boy, don’t look for death, don’t break the good things of Ye." The tattoo man scolded him fiercely.

"If you have the ability to go out with me, I will let you go." Fu Jin said slowly and said slowly.

The tattoo man was angry, let me down, and go out with Fu Jin.Those men also looked at the help.

I held the box and stood on the side shivering, saying that it was fake.

I found that the man was born with a good fight. The two quickly agreed who would win and who took me, who was the elder brother in the future.

I thought to myself, when did I become a item, did you sign my consent?

In the winter, the two were beating barely.

At first, the tattoo man was arrogant. After a few times, he obviously counseled.

Fu Jin has a one -meter eight, and he doesn’t look fat. He is full of muscles and is very strong.When the tattoo man was lying on the ground and couldn’t get up, Fu Jin came to pull me.

I gave him the box, avoid him a little, and go out.

There was a tattoo actor’s voice behind him, "Brother, you have practiced, and teach us later."

"No problem, I met Wen Lan in the future." Fu Jin was fixed.

"Who is his sister -in -law?" I caught up and hit him in a hurry.

Fu Jin took the opportunity to hold me, "You," the man’s sweaty body was next to me. I didn’t feel bored. I love to watch martial arts. Fu Jin said that he had learned Sanda when he was a child.

Think about what Fu Jin just fights for me just now.

Thinking of this, I blushed my face again.

I fell in love with Fu Jin.

Fu Jinxin has to be like a sunflower all day.

Later, I learned that Fu Jin was a medical school grass, and the girls who chased him lined up.

Every time I go to the medical school, I will receive many girls with envy and jealousy.


This is pretty. The most exaggerated thing is that as long as I go out of the school gate, a few of them will come up with enthusiasm.

All the classmates came and went on the way. I was extremely embarrassed. I mentioned it a few times with Fu Jin. He smiled cheaply. "I am a big brother, you must be a sister -in -law."

After countless protests, I didn’t shout like this outside, and I was too lazy to care about it.

In the year of graduation, Fu Jin entered the first People’s Hospital in the province.I returned to the county to teach according to the policy.

Fu Jinqiu, I gave up my teacher to work in the provincial state -owned enterprise, and I told my mother that my mother took me back in a word. "Men are reliable, teaching is not stronger than enterprises."

In this way, I and Fu Jin.The hospital is very busy, and there are many things in our school.At that time, the mobile phone was not so convenient, and we were used to writing.

I am often a January, and he is basically once a week.

My mother sold out her legs early and couldn’t move.I have to go to work and wait for my mother again, so I am too busy.

Next door, Er Ai often came to my house to help.

My mother was fat, and every time she moved her, she shouted that she called her nephew.

I only know that her nephew Liu Wei, a school with me, logistical managers, is quite diligent.

I hurt my tendons for 100 days. When my mother’s legs could walk around, I found that I was too busy to write a letter, and I did not receive Fu Jin’s letter for three months.

I went out early in the morning, and Erxi was holding clothes.

"Why did Wen Lan go out so early today?"

"I’m going to the post office to send a letter"

"Oh, I’m going to go for a while, I’ll bring you it."

When I thought, I had a public class today, and I had to prepare in advance, so I would write it to Fu Jin’s letter to Erxi last night to help.

It was another month, and I hadn’t received a letter from Fu Jin. I was a little panicked in my heart, so I hit him according to the unit number.

"May I ask Fu Jin?"

"Which Fu Jin? Is it a doctor?"

"Yes, I asked him to answer the phone."

"He is not there, just went out with his fiancee."

"Ah, which fiancee?"

"Which one is, the dean Qianjin, this kid, the chicken hair is flying to the sky."

After hanging up the phone, I burst into tears. No wonder I have not received a letter for a few months. He climbed up his branches.

That night, I was lying on the cold bed and overwhelming, and I couldn’t sleep. I was so easy to fall asleep. I dreamed that Fu Jin looked at me with disgusted look, and I cried and cracked.

During the class, the Teacher Teacher called me to answer the phone. I hurriedly answered the phone. "Wen Lan, we took an emergency task and went to Africa for half a year. I would like to tell you about important things."

Fu Jin’s appearance on the other side of the phone, I burst into tears on the phone.

I couldn’t say a word covering the phone.

He has been telling me to pay attention to his body and tell me when he comes back.

Until the phone was hung up, I was still immersed in it. What else can a person who is already the dean Qianjin said to me?

I am a teacher in a county middle school with an unemployed single -parent mother.

When I went home, my mother looked at me with a decadent look and asked me what happened.

The boyfriend I talked about was blowing.

My mother looked at her chest, "I just say it, men can’t stand it."

After that, Liu Wei often came to my house.

Help my mother to do this.

My mother said in front of me every day Liu Wei was good.They are all in a unit, knowing the bottom.

Later, Liu Wei sent a movie ticket, and I accompanied my mother to see it.

When I went, I found that Liu Wei also sat in that row. My mother said that she went to the toilet and went back.

Soon, Liu Wei proposed to me, and I didn’t agree.

Eating outside that day, Liu Wei said that a drink, a couple next door, the tall and strong back of the man reminds me of Fu Jin, and the more I drank, the more I wanted to drink.

When I woke up, Liu Wei was lying next to the hotel.

He looked at me eagerly, saying that he drank too much last night, afraid that my mother would scold me, so he took me to the hotel.

There is a saying that it was difficult to water in the sea, except Wushan is not a cloud.I looked at Liu Wei and tears came out.

Knowing that I didn’t go home overnight, my mother urged me to get married.

Liu Wei said to get a certificate first, I agreed.

We were set to get married on May Day. The night before the marriage, my relatives and friends in my family were there, and Fu Jin came.

He cried as soon as he saw the big red hi characters posted at the door.

I had to pull him to the coffee shop next to him.

He had a lot of darkness, lost a lot, and kept crying, and I couldn’t help himself. I cried too.

"Wen Lan, how can you marry someone else, don’t you want me?"

"You don’t want me first. You don’t write to me for a few months. I wrote a letter and you don’t return. I called your unit. The hospital said that you went out with your fiancee dean."

"No, when will I have a dean Qianjin fiancee?"

"The people of your hospital told me on the phone that you called and told me that there was an important thing to say, I thought it was a breakup."

"Oh, there are two called Fu Jin in our hospital. He is the crystal of bright crystals. He is older than me. He is in love with the dean Qianjin.

"Ah, why don’t you write to me."

"I wrote it, but a bit busy, half a month. Hey, did you not receive it?"

"No matter, you go with me now, don’t get married." Fu Jin pulled me and left, I didn’t move.

I know that my certificate has also been received, and the cave house has also entered, and many things can’t go back.

When Fu Jin walked, he cried and walked away. He said that he returned to the provincial capital overnight and didn’t want to see how I got married.

I remembered what my mother said, this is fate, let’s admit fate, I wiped a tears into the door.


Liu Wei is engaged in logistics at school. He has a lot of time and housework.

My mother often helps, so as not to worry about my mother, my mother is so happy.

However, I have been married for 5 years, and my stomach has no movement at all.

My mother said that no matter whether her son and daughter are, there is always a child. Otherwise, no one cares about it.

I was in a hurry in my heart. This menstrual period was postponed for another 10 days, but the pregnancy test stick did not have two lines of expectations.

No, Liu Wei hung up a gynecological expert and checked it today.

After the doctor checked, he wrote on the case and comforted me. No rush. You are impatient and easy to endocrine disorders, but it is not conducive to pregnancy.Your problem is not big, the fallopian tube is blocked, and it is a bit inflamed.Have your husband checked?

I stunned.

From the hospital, I told Liu Wei that the doctor asked him to check it. He was impatient, "What can I have, I don’t hear her talk nonsense."

A month later, I forced Liu Wei to check, and he went reluctantly.

At the hospital, the school had a temporary meeting, and I had to let him go.

Come back, Liu Wei said that he had no problem, I was relieved.

After that, I drank various medicines, especially Chinese medicine. My mother fried a can every day and sent me to drink.

After half a year, I got 30 pounds. From the eyes of Liu Wei’s increasingly disgusting eyes, I knew that my whole body was full of Chinese medicine.

However, I can’t control so much, and I want to have a child stubbornly.

Liu Wei became more and more decadent and began to drink.

His wine is not good, and he likes to smash things after drinking.

That night, I went to my mother, my mother was not there, so I went to the second sister’s house next door, and the door of the courtyard was open.

No one at home, the dog in her house was looking down with a stack of paper.How do I look so familiar, I closer to it, I have been torn messy, and I can distinguish it as a letter. I pushed the dog away and took it out. It was the letter I wrote to Fu Jin.Strange, why is it at her house?

By the way, she said that she would send it for me that time.

Everything is linked, the more I think more scary.

I came home with a letter like a broken paper. Liu Wei was lying on the sofa at home, leisurely and leisurely. The two faces were red and red, apparently drinking.

My anger was clustered.

I pulled him up, "Get up, tell me clearly, do you and your aunt lie to me?"

He was drunk, and I handed the letter to him, and he fainted and smiled at me.

He crooked his red eyes and saw the letter, and he was proud. "You just entered the school and ate in the cafeteria, and I saw you. How beautiful you were at that time, I looked at it.

My aunt said to help me get you."

"Unexpectedly, it is so easy to do, and a few letters to hide will solve the problem."

I was angry, "Despicable …" I poured out the scolded words I could think of.

Tears are like floods in the dyke. I picked up a broom and hit him.

He screamed, he got up and pushed me away, scolding in his mouth, you see if you look at your current ghost, you don’t suffer if you find me.

I was tired and cried at home.

I locked myself in the room and did not eat or drink. The next day, my mother came over with Eryi. My mother knocked on my door and I opened it.

Er Yan was guilty, my mother said that this was fate, and she really wanted to become a family.

I didn’t say a word.

I thought of being deceived by the pillow.

I resolutely divorced, my mother was half -died, and Liu Wei did not agree with life.

I moved out of the house, and my mother took the key to the house, so as not to let me return to my mother’s house.

No way, I moved to the school’s collective dormitory.

Xiaoxian Town, soon, I knew that I was going to divorce Liu Wei.

Liu Wei’s face could not be hung up, and he simply splashed my dirty water outside, saying that I would not keep the woman, and it was a hen who did not lay eggs.

My mother was crying with me. What kind of sin was this? I divorced myself, and my daughter had to divorce.

After dragging for a year, Liu Wei saw that I had been living at school and did not go home, so I had to agree to divorce. I went out of the house.

After the divorce, Liu Wei poured me dirty water unscrupulously, saying that I ate in a bowl and looked at the pot. I used to play too much in school, so I couldn’t have a child.

My mother was so angry that Er Ao bears the next door, and the two did not come and go.

Two people are in a unit. Everyone’s balance is inclined to Liu Wei. They feel that I don’t know how to do it, but they can’t have children and are confusing.

For the first time, I feel terrible for the first time. The small county town was blocked, and the words were swept like sandstorms. Those who were not familiar with me had labeled me in the rumors.

My mother was even more uncomfortable, and often heard her sigh in the middle of the night.

Half a year later, I resigned and went to the provincial capital to apply for a primary and secondary schools.

4. 4..

After going to work in the provincial capital, I rented a one -bedroom and one living room. In order to evaluate the performance assessment, I prepared lessons for lessons.

But my busy days made me feel unprecedentedly fulfilled, my face gradually recovered her luster, the fat on my body slowly disappeared, and the whole person became light and vibrant.

Sometimes I also look forward to it. Now I may meet with Fu Jin in a city, but I feel that I do n’t have a position to disturb his life.

At 10 pm after half a year, I received a call from Fu Jin.As soon as the phone was connected, Fu Jin’s voice was a little dull. "You wait for Lao Tzu, I will come to find you now."

I sent a position.

When I heard the knock on the door, I got up when I got up, and I went to open the door before we worn the shoes. Fu Jin held me in my arms and caught my bone headache.

"Why don’t you find me after divorce? I thought I was going to hit a bachelor in this life. Today, my mother is still urging me, I am waiting for it."

Fu Jin sucked his nose and said that he was eating outside today. He heard that my classmate said that I was divorced and came to the provincial capital, but I did n’t contact anyone. No one knows where I am.He ran directly here.

One two … Tears slipped from my face, tears were like a flood in the embankment, and I buried in his chest and cried, as if I had to dump all the grievances accumulated over the years.

"I can’t have a child, what should I do?"

"What to do, cold mix, you can’t give birth, as long as you are enough." Fu Jin was a smile -like smile.

That night, the two of us cried and laughed, laughing and crying.Lying in Fu Jin’s arms, I thought of a word that my mother said. I really love the knife and can’t go through it.

Half a year later, New Year’s Day, and Fu Jin and I got married.

My mother said that this day is good, Vientiane is updated.

I ca n’t think, I was pregnant half a year later.

The surprise, I was ecstatic and Fu Jin.

I said, my husband, you can do it too, Fu Jin holds me, saying that his wife is the best.

My mother couldn’t hold her mouth with a smile, looking at us like two fools.

In the second year, I gave birth to my son. In the third year, I gave birth to my daughter again.

My mother was so busy all day long, and she was very happy. She looked at one, one, and two babies who laughed like chrysanthemums.

My mother told me that Liu Wei remarried the second year and married a girl in the community.

It was a powerful role. His wife found that he could not give birth to his child. He quarreled with him all day and asked him to treat him. He knew everyone.Liu Wei is now drunk all day long.

After pregnancy, I also doubted how I did not heal it without medicine. Then I thought about it. It must be deceived by Liu Wei for so many years.

There is a causal cycle in everything. Now Liu Wei has become a joke after dinner in the small county.

That summer, my daughter went to the kindergarten, my mother wanted our family to go back to live for a few days.

I didn’t want to go back, that place was really unhappy.

In the end, I took the holiday with Fu Jin with the child. My mother was happy and broke up in advance.

The two children ran around in front of the house. The neighbors next door came over to see that my mother was blessed.It’s right.

Fu Jin came over and held me, you see that my mother was happy like the New Year.

I remembered my mother’s crying and sigh, and couldn’t help but feel sad and hugged him, yeah, my mother was happy.

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