Should I eat "bitter" in summer?Teach you to endure hardship today!

“Is very scientific”

[Summer suffering, better than tonic] [good medicine bitter mouth] [bitterness first, then sweet] These are widely circulated in the folk.Today we will talk about "suffering".

What are the common bitter foods?

1) Vegetables: lettuce, lettuce, celery, bitter gourd, fennel, leaf leaves, moss vegetables, fresh lily, etc.

2) Dry fresh products: almonds, peach kernel black dates, tea, mint leaves, bitter chrysanthemum, etc.

3) Others: coffee, cocoa, citrus, etc.

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Is it good to eat in summer?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bitter food is cold, and has the skills of clearing heat and diarrhea, removing heat and dampness, and appetizing.However, it is worth noting that the "hardship" of Chinese medicine refers to the "bitter cold" food, and the taste of food is not all bitter.

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From the perspective of modern medicine, the gastrointestinal function of the human body is weakened, the secretion of digestive solution is reduced, and the appetite will decrease.At this time, you can eat some bitter foods, because the taste buds are very sensitive to bitterness (the concentration is one -hundred thousand or even lower concentration). Eating bitter food can stimulate the taste buds, excite the flavor nerves, and increase it can also increaseThe secretion of digestive solution plays a role in improving appetite and promoting digestion.

Therefore, proper "suffering" in summer is indeed good for health.

Is it better to suffer?

Since you have suffered well, do you eat more, the better?I heard that in addition to improving appetite and promoting digestion, bitter food can also antioxidant, infection, and anti -tumor ~.

The bitterness in foods usually comes from secondary metabolites in plants, such as alkaloids, cauldles, and bodies.

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Many plants use bitterness as a "unique flock" to defend their enemies, such as gourds (bitter gourd, melon, loofah, cucumber, rice dumplings, gourds, etc.).Gourdin I may be fatal as long as you eat 30 mg.

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Of course, more common situations are that some people listen to the "recipes" on the Internet to lose weight or health. For example, eating bitter gourd to detoxify and lose weight, it may cause acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, dizziness, nausea and other problems.

So, the more you suffer, the better!

How do you scientifically suffer in summer?Choose known non -toxic, common food!Rare wild vegetables or other foods that should not be bitter taste bitter, don’t eat it!Although bitter foods are good, pay attention to rational cooking, do not excess. Adults are not recommended to eat more than 1 catties/day!Four people of gastrointestinal sensitivity, children, pregnant women, and menstrual women should be appropriately suffering!

In this stuffy and hot summer, I hope everyone will suffer properly, correctly suffer, and get healthy in summer!

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