Should I eat more vegetables or more fruits during pregnancy?When giving birth, the gap between the two will be prominent

Due to the special period of "one person, two people supplement", many expectant mothers attach great importance to nutritional supplements, and hunger is faster than the original.

Compared with the fat and thick cuisine and "boring" vegetables, sweet and delicious fruits will be more popular with expectant mothers.

In particular, the folks in our country have also circulated "eating more fruits during pregnancy to supplement VC", "Eat more grapes after pregnancy, and the children born with big eyes are big and bright".Supplement nutrition, it is not wrong to eat fruits during pregnancy?

However, the body of pregnant women is special, and even if the fruit is nutritious, it should not be eaten or abuse.

In contrast, eating more vegetables during pregnancy is more in line with scientific eating habits, and the gap between the gap between the gap when you have more vegetables and the expectant mothers who eat more vegetables and more fruits.

Compared with vegetables, the taste of fruits will be better and convenient to eat, so most expectant mothers like to eat fruits, and even treat fruits as a staple food. It is not a word to eat one or two pounds a day.

However, although fruits are good, it is not advisable to eat more. Although the main components of it and vegetables are carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts, cellulose, and other special nutrients, the two are just similar, but they are not equal.

According to the latest "Maternal and Child Diet Pagoda Maps" released by the China Nutrition Society Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch, it is recommended that the daily fruit consumption of fruits is 200-400g, while the amount of vegetable consumption is 300-500g. The recommended amount of vegetables is much higher than fruits.

This is because the content of carbohydrates in certain fruits is very high. If the expectant mothers are taking too much for a long time, it will easily lead to the increase in weight too much and increase the risk of gestational diabetes.Development into a huge child will not only increase the difficulty of childbirth, but also affect the health of the baby after birth.

1. The difficulty of childbirth will increase

The content of most fruits of fruits is relatively high, and excessive consumption, which is very likely to cause obesity during pregnancy. The calories of most vegetables are relatively low. At the same timeInfluence.

Compared with the two, if the expectant mothers eat too much fruit, it is likely that the baby’s weight is overweight, and the difficulty of childbirth will be much higher than the expectant mothers who eat more vegetables. Because of their own weight and the fetal weight, they may have to have to have a caesarean section.Essence

2. Easy to give birth to "huge children"

Medically, the normal weight of the fetus is 2.5-4kg. Once the fetus weighs more than 4kg, it will be identified as "huge child".

The reason why expectant mothers will give birth to "huge children" is often caused by excess nutrition during pregnancy. If the expectant mothers often eat fruits during pregnancy, it can easily lead to the high calories of their intake and increase the probability of giving birth to "huge children".Essence

1. Eat in moderation

According to the suggestion of the "Maternal and Child Diet Pagoda", pregnant women should be restrained by eating fruits, and the maximum consumption of the daily consumption should not exceed 400g. You can adjust it as appropriate according to your personal circumstances.

Generally speaking, 400g fruits are about 1 or 2 medium -sized apples, or 2 medium -sized bananas, of which 400g refers to the weight of the flesh that actively consumes, excluding peel, fruit seeds, and nucleus.

2. Do not replace fruit with fruit juice

Some expectant mothers may feel that it is more convenient to drink fruit into juice and taste better, so it will use fruit juice to replace the fruit.

But in fact, when the fruit is processed, some of the nutrients will be lost, especially the cellulose and vitamin C, which will be largely damaged and cannot be supplemented by nutrition.

And when we use fruit juice instead of fruits, we often unknowingly eat too much, causing fruit sugar to exceed the standard and cause health problems.

Therefore, it is best to eat fruit directly. Even if you want to drink fruit juice, you must use the fruit to squeeze it yourself. While controlling the amount of drinking, you do not put any additives.

3. Try to choose "low sugar fruit"

Most fruits contain high sugar content. When eating, expectant mothers should choose additional selection. Generally, it is recommended to choose fruits with low sugar content in grapefruit and strawberries.Avoid eating.


There are no small things during pregnancy, especially in nutritional intake, expectant mothers should be more careful.

Although fruits are more delicious than vegetables and are more convenient to taste, for the health of ourselves and fetuses, eating more vegetables during pregnancy is a better choice. We must pay more attention to the above 3 points when eating fruits.

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