Shrimp raising for so long, do you really know how to eat shrimp, are you the most nutritious?The truth is …

In fact, many people often think that the shrimp shells of South whitening pairs of shrimp contain a large amount of calcium, so they often use this or that way to use shrimp shells to supplement nutrition.So, are they really as effective as the rumors say?Let’s find the answer through the following article!

1. White -to -shrimp shrimp shell ingredients

Shrimp contains many high nutritional ingredients, such as: calcium, protein, phosphorus, etc., bringing many benefits to consumers’ health.Because of this, many people often think that shrimp shells also contain as important nutritional components as shrimp.

Most consumers think that shrimp shell contains a lot of calcium, however, this is not a standard knowledge.Because, according to Dr. Zhang Ruixiang, the Department of Nutrition of the Hospital of Ho Chi Minh University of Medical University, said: "The most calcium containing the shrimp is in the meat. As for the shell, in fact, the main component of the shrimp shell is a few of them.Polymers in the body of the crustacean. Therefore, shrimp shells, as well as foot feet and tentacles, do not bring high nutritional value, they are just shells to protect shrimp. "

2. Why don’t consumers eat shrimp shells?

So far, many consumers often mistakenly think that shrimp shell contains a lot of calcium, and this substance is beneficial to joints.The shell of this animal is not as calcium as much as we think. Therefore, in terms of nutrition, white -pairing shrimp shell does not bring high nutritional value.

Shrimp shells are often very hard, for the elderly and children, this is a kind of hard -to -digest food.

So, should you eat shrimp shells?In fact, for people who are not digested well, especially the elderly and children, this is a kind of indigestible food. They have many potential risks, such as: non -biological degradation, oral injury, asphyxia, gum injury, and roots erosion.

In addition, consumers who are allergic to shrimp will cause allergic reactions if they are consumed.Shellfish allergies are one of the most dangerous forms of allergies. It may be life -threatening, especially for gout patients, and should be far away from this kind of food, because the shrimp shell contains a large amount of heavy metals, which will increase the amount of acid in the body and increase the disease to worsen the condition.Essence

3. Machining white -pair shrimp need to pay attention to

1. Eat shrimp correctly

From the above analysis, it is okay not to eat shrimp shells.However, in some cases, if you want to use this kind of food, you should also know how to process it to ensure that it is safe for health.

Seafood hot pot, winter yin, hot pot, etc., can be used to taste with shrimp shells and shrimp heads, but it is recommended not to put too much shrimp to avoid excessive protein and affect health.

2. How to cook shrimp

The shrimp itself contains a large amount of healthy minerals and calcium.Not only that, they also contain iodine, Omega 6, fatty acids, antioxidants … According to research, the nutrients of shrimp meat are equivalent to chicken.

Shrimp should not abuse processed dishes such as oil, butter, animal fat, taste shrimp, and maintain their nutritional value is steaming or cooking.

The method of steaming or boiling can retain the nutritional value of shrimp

Note: For people who are allergic to shrimp, it is not advisable to eat this food.

4. Consider other parts of the shrimp before processing

1. Shrimp head: Unlike other animals, the head structure of white shrimp is very special, including many parts of shrimp, including: nervous system, excretion system, digestive system.Moreover, shrimp is omnivorous, so there are often many dirty things in the shrimp head.Therefore, there are many hidden dangers that affect health.

2, shrimp tail: shrimp tails are similar to shrimp shells, so if they are used for cooking, they have no nutritional value.

3. Shrimp feet: Shrimp feet are like shrimp shells and tails. There are no nutrients, but some people like to eat this part, because it is crispy after processing and tastes very good.

In short, should you eat shrimp shells?In a sense, eating shrimp shells has no nutritional value, so each of us must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and decide whether to eat this part according to our preferences.And if you are a person who likes to eat shrimp shells, please pay attention to its production method to ensure that you can also eat the same seductive dishes!

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