Sichuan first maternal was cut 4 times, and she asked 4 times in the delivery.

Is it a matter of life and death for life and death. Shouldn’t the patient be determined by the patient?Patients require a cesarean section, why do the doctor do not agree?There are so many strange things!This happened in Neijiang. A pregnant woman was going to have children. This pregnant woman was ruptured among the amniotic fluid, and then went to the hospital. After the doctor checked her, it was recommended that she had to give birth. Pregnant women obeyed the doctor’s advice and gave birth.

When giving birth, there will be many emergencies. Although the indicators of this pregnant woman meet the conditions of the smooth birth, pregnant women require a cesarean section, because the pregnant woman feels too much pain and cannot tolerate this pain.However, the request of pregnant women was rejected by the doctor at the hospital. The pregnant woman asked the doctor four times. Finally, the doctor cut the child out.When the child took it out, it was already dangerous, and the child died later!

In October, as soon as he gave birth, the child had no time to see the world at a glance. Netizens regretted the departure of this little life. The saddest person was the pregnant woman and her family.Pregnant women do not understand the obstetrician and gynecologists of this hospital. Why should she treat her like this?Because the pregnant woman’s physical condition was not very good at the time, the pregnant woman himself felt unable to give birth, so she asked the doctor to have a cesarean section. Under normal circumstances, the doctor should agree to the pregnant woman for a cesarean section, but the doctor did not agree.

We can see the process of this incident. In the end, it was not born of a pregnant woman, but it took the child out of this child.At that time, the pregnant woman might have been exhausted, and the physical condition was very bad. If it was an experienced doctor, she should hurry up to the operating table. This situation is likely to have a dead body.

If the pregnant woman was arranged to the operating table earlier, maybe the child would not die because of suffocation, and pregnant women would not bear such a large psychological burden and grief. All the ending can be recovered!What did the doctors from Neijiang New Traditional Chinese Medicine think?

Some netizens replied in the comment area: If the pregnant woman meets the conditions of delivery, the hospital must give birth to pregnant women. Because there is no indicator, they dare not give pregnant women with a caesarean section.Just want to ask, is it important to life, or is it important?What are the doctors now?What happened to the hospital now?

There may be many critical situations when giving birth to a child. Shouldn’t it be arranged according to the situation of the pregnant woman?There are no at least emergency treatment measures. It can be said that the doctors who were diagnosed at the time were really lacking experience.Under normal circumstances, if pregnant women have difficulties during the production process, some crisis occurs in the body, and the doctor who takes the doctor will contact the director of the department. Generally, the opinion of the director of the department is more authoritative.I wonder if the doctor was in contact and consulted with Director of the same subject?

Some netizens commented very well about the cesarean section indicators mentioned by netizens: the indicators are dead, people are alive, life is important, and people cannot ignore people’s lives because of indicators.A good child, just left the world, how can the pregnant woman’s family accept it?

It is said that this pregnant woman and husband have been prepared for five years before getting the crystallization of love. It is not easy for this. The two are full of unlimited longing and hope for the arrival of this little life.As a result, the news of the child’s death is really heartbroken.

The child died, the pregnant woman was sad, and the family was shrouded in a cloud of clouds. Of course, the complaint would complain to the doctor and the hospital. The local Health and Health Commission set up an investigation team.Whose responsibility is who is the responsibility.See what kind of problems existing, I believe that it will give pregnant women and family a statement. If local hospitals and doctors only recognize the indicators and do not recognize their lives, such doctors should revoke the doctor’s qualification certificate, and it is not suitable for the post of a doctor.Continue to work, the hospital must be punished!

Salvation and wounded are the doctor’s medical ethics. Today, doctors only look at economic interests, only look at the assessment, and only look at bonuses. Life is put aside.Pregnant women have requirements and have problems with the physical condition of pregnant women. Why not contact the family members of pregnant women in time?Why not deal with it humanely?This hospital and doctor should give a saying that if you can’t say it, it is the life of the grass.

After watching a lot of videos, there are also family members around them. Everyone listens to the doctor’s suggestions. Doctors will also let pregnant women and family members choose themselves, and then informed that pregnant women may change the plan at any time during the production process.This kind of thing must be seen, and you can’t stare at the indicator of caesarean section. Is it important to indicators or the life of pregnant women and fetuses?

If the hospital and the doctor can’t figure it out, who dares to go to the hospital to produce?The Health Commission should check that at the same time these so -called indicators should be canceled. Although there are bad phenomena, they cannot be cut in one shot. When you think that the obstetrician and gynecologists should give birth and cesarean section according to the indicators, it is a bit scared to think about it!What do you think of this?

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