Sichuan Guan’s investigation 丨 "Aunt Hot Drink", which is popular nowadays, is it effective for drinking?Are you fatter?

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At present, for women’s physiological demand, tea brands that are specializing in the theme of "Aunt Hot Drink" in the market are gradually becoming popular.Search for many business districts in Chengdu, and dozens of tea shops with dozens of "aunt hot drinks" appeared in the takeaway platform.

Is "Aunt Hot Drink" effective?Can dysmenorrhea drink?The reporter interviewed some people and invited Hao Ling, Director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Sichuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Jinyang Hospital), Liu Yan, deputy director of the clinical nutrition department of Chengdu Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital (Chengdu First People’s Hospital)Three experts Lu Lei, a nutritionist at the hospital, answered questions.

Thermal phenomenon

Several "aunt hot drinks" drinking brown sugar ginger tea has emerged in Chengdu

The reporter randomly interviewed several consumers. Ms. Yang, who worked in a school in Chenghua District, said that she wanted to drink hot drink during the physiological period, but she felt that drinking milk tea would be fat. They usually chose brown sugar ginger tea to relieve discomfort."I often hear that drinking brown sugar water during menstruation is good for my body. I am too lazy to do it during menstruation, and I will order takeaway." Ms. Zhang, who worked at the Century Castle of Wuhou District, said.The reporter also saw that netizens shared their experience in buying "Aunt Hot Drink", saying that they wanted to drink some drinks during the physiological period. As long as the merchant marked the brown sugar made of sugar cane in milk tea, it would decisively place an order.

On the Meituan takeaway platform, there are some "aunt hot drinks" chain stores in Chengdu. There are 28 takeaway beverage stores selling "aunt hot drinks" near Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District.There are 27.The popular items of these "aunt hot drinks" are mostly brown sugar ginger tea (brown sugar ginger tea), aunt egg brown sugar water, longan red dates and ginger tea, etc. The monthly sales are more than hundreds of orders.Between milliliters, the price is between 20 yuan and more than 30 yuan.On the hungry takeaway platform, there are also a large number of "aunt hot drinks" chain stores.

In, the highest -selling "aunt hot drink" item, labeling with "big aunt", "sending girlfriends", "physiological period drive cold and warm palace" and other labels.I bought it.

In Taobao, the highest sales of "Aunt Hot Drink" single product with a monthly sales of more than 3,000 pieces, a box of 12 bags, the price is about 20 yuan. It is found that the product details are not displayed."Can I alleviate dysmenorrhea during menstrual period? Is the ingredient confession sugar?" The merchant did not reply.

In a red flag supermarket in Chengdu, brown sugar products are generally between 10 and 20 yuan.Ding Ning Photo

The reporter also visited offline merchants on the spot. The products containing brown sugar sold on the shelves are mainly anthurrium brown sugar, ancient brown sugar, and Yilu brown sugar. The price is generally floating between 10 yuan and more than 20 yuan.It is clear that the label of "Aunt Hot Drink" is placed on the shelves.

Cold thinking

Relieve the effect of discomfort and drink too much sugar -containing hot drink.

"Girls come to drink this (brown sugar ginger tea), is it effective?" Such questions are asked in the Q & A area of multiple e -commerce platforms, but they have different replies.Ms. Chen, who worked at a advertising company in Chengdu, also expressed doubts: "After drinking ‘Aunt’s Hot Drink", she didn’t feel much effect on alleviating the menstrual pain, but she tastes sweet and feels fat. "

"Brown sugar and ginger tea has a certain effect of relieving pain for people with cold coagulation stasis." Hao Ling, director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Sichuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Jinyangyuan District), explained that brown sugar belongs to sucrose and has a certain temperature.There is a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. As long as it is determined as cold condensate blood stasis, whether it is dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, it can take about 3 to 5 grams in an appropriate amount, but the amount cannot be exceeded.Liu Yan, deputy director of the clinical nutrition department of Chengdu Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital (Chengdu First People’s Hospital), said: "Drink some ‘aunty hot drinks such as brown sugar ginger tea’, for dysmenorrhea caused by poor blood circulation caused by cold body cold, Have the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea. "

Not everyone can drink "aunt hot drink".Lu Lei, a nutritionist at the Nutrition Department of Chengdu Sanxian Hospital, suggested that diabetic patients should not drink "aunt hot drink" because brown sugar is monosaccharide, which will increase the blood sugar of patients."But if it is not a cold dysmenorrhea, drinking this kind of hot drink may not have any effects. Whether it is brown sugar, brown sugar or sugar, rock sugar, honey, it belongs to the addition of sugar. After drinking, the blood sugar can be increased rapidly."Liu Yan also said that for women with weight control, it is also not recommended to drink brown sugar water.

Another doubt comes from the ingredients.The reporter sorted out the "Aunt Hot Drink" of Taobao E -commerce Website and Meituan Takeaway Platform to analyze its ingredients and found that pure brown sugar is made less, and it contains honey, white sugar, ginger, roses, eggs, wolfberry, longan and other ingredients.Essence

The ingredient table.Ding Ning drawing

The ingredients of "Aunt Hot Drink" are diverse, which confuses Ms. Ding in Jinjiang District, Chengdu."I often hear that eating ginger like a cream at night, can you drink brown sugar ginger tea at night?"However, because brown sugar ginger tea is divergent, it may cause heat in the body and affect sleep. Therefore, it is recommended that if you must drink it, you may choose the morning.Liu Yan also added that brown sugar, ginger sugar, brown sugar, honey, and white sugar are called adding sugar. If you add excessive sugar intake, blood sugar will rise rapidly, which will stimulate a large amount of insulin in the body, thereby hoarding fat."Regardless of the hot drink made by brown sugar and sugar, it will be fat when you drink too much."

Lulei also specially suggested that natural honey contains some natural estrogen, it is recommended that patients with breast nodules and breast cysts drink less "aunt hot drink" containing honey.

Better "choice"

It is better to drink sugar -free ginger tea or take painkillers directly

Many people use "aunt hot drink" as a must -have.Lulei recommends that each person is added to be less than 25g per day. According to the specifications of 10g per bag per bag of brown sugar ginger tea, it is recommended to drink up to 3 bags per day on the basis of not taking other sugar.

Lu Lei and Liu Yan believe that if it is relieved of menstrual discomfort and want to be healthier, it is also recommended to drink sugar -free ginger tea.Liu Yan suggested that you make ginger tea at home, you can add 2 to 3 slices of ginger slices, 1 to 2 red dates, and 1 to 2 longan meat. Go to cook a cup of "aunt hot drink" and season with natural sweet food.No more sugar.

Lu Lei also suggested that when ginger tea cannot relieve the menstrual period, he should choose painkillers in time according to the doctor’s order.At the same time, it is also recommended that you eat low -fat foods during menstruation, reduce oil in cooking, eat less fried foods and pastries, and can also consume more foods containing dietary fiber, such as green leafy vegetables.

Hao Ling reminded that dysmenorrhea is divided into two types: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea can generally not be treated with too many drugs. It is recommended to eat ibuprofen if you want to relieve pain.Consider whether it is dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis, uterine adenomy muscle disease, etc., this kind of organic lesions should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.At the same time, Hao Ling said that he wanted to relieve menstrual discomfort. In addition to drinking brown sugar water, women with cold limbs can choose to soak feet and moxibustion to relieve discomfort one week before menstruation.

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