Sinusitis is so harmful, what should we pay attention to?

The harm of sinusitis is quite large, but many people do not know, so the condition continues to increase and even cause a lot of complications.So, what are the hazards of sinusitis? What should we pay attention to? Next, we will introduce them one by one for your reference.

What are the dangers of sinusitis?

Harm 1: Sinusitis easily reduces the memory of middle school students

After adolescents suffering from sinusitis, oxygen inhalation will be blocked, causing blood oxygen saturation, and insufficient blood oxygen supply will cause hypoxia to varying degrees of tissues and organs throughout the body., Scholarship and other phenomena.

Even more serious, sinusitis will further affect the growth and development of young people for a long time, and lays hidden dangers for future health.

Harm 2: Sinusitis can cause severe headache and nausea

The pain caused by the headache caused by sinusitis to the patient is huge, often accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, irritability, and low mood. Specific or intermittent headache seriously affects the quality of the patient’s work and life.

Harm 3: Sinusitis can easily affect women’s fertility

Women’s pregnancy breastfeeding will aggravate the symptoms of sinusitis, so women are not suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding when suffering from sinusitis.If women suffer from sinusitis, doctors generally recommend that she cure sinusitis and then get pregnant.

Harm 4: cause "decent glands"

Because the child does not have a snot, the secretions often gather in the nasal cavity, sinus, and even flow back to the pharynx, which causes severe nasal congestion to breathe and breathe, causing the maxillofacial developmental disorder, making the upper teeth arranged uneven, the lower lips, the lower lipsThick, showing "decent glands".If there is adenoid hypertrophy at the same time, it will cause children to snore, refuse and breathe during sleep.

Harm 5: It is easy to cause high fever gurgling

It is found clinically that many of the high -fever and convulsions have sinusitis and adenoid hypertrophy.This may be because children with sinusitis and glandular hypertrophy are prone to colds and fever, especially acute sinusitis, which are generally high fever above 39 ° C, so it is likely to cause high fever and sophic.

Harm 6: Cause multiple dangerous complications

Sinusitis can cause danger complications such as otitis media, sinusitis, bronchitis, maxillary osteitis, orbital honeycomb tissueitis, meningitis, internal infection, conjunctivitis, hypertension, and other dangerous complications, and even cause nasopharyngeal cancer and blindness.Life and health.

What should I pay attention to when suffering from sinusitis?

1. Fasting spicy food and quit smoking and alcohol.

2. For those with nasal deformities, it should be corrected in time.

3. Actively treat neighboring lesions, such as chronic tonsillitis.

4. Clean the nasal cavity, remove the accumulated pus, and keep the nasal cavity unobstructed.

5. For places where the working environment is dusty and polluted, we should wear a mask to avoid bacteria from entering the nasal cavity.

6. Actively prevent colds and treat timely treatment in the upper respiratory tract infection. Inadequate treatment of "upper sensation" is often the cause of sinusitis.

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