Sisters, do ten things that pay special attention to after pregnancy, do one less one thing …

Ten things that pay special attention to after pregnancy.If you don’t pay attention, it will affect your baby’s health.

The first thing is that when the double bars are detected at home, go to the hospital to draw blood to confirm the pregnancy, and perform a B -ultrasound at about eight weeks to determine the fetal heart and fetal buds to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

The second thing is that between eight weeks and twelve weeks of pregnancy, bring your ID card to the hospital to build files, and receive the redemption of the red this record.In addition, NT examinations need to be made up. This is the first time the fetus is screening, which is very important.

The third thing is to check whether there are components used by pregnant women in the skin care products, such as retinol.In short, do not use any skill -type skin care products.You can check the ingredients on beautiful practice.

The fourth thing is to insist on taking folic acid to prevent fetal nerve tube deformity.Under normal circumstances, 0.4 mg of folic acid should be taken every day, at least three months of pregnancy.

The fifth thing is not to take medicine at will.In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is vulnerable to the influence of teratogenic factors, so many pregnant women have symptoms such as colds.If you are sick, you must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

The sixth thing is not to over -make up.In the early pregnancy, the fetus was very small, and the daily diet was enough to meet his nutritional needs.Excessive weight growth is not only prone to stretch marks, but also prone to gestational diabetes and hypertension, and it is also easy to produce during childbirth.

The seventh thing is that pregnancy vomiting is a normal manifestation of pregnancy, including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and loss of appetite.You can prepare more soda biscuits and soda water.However, if the pregnancy is very serious, you must seek medical treatment in time to see if drug treatment or infusion is needed.

The eighth thing is to prohibit the same room.In the early pregnancy, the same room can easily cause contractions and cause abortion.Therefore, the number of rooms in the same room must be controlled, but if the same room occurs, you must pay attention to observation and find abnormal medical treatment in time.

The ninth thing is to ensure that medical or maternity insurance is not interrupted.If it is interrupted, the fertility cost cannot be reimbursed.If there is no maternity insurance, you can understand the husband’s maternity insurance in order to reimburse the cost during the checkup and hospitalization.

The tenth thing is that you must apply for a permit, because you need to use the fertility costs, receiving fertility allowances, and your baby’s hukou in the later period.You can handle it online now.Finally, I wish all pregnant mothers can pass the birth check and have healthy babies.

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