Six months of pregnancy, I quarreled 10 times with my mother -in -law for one thing.

Hello everyone, I am Wanqiu to talk about childcare ~

Women’s pregnancy is a major event for the whole family, and family members will take care of and take care of them.

Xiao Han has been taken care of by her family as a national treasure since she knew her pregnancy: her mother -in -law’s house did not let her do housework, as long as she did a good job of her own work and took care of her body.

It is said that a good mother -in -law should be a very happy thing, but Xiao Han has repeatedly made up emotions with her mother -in -law. She quarreled at least 10 times in 6 months of pregnancy.

In fact, the reason is very simple. It is not a matter to say it, but it is difficult to reconcile.

The contradiction is concentrated in eating.

My mother -in -law felt that Xiaohan had a pregnancy reaction, so that she was not allowed to contact the oil fume. She made a good meal every day for Xiaohan to come back to eat.

However, the meal made by her mother -in -law is not very good at Xiao Han’s appetite, and Xiaohan often can’t eat enough.

So she sometimes bought ingredients with her husband, or ordered takeaway.

For the first time, the contradiction caused by her mother -in -law was because of eating crabs.

The crab in autumn is the most fattest time. Xiaohan and her husband bought back the crab home and steamed.After doing the table, others can eat, and the mother -in -law just doesn’t let Xiaohan eat, saying "it will turn the tire after eating".

Xiao Han refused to accept: "Impossible! How about a child who is pregnant and eating crabs and eats crabs?"

My mother -in -law said, "This is what the older generation says, and it is better to believe it is unbelievable."

Xiao Han could only look at a table for a meal, and he was naturally unhappy. He couldn’t help but vent a few words. As a result, her mother -in -law quarreled with her.

For the second time, her husband’s friend sent rabbit meat, and her mother -in -law did not let Xiaohan eat because the pregnant woman would be a rabbit lips when they ate rabbit meat.

Once her husband worked overtime, Xiao Han ordered takeaway at home. He did not expect that her mother -in -law would just hit her, and she took her to eat "junk food". Xiaohan returned the sentence "No need to manage", which caused another battle of mother -in -law.

From the first conflict after eating to 6 months of pregnancy, Xiao Han said that there was at least 10 conflicts with her mother -in -law. She started to worry: What should I do if she came to take care of the confinement after having a child?Don’t you have to quarrel every day?

I suggest that Xiaohan download a mother network app, and let my mother -in -law download one, because there are scientific guidance that can be eaten during pregnancy, what can not eat, there are "food black and white list", and recipes during pregnancy. You can refer to the scientific science above.Diet to arrange three meals a day.

The baby is born in the mother’s body, and some foods do have an impact on the development of the baby.My mother -in -law is older, and I see more and hear more information, and some information must be listened; however, some hearing news is just a rumor and cannot be believed. Therefore, it is more reliable to follow the scientific guidance.

1. Crab: Crab is cold and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is really easy to abortion. Pregnant women should eat cautiously, especially in the early pregnancy. Pregnant women with cold body, poor spleen and stomach function, or heavy humidity are not recommended.

If you are particularly nagging, it ’s okay to eat less.

2, turtle: nourishing yin and kidney, also have a certain abortion function. It is said that the abortion of the tadpoles is stronger than the pork.Fortunately, turtles are not the main ingredients.

3. Coix rice: Coix kernel has an exciting effect on the smoothing muscle of the uterine, so it is likely to cause miscarriage. It is not advisable to eat more.

4. Hawthorn: Some pregnant women are pregnant and especially like to eat sour foods, but hawthorn cannot eat too much, because hawthorn also has the effect of promoting uterine contraction, which may cause abortion.

5. Pickled food and cans: This kind of food contains a large amount of nitrite or preservatives, which has a direct impact on the development of the fetus. It is best not to eat it.

6. Spicy and irritating foods: Eat this kind of food less, avoiding fire is not good for fetal development.

The three major nutrients of protein, fat, and carbohydrates must be sufficient. They can appropriately add some protein intake on the basis of a weekday diet, such as high -quality protein such as meat and milk.

Pregnant women need sufficient amount of fat, and they cannot simply reduce fat intake because of controlling weight.

Proper vitamins.Vitamin has an unsatisfactory role in improving human immunity. Pregnant women should supplement their baby’s heavy responsibility.

Calcium and vitamin D.

If you don’t know if you can eat some kind of food, you can directly open "Can you eat" and enter the food you want to search in the search box, such as "rabbit meat", the system will immediately give the answer.

I do n’t know what to eat during pregnancy. You can query scientific answers before eating. Do not regret it because of this increased conflict between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law and avoid eating wrong food in the process of breeding your baby.

Wan Qiu talked about childcare, and the two mothers who like to read. Welcome to follow. Talking about the chickens and dogs who talked together, share the happiness of raising baby, and summarize the lessons of raising baby.

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