Sleeping after pregnancy, I always force myself to lie on the left side?But the doctor said that I was wrong, and I really wanted to cry after hearing the reason

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Girlfriends have been pregnant for 6 months, and recently have a little emotional collapse because of her "sleeping position".Since her pregnancy, the people around her have suggested that she "sleep at night, pay attention to the left side, be good for the fetus." Girlfriend is a head tire, no experience, and it must be reasonable.Later, her mother -in -law and husband also told her to lie on the left side when she was sleeping, and even laying her mother -in -law during the day "warned" her, making her nervous.Later, as soon as she lay on the bed, she forced her to lie on her left side. Sometimes she slept half of the body and insisted.

Slowly, "lying on the left" has become a serious psychological suggestion and burden on my girlfriend.In the end, she couldn’t stand it, so she would ask the doctor if she could not lie on the left side after she was pregnant.As soon as the doctor heard it, he said in surprise: "Who tells you that you must lie on the left side after sleeping? The fetus is small in the early stages of pregnancy, how can you sleep comfortably.The aorta causes poor blood flow, and the lower side of the lower cavity vein is partial on the right side of the spine. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women sleep on the left side, but it is not necessary. You sleep on the left body on the left side of the day, and you must change the right side.Ah. "After listening to the doctor’s words, my girlfriend really wanted to cry, and I would never force myself to lie on the left side in the future.

I believe that after pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have the same experience as my girlfriends.The people around them are advised to lie on the left side, and they also force themselves to lie on the left side of the fetus and their own health. In fact, it is not necessary.No matter what, it is too late, and the same is true of the protection during pregnancy.Moreover, some pregnant mothers are really not suitable for the left side when they sleep, and they will barely be sinned, and even endanger the fetus and their own health.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention, the following two situations are not suitable for lying on the left when going to bed:

Under normal circumstances, the right side of the pregnant mother is sigmoid colon and rectum, which are all right rotation of the uterus.Therefore, in order to reduce the burden on the right and ensure the smooth flow of the lower abdominal blood, you can use the left side to sleep more in the middle and late pregnancy.However, there are also a few pregnant mothers who are born with a native uterus, and opposite to the right rotation of the uterus. The pregnant mother should use the right side of the right side in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.If the pregnant mother cares, it will also be lying on the left side with the big current, it will increase the load of the uterus, affect the blood flow of the lower abdomen and the placenta, and even cause the fetus hypoxia.Therefore, if the B -ultrasound is a pregnant mother who is born with a natural uterus, it is not suitable for lying on the left side when sleeping.Of course, if the right side is really uncomfortable, it is no problem to turn to the left side. Pay attention not to be too long.

We all know that the heart of a person is generally at the bottom left of the chest (the situation where the heart is on the right is not ruled out).Therefore, when pregnant mothers suffer from heart disease or chronic heart failure, the left side will increase the burden on the heart.In addition, the blood reflux heart is not smooth, causing the pregnant mother to accelerate the heart rate and high blood pressure, which may cause hypoxia in the fetus and harm mother and child safety.Therefore, pregnant mothers are not suitable for lying on the left when sleeping in this case.

Therefore, pregnant mothers do not force themselves to sleep at night.As long as there is nothing uncomfortable, it is okay on the left and right, just don’t take too long.The body is very uncomfortable, and the pregnant mother makes you easier psychologically.


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