Smoking hazards and influence during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy has a series of health risks for fetuses and mothers.Toxin nicine and carbon monoxide can deprive the fetus’s sufficient blood supply and important nutrients, which will cause lung and brain dysplasia, cause children with premature birth and weight, and may also cause the possibility of birth defects or dead tires.In addition, the behavior of smoking in pregnant women is more common, which will bring serious complications or deaths to mothers and children.

Smoking may continue to affect the baby during pregnancy, and even when the baby first exists, there are no obvious symptoms or significant birth defects.If there is a high -risk infant death syndrome (SIDS).Usually, SIDS has no threatened.Children’s slow growth may be due to the absorption of too much toxins in cigarettes.

Smoking sometimes appeal during pregnancy.This disease will affect the baby’s life in the first few months. It is rare that it will last longer.H hernias are babies that show obvious symptoms, and it is difficult to soothe babies, and they often cry very much.

Lifetime complications are also very common, such as asthma, which may be caused by damage to the lungs of the fetus.This situation causes respiratory inflammation and blocks the airway, making people breathing difficulty.Children may suffer from asthma caused by smoking.Such as asthma and short respiratory symptoms, these are caused by environmental factors, such as weather changes or exposed to pollen from flowers.Sometimes in the case of nervousness, even a pet family can cause asthma attacks.

Some children born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy will suffer from mental illness.Behavioral problems may be manifested in childhood or adolescence.Children may suffer from multiple dysfunction (ADHD) or learning disorders.Smoking during pregnancy may also reduce children’s IQ (IQ).

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