So terrible?Pregnant mothers are inflamed to teeth, doctors say or induce premature birth or even tumors!

Qian Qian was pregnant for nearly eight months. Recently, her toothache, her right face was swollen, she couldn’t sleep well, but she didn’t dare to use medicine easily.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, and went to the dental department of the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province in the Department of Stomatology of the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province.

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Deputy Chief Physician Yang Zhaoxia in the Department of Stomatology carefully examined that Qian Qian was the wisdom tooth of the right jaw to cause gingival inflammation. It was not controlled and expanded out of the extension and caused the bite muscle gap infection.

Deputy Chief Physician Yang Zhaoxia combined with Qian Qian’s eight months of pregnancy, and carried out the abscess to cut drainage and combined with safety drugs for ten days.

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Qian Qian’s husband introduced that before Qianqian was pregnant, the wisdom teeth of the right jaw were often inflamed.

Every time I send inflammation Qianqian, I bought some anti -inflammatory medicines by myself.

"After pregnancy, the level of estrogen in women’s body is significantly increased, which will cause blood vessels in the gums, enhance blood vessel permeability, and easily induce gingivitis." Deputy Chief Physician Yang Zhaoxia introduced.

Women who have not suffered from gingivitis before pregnancy have greatly reduced the proportion of gingivitis during pregnancy.

And women like Qianqian who suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis before pregnancy, inflammation will be more serious after pregnancy.

Individual gums can also be proliferated to tumor -shaped, called gingival tumors during pregnancy, which is extremely prone to bleeding.

In addition, if the gingivitis and periodontitis of pregnant women reach a certain degree, bacteria are likely to invade the blood and infect the fetus through the placenta, causing the fetal membrane to break early and cause premature birth.

Therefore, you should go to see the dentist as soon as possible during the pregnancy.

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Women must ensure tooth health before pregnancy.

For women who usually feel uncomfortable with teeth, the items that should be checked include: periodontal disease, dental caries, crown inflammation, residual roots, crown crowns and other comprehensive dental lesions examination, and then targeted treatment according to the results of the examination.

If you are only caused by oral bacteria infection, you can usually recover quickly under the treatment of doctors.

If it is a patient with periodontal disease, you need to eliminate gums and periodontal inflammation. For dental diseases with serious problems, doctors may recommend dental pulp and root canal treatment.

In addition, inflammatory wisdom teeth like Qianqian are best removed before pregnancy.

If the wisdom teeth are not inflamed before pregnancy, and after the doctor’s examination and evaluation, it will not affect the gums and periodontal health, and it can be removed for a while.

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