Some of the strange pregnancy customs in various places, some actually have to go out to hide for 3 months

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The world is not strange. There are many customs during pregnancy. Although many bad habits have gradually retreated with the development of civilization, there are still pregnant mothers who are affected by these wonderful customs.

Go out for three months

Do not speak out in the first three months of pregnancy. This is basically consensus. For example, the stars were announced only after 3 months of pregnancy, but some areas are particularly taboo for these three months. In the first three months of pregnancy, not only can we not raise it.And you ca n’t stay at home. You have to go out for three months, and most of them are returning to my mother’s house.

Turn on items after 6 months

In some places, before 6 months of the fetus, related items are prohibited. After the baby is born, and the pregnant mother is used, it can not be bought or at home, and it cannot be sent by others. Otherwise, it will beIt will have a miscarriage, and after 6 months, you will start preparing and see it as "born"!

Cannot contact

In the Mongolian region, there are such customs. Women who are pregnant cannot be exposed, they cannot meet, and they cannot have limbs. Otherwise, they will change the fetus and the gender of the fetus will change.

Can’t rest for yourself

It is normal for women to make hair stinky after pregnancy, but in some areas, women cannot cut their hair after pregnancy, nails cannot be trimmed, and they will develop, otherwise they will scare the fetus.

Can’t pick fruit

In some areas, women cannot pick fruits after pregnancy, otherwise they will not result in the future, and it will be difficult to conceive in the future.

Can’t be in the same room

In some Kenya regions, in October of pregnancy, the same room is absolutely prohibited, otherwise children will disabled in the future, which will be tormented for men.


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