Sow breeding: Improve milk quality!Sowing breast development work can be done

The development of sow breast tissue is well developed, and it has a lot to do with the growth of piglets in the later period. A good sow will give the piglets a good growth potential, laying a solid foundation for the later growth.How to do this work, start with breast development, milk raw process, milk emissions, etc., let’s look at the specific methods together.

Early initial love period can stimulate the early development of small sows ‘breasts, which will increase the breeding performance of sows’ life.

It is not recommended to attack the fetus at 85 days of pregnancy, especially to attack the tire with cherry.Because sows attacked tires for 85 days, they may affect the development of breast secretion cells due to excessive energy level.Attacking the tires from 90 to 95 days, feeding more, supporting the sow’s stomach, increasing the intestinal volume, not only to prevent constipation, but also to lay a structural foundation for the amount of feeding during the milk.

1. Pig’s nipple sucking the nipples prompt the milk to continuously secrete

Frequent milk in the breast, especially the exhaustion of colostrum, is essential to speed up lactose synthesis.The stimulation of sucking can stimulate the secretion of prolactin, combine it with the breast secretion of cells, stimulate muscle epithelial cells, and promote milk exhaust.

2. Help weal piglets find water

Drinking water should be sufficient but not too much water pressure.Help weaned piglets to find feed, feed the feed for 20 hours, 4 times a day, you can feed 7 days; create a comfortable environment for weaning piglets and keep dry; prepare a clean groove for weaning piglets;The pig’s pigs, according to the situation, choose different treatment methods.

3. Fully suck

The sucking breasts during the milk period will secrete more milk during the second milk period.The first breasts that have been sucking will develop better during the second milk period.

The differentiation of breast tissue during the 75-90 days of pregnancy has increased to the maximum cell concentration in the breast at 90 days of pregnancy.After that, 90-105 days of pregnancy, a large amount of milk was secreted in the breast blisters, indicating that the processes of lactation began.Therefore, in actual production, the sow is 75-95 days of pregnancy is a period of rapid breast development. In the process of breeding management, the period of 75-95 days of pregnancy is generally used as an important node for breast development.Breast development is an important concern. The following editors will tell you the breast work in feed.

1. Limit high -energy feed intake

Sow’s breasts are 75-95D pregnancy and are in high-speed development. The high-energy intake during pregnancy has a side effect on the development of the breast and the subsequent lactation volume. Therefore, in order to improve the development of the sows, the breast development period should be appropriately reduced to reduce the feed.Nutritional levels, especially energy levels.

2. Properly supplement reproductive nutrition

During the rapid development of breasts, splitting of breast cells, and breast tissue replacing fat and connective tissues, especially for preliminary sow, feed is difficult to meet its needs for reproductive nutrition.At this stage, in addition to properly increase the lysine content in the feed, special nutrients related to reproductive should be supplemented and reproductive nutrition.

Milk water is the most important source of nutrients for breastfeeding piglets, and the breast is the only organ of milk.Therefore, the good development and normal launch of the sow breast tissue is of great significance for the potential of piglet growth.Paying attention to the quality of milk is to pay attention to breast development. Farmers particularly noted that the young sow should not be excessively restricted before the first period of love, avoiding affecting the secretion of breast hormones in the later stage.

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