Soy milk is easy to cause precocious puberty?Do not drink soy milk if you have breast disease?Listen to experts

Speaking of breakfast in the Northeast, soy milk fritters must be missing, especially soy milk, hot drinks and cold drinks are full of taste.However, there are many sayings about soy milk. For example, soy milk cannot be drunk frequently, soy milk can easily cause precocious puberty. Women with breast diseases should not drink more soy milk, and patients with kidney disease cannot drink … Soy milk always seems to have such a "Taboo "!

Today, listen to the rumors of Chinese medicine experts to rumors of those soy milk!

Soy isoflavones are not equal to estrogen

One of the widespread saying is that the main raw materials of soy milk contain a kind of soy isoflavones, which are similar to estrogen, which will exacerbate the risk of breast cancer with women!

Pei Zhimei, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Changchun Central Hospital, a third -level professor, and a return expert, said that soy milk contains a lot of nutrients, rich in plant protein, can supplement human protein, and can also health and beauty;It is unsaturated fatty acid, which can help us consume excess saturated fat, help to lose weight, and also prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia; dietary fiber in soy milk can help people reduce the problem of constipation.

The highlight is here!Soymilk also contains biological active ingredients, such as soy isoflavones.Professor Pei Zhimei said, but this plant estrogen is different from women’s estrogen that does not mean that in the human body, and the two are not the same substance.Surprisingly, plant estrogen can play a two -way regulation on estrogen in the human body, but can protect female breast health.

In the same way, if children only drink a cup of soy milk a day, they will not cause precocious puberty.Even adult men, plant estrogen in a cup of soy milk cannot disrupt the hormone balance in men’s body, which affects male characteristics.

Regarding the saying that patients with kidney disease cannot drink soy milk, the content is concentrated in soy milk is rich in protein, and patients with kidney disease need to restrict the intake of protein.In this regard, Professor Pei Zhimei said that not all patients with kidney disease need to control the intake of protein and need to be determined according to the patient’s condition. For example, patients with chronic kidney disease are accompanied by severe urine protein, and protein intake is needed at this time.

Pay attention to the following points to drink soy milk:

Professor Pei Zhimei said that although soy milk is good, there are several cases to pay attention to. For example, people with very bad gastrointestinals should drink less soy milk, because soy milk enters the human body, and it will produce gas under the action of enzymes, causing abdominal distension, nausea, nauseaSymptoms.In addition, although the purine in soy milk is not high, people are used to drinking soy milk as a large cup. Therefore, gout patients do not drink a lot of soy milk during the disease.

Although soy milk is rich in dietary fiber, there is also a presence of hydrolytic sugar in soy milk. Limosaccharides are beneficial to the human body.Symptoms, it is recommended that people who are diarrhea should not drink soy milk.

Professor Pei Zhimei also said that if your early morning breakfast chooses homemade soymilk, pay attention to try not to mix and enter mung beans and red beans in soy milk to avoid sticky soy milk.Now the temperature is relatively high. When foaming soybeans, it should be placed in the refrigerator to avoid the breeding of bacteria during the foaming process.Do not eat raw soy milk and do not boil soy milk.

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