Soymilk and milk, which one is better for pregnant mothers?The answer may be different from what you think

The "war" of milk and soy milk has a long history. Some people think that drinking milk is better to the body, but some people prefer soy milk. So is these two drinks suitable for mothers to eat during pregnancy?The answer is yes.What are the benefits of drinking milk and soy milk during pregnancy, and which one is better for the mother’s body. What should be paid attention to? Let’s take a look.

Soy milk

Supplement protein and lecithin

During pregnancy, mothers need to supplement sufficient nutrients, especially protein. Soy milk is rich in plant protein and lecithin. These two substances are the main substances for the development of human brain.Drinking more soy milk. It is worth noting that although soy milk and fritters are a pair of "good partners", the mother should not use the fritters and soy milk in the morning. Fried food is not suitable for mothers to eat during pregnancy.

Regulate the body hormone

After pregnancy, the estrogen in the mother will increase the healthy development of the fetus.Natural estrogen in soy milk can supplement the hormone in the mother’s body to regulate hormone balance, thereby improving the endocrine system of the mother’s body.Some mothers will feel inexplicably irritable after pregnancy. This may be the impact of hormone changes in the body, so the hormone balance in the body will make the mother’s mood better.The poor skin during pregnancy may also be caused by hormones. Drinking soy milk often improves the mother’s skin condition and makes the mother’s complexion look better.


Calcium supplement

During pregnancy, mothers are easy to have calcium deficiency, especially when the teeth and skeletal development of fetuses in the third trimester will need a lot of calcium.If the calcium ingested by the mother is insufficient, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also make her teeth loose, the calf cramps, and the severe osteoporosis.In addition to protein, milk is also rich in calcium, and is a "good helper" for mothers to supplement calcium during pregnancy.

Help sleep

Many mothers have the trouble of insomnia during pregnancy, and milk has the effect of helping sleep.If the mother develops the habit of drinking milk before going to bed, she can fall asleep faster and the quality of sleep is higher.Mom is best not to eat cold things during pregnancy, so you can warm the milk before drinking.

Soymilk and milk contain a large amount of nutrients. Mom often drinking during pregnancy is good for the body. You can choose according to her different needs. However, when drinking soy milk, the mother needs to pay attention.The phenomenon, this kind of soymilk mother is harmful and unhelpful after drinking, so when cooking soymilk, the mother should not think that it can drink it on the edge. In fact, it only reaches more than 80 degrees at this time.Essence

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