Specific mothers care: Can I make up during pregnancy?The answers are here

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Women who upgrade to expectant mothers will be surrounded by various remarks. After pregnancy, you cannot make up. You can’t use the cosmetics before. Is this really the case?

1. Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers are worried that the skin care products applying on the skin are absorbed by the body, affecting the baby in the belly. In fact, human skin is divided into three layers of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue.In the epidermis layer, the baby absorbs nutrients through the umbilical cord, but the daily skin care products of expectant mothers are not large, and the skin care product is not greatly absorbed by the skin.The baby’s chances are relatively small, and there are no major problems in theory.

2. Can I use perfume during pregnancy?

Although there are fragrances in cosmetics and skin care products during pregnancy, there are no components that are not good for the fetus.Put the perfume away during pregnancy.

3. Can I make up during pregnancy?

It can be appropriately lightened during pregnancy, but the chemical composition in makeup is more than skin care products, so it is not recommended to use it, and when you often go to the hospital for delivery during pregnancy, doctors can better observe the complexion and body of expectant mothers through plain face.In the case, the expectant mothers after makeup can easily make doctors wrong judgment, so it is recommended that mothers have less makeup during pregnancy.

4. What ingredients do not use skin care products containing?

Skin care products contain acids, as well as products with some effects such as antioxidant, whitening, and acne. The ingredients contained in these skin care products are not good for the health of the fetus, so expectant mothers should avoid when choosing skin care products during pregnancy.Open, do a good job of moisturizing.During pregnancy, because of hormone secretion in the body, there will be a problem of long spots, water deficiency, and rough skin. After the production is completed, the skin condition will be improved, so expectant mothers should not have too much pressure.


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