Stomach discomfort and want to vomit, is there a stomach disease?

Pregnancy or motion sickness, or if you eat unclean food, may cause symptoms of stomach discomfort and vomiting.In addition to these, what is the stomach uncomfortable to vomit?Is it an early warning signal for certain diseases?

01 Gastrointestinal ulcer

The tissue of the inner wall of the gastrointestinal tract is damaged, which occurs in the stomach and duodenal intestines.Abdominal pain is the most common symptom.When the pain of the duodenal ulcer occurs more, when it occurs on an empty stomach, the patient can easily wake up at night. After eating or taking gastric medicine, the pain can be relieved.

Gastric ulcer pain often appears half an hour to an hour after meals, and eating is easy to induce pain.In severe cases, complications such as bleeding, perforation, and obstruction.

02 Anti -current esophagitis

Due to the absence of the content of the stomach, it returns to the cauliflower to produce inflammation and ulcers.

The most common symptoms are the burning of the chest, the feeling of acid, the upper abdomen, the pain of swallowing the pain, and the qi.For patients with obesity, moderate weight loss can help relieve.

03 Functional indigestion

It is impossible to find abnormal or clear lesions in organ structure, and the symptoms are similar to ulcer -type.

In addition to personal constitution, it is also related to food, stress, and emotions. It may recur after a period of time, so the adjustment of lifestyle habits is very important.

04 Acute gastritis

Due to huge pressure, irritating foods, drugs, pylori infections, etc., or merged with other diseases, it has extremely discomfort such as pain, nausea and vomiting, and fullness.At this time, the stomach rest should not be eaten briefly.

Four moves to relieve vomiting symptoms!

❶Adivate and rest

Don’t eat and drink water for 4 hours first, so that the stomach can rest.

❷ A small amount of water replenishment

You can try to contain ice cubes or drink diluted sports drinks and electrolytes, and add a small amount to prevent dehydration symptoms.

食 Edible low -fiber food

After the symptoms are soothing, you can start eating low -fiber foods, such as soda biscuits, jelly, white steamed buns, rice, etc.If vomiting occurs, you need to fast again.

The diet is light, do not eat heavy taste food

Within a few days of vomiting, avoid eating dairy products, drinks containing caffeine, and alcohol, and try to avoid too greasy, heavy foods and sweets.

Hohhot Kyoku Hospital reminds you: discomfort caused by stomach diseases should be checked and treated with the assistance of the doctor to find out the cause and solve the problem from the root cause.

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