Story: 32 -year -old I marry a man who knows 2 months. After pregnancy, I escaped from my family with my stomach.

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Thirty -two -year -old Gu Bei was married. She was a little hesitant, but the meat in her belly was not allowed to choose.


She and her husband met with a blind date. They were not love at first sight, or they were not in love. If they really used to describe it, it would probably be involuntary.

Gu Bei is a text editor. He works at a child’s book publishing company and is nine nights and six.

For so many years, she has nothing to do with it. She has only a title of "old predecessor", but promotion is far away.

Most of the women in the company, most of them are women smaller than her, so she concluded that it is hopeless to get rid of her own order.

Fortunately, there was an old aunt at home, and she sent her WeChat to her every three. Although the success rate was low, no one said to give up first.

Now it is said that the leftover women are "victorious daughters", because they are too good, they are single, but Gu Bei never scratched herself in that piece. In fact, she was left.

In the first few years, she had a boyfriend. The two lived together for three years before discovering that the other party was married, and she was still married during the love period.

Since that incident, she suddenly felt that she had misunderstood the director for many years. The plot in the original TV series really existed in real life.

"It’s ridiculous! But what is more hateful is that I often miss his good."

Gu Bei once talked to his friends like this.

She is never a ruthless person, she is not cruel to others, and she can’t get up to herself. It is like an ostrich hiding in the sand. She is greedy for a moment of happiness. It doesn’t matter if she is a fool.

"Beibei, since you have broken up, don’t contact it anymore, otherwise it will only be you who will be injured."

The friendly dissuading of her friend, she agreed on the surface, but secretly cut off with him secretly.

Later, it was probably the man’s wife discovered that he did not dare to contact her again before she stopped.

"You, fortunately people don’t come here, otherwise they will not even guarantee work."

Friends know the truth, it is not good, and it is not right.

"You know me, others take the initiative, I can’t refuse. But if he doesn’t take the initiative, I can’t fight."

She knows herself, but the more this personality is, the more worrying.

"That’s it to suffer. You are either a decisive person, and you divide it if you are not suitable; or you are a persistent person. You do n’t need to value it.If you can’t go up, you can only expect your fate to send you a good person! "

Gu Bei listened to this, but just smiled with a good temper, neither angry nor heart!

"Okay, Yingying, I know you are worried about me. Rest assured, I don’t expect love for love now. I want to get married for giving birth to a baby.


Listening to her, Yingying was so angry that she was so faint, but she thought that this must be a joke, so she didn’t go to her heart.


But I never expected that it would be two months later, and she said that she was married.

"Yingying, I’m married!"

"What? I got a difference, why are you getting married!"

At the beginning, Yingying didn’t believe it until she took out her marriage certificate.

"What are you doing? Who is this person?"

"I met a blind date at home."

I heard that it was introduced by the family, and Yingying’s hanging heart finally fell a bit.

"Why are you so anxious?"

"Afraid no matter how late, there is no child."

This reason sounds ridiculous, but Yingying understands that this is a considerable consideration for reality. After all, the family’s family is a minority.

"Do you know? I know several children’s abortion. They are almost the same age as me. I really can’t afford it."

Gu Bei’s remarks were speechless, so why did she not worry about it?But marrying to have children, is it really right?She didn’t know, so she couldn’t give a friend’s answer for the time being, but just said, "The way you choose, you have to go on your knees!"

When it is marriage, I actually got a certificate.Gu Bei’s mother died early, her father remarried, and a son.For his daughter’s marriage, he did not interfere too much, but could not give more support.

"Hey, I don’t know what marriage is, and I do n’t even have a ring."

Even if he was prepared in his heart, Gu Bei could not help resentment.This emotional emotion is never derived from these wedding rituals, but the deception of her husband.

When the blind date, the introducer said that when the house was married, I bought it. Because I didn’t know where the future was set, I did not buy it, so as not to trouble in the future.

"Gu Gu, your heart is in your belly. When you say it, you will buy a house after ordering, and then you just add your name."

After listening to this, Gu Bei was still happy in his heart. He also thought that the house could add her name, and other virtual gifts didn’t care. After moving, she took the initiative to say to her husband: "We still want to buy a house, get marriedSanjin is exempted, and the wedding is also waiting at hand and add it! "

"Thank Wife!"

When I think of it now, Gu Bei can’t wait to give herself a few mouths. How can she be so stupid?

"Didn’t you say that there is a house?"

Friends Yingying was also very surprised by this, but Gu Bei said before.

"Their family said, buy it when you get married, I …"

"You! Let me say hello, have a son of a son, who is ready to prepare the wedding room early, and wait at this time?"

At this time, Yingying did not dare to speak anymore, after all, she was deceiving first.

"Did you ask him again? Your stomach is so big, do you really want your child to be born in the rental house?"

Yingying didn’t dare to let her go easily. It wasn’t her carelessness. It was Gu Bei’s temperament. It was always a moment.


Gu Bei started to ask this, but …

"what did he say?"

"He said that he couldn’t buy it for a while, and he had to wait a few years."

"The house is indeed large, but it is normal."

Yingying looked at Gu Bei’s complexion badly and had to comfort her.

"Oh, right."

Gubei laughed, but she was holding the grievances in her heart. She was afraid that the room would not be a problem for a few years.

She has been with her husband for a long time, and she has been urging since she got married. At first, her husband would perfunctory her and said, and then he simply saved him.

"When you marry me, you know that I have no house. What are you entangled now?"

"What do you mean? At that time, I bought a house when I got married."

"Are you stupid? Have you bought it early and wait now?"

"You liar!"

Husband’s words were completely angered Gu Bei. Although she was a good temper, she was not a soft persimmon.After speaking, she picked up the nut bottle at her hand and smashed it towards the man fiercely.

"Are you crazy?"

The nut bottle smashed on his head positively, and it hurt him to push him forward.

"You push it! The child is gone, we are just a hundred!"

In the end, the man did not want to divorce and stopped the car in time.

Gu Bei didn’t have time to respond, and her husband left her with only a heavy fall.


Gu Bei began to be more and more disappointed with this marriage. She didn’t know how long she could cook, but if it was true, what should the children in the stomach do?

Gu Bei’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the mother -in -law finally comes. At least he doesn’t need to do it by himself. Gu Bei’s heart is still happy.

"Xiaobei, the rice at home is gone, you see …"

The father -in -law died early, and the mother -in -law remarried in her later years. The marriage was thin. Gu Bei felt distressed that she had no income and no one helped. So she always gave her money and tried not to spend the elderly one point.Asked her to get money, she couldn’t help it.

"Mom, the child’s father is also there. It is better to call him to buy it. You are old, and it’ s hard to carry it back. "

"Hehe, it’s hard, he finally took a day to rest, let him play for a while, and the family is still a bit of rice. Let’s get together!"

After getting married, the rent of living expenses at home was all out of Gu Bei. The salary of her husband’s salary, he said that he would save it and plan to buy a house.

It was a big deal to buy a house, and Gu Bei did not care about it. At first, she had some savings. Secondly, when she got married, her mother -in -law gave tens of thousands of dollars of gifts. It was more than enough to maintain life.But this bag of rice money, the mother -in -law was not willing to make him out, is it too much?

Gu Bei did not have an attack at the moment. With her understanding of her husband, she couldn’t hear the truth about asking her.

"Yingying, what should I do?"

"Remember his mobile phone password, he will lie, but the phone will not."

Gu Bei felt that this sentence could not be right, and the secret of her husband must be hidden in the mobile phone.

In order to get the password calmly, Gu Bei spent a lot of thoughts.She opened the camera of the mobile phone and sat next to her husband. There was always one or twice to shoot the moment he unlocked, and then repeatedly looked back, and finally explored a complete password.

That night, Gu Bei waited for him to fall asleep, and shook his hand on his eyes with his hands. When he saw that he did not respond, he gently picked up his phone.

She hid on the balcony, covered her chest, and calmed down.Only then slowly turned on her husband’s mobile phone, fearing that her husband would wake up, she took all the information of her husband, including his WeChat and Alipay bills.

After shooting, she stomped into the room. As soon as she put the cell phone back to situ, her husband woke up.


Gu Bei coldly made a big jump, and woke up the husband who was still confused.

"What are you doing in the middle of the night?"

Husband’s tone roared.

If it was usually, Gu Bei would have gone back long ago, but now she is unreasonable and dare not speak out, and she just returns the sentence, "Go to the bathroom."

"唔 ~"

When the man heard this, he helplessly turned over and continued to fall asleep.

Gu Beishun really went to the toilet, sitting on the toilet cover one by one, and the more he looked, the more shocking.

The next day, when the man got up, he saw Gu Bei’s sofa sitting on the sofa in the living room, his face was full of fatigue.

At this time, she was still sleeping, so the man asked, "Why do you get up so early?"

"How much did you owe and how did you owe it?"

Gu Bei had no intention of greeting him. Everything she knew last night made her restless. She was full of despair about the future.


The man refused to admit that he scolded her and hid in the bathroom.

If she used to be, she would probably be fooled by her husband’s temper, and even suspected that it was her fault.But now the evidence of the iron plate is lying on his mobile phone, teaching her no longer to deceive herself.

"What are you doing?"

When the man was washed out, he saw the big belly’s wife sitting at the gate of the big belly, blocking the only way out at home.He looked at the watch anxiously and shouted: "What are you doing wrong, avoid it!"

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